Friday, 3 February 2017

January Favourites - The Body Shop, The Affair & La La Land

Already time for my January Favourites! There is a real mix this month, things like candles, perfume, shower gels and it wouldn't be one of my monthly favourites without a mention of a TV show or film so I have a couple of those too! And for the first time in forever (anyone else think of Frozen there?) no food to mention this month!
The Body Shop - I just love The Body Shop. I've only just got through my masses of their shower gel but I still had to make a cheeky order around Christmas as they had a great sale on. I ordered the Pink Grapefruit Mini Shower Gel and Body Butter and a Fuji Green Tea set which includes a Shower Gel, Body Lotion and one of those scrubber things, don't know the actual name for them. Both of these smell amazing. I think Pink Grapefruit is up there as one of my favourite scents from The Body Shop along with the Passion Fruit one, and the Fuji Green Tea smells so different to what I expected but I love it. It's really sweet and fresh and I think this will be a perfect one for early morning showers to refresh and wake myself up!
Chuppa Chup Tealights - These were such a random purchase last month but they smell gorgeous! I bought them from B&M on a whim and I actually really like them. I love a simple tealight candle and these have been really nice to burn. They have about 4 different scents to choose from but these were by far my favourite.
New Laptop - I had to mention my new laptop as that is what's allowing me to carry on blogging! Our other one broke and we had no choice but to get another unfortunately but I am loving this one. We chose the Asus VivoBook A540 Laptop in red and I'm really happy with it. As the other one we had was a few years old and getting quite slow, this one is amazing in comparison. I'm not very good with technical stuff so I'll just leave it at that, but I love it.
La La Land - This film is just beautiful. It was one of those films I knew I would either love or hate and for a lot of the film I was thinking, do I like this or not? It's so different to all the other films out at the moment and there hasn't been a film like this for a long time. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were just perfect in it, and who knew he could sing? It was just brilliant. It made me smile, laugh and cry. I don't want to give anything away if you haven't seen it but the ending was hearbreaking and I was so frustrated by it but that didn't stop it being a great film. Also the songs are lovely and have been stuck in my head ever since. I can't stop listening to the soundtrack! 
The Affair - I don't even know where to start with this TV show! Talk about drama. This is one of those shows where as soon as you finish an episode, you have to start the next one. I'm sure you guessed by the title but it's about Alison and Noah who start an affair and the repercussions it has on their partners and family. There is so much more to it than that though, it's been quite confusing as the main focus isn't just their affair. I'm not really even going to go into it and try and explain because I'll just get it wrong! But if you haven't watched it, I really recommend it. We've just finished series 3 and even though I definitely think this is the worst series to date out of the three, it's still a brilliant show and I'm excited to see what they do with the characters in the next series. Let me know if you've watched it and what you think!
I think that's about it for my January Favourites! It was quite hard to choose this month as I had a few bits from Christmas that I really wanted to mention, like my diary which I am loving filling out at the moment. Also I am so happy with the perfume George got me, it smells beautiful and the bottle is just so pretty. Anyway, I need to stop now as I've mentioned enough things!

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