Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #14

I never know how to start these posts! Does anyone else really struggle with the start of blog posts? Anyway, I thought it was about time for another one of these as I've been trying some delicious new meals and I've got some new snacks that I literally just want all the time and really wanted to show you!
Vimto  - I had to start with this because I have literally become obsessed! I love fizzy Vimto anyway but this is Mango, Strawberry and Pineapple flavour and it is just so nice and refreshing. I love anything with those flavours in so put them together, it's just amazing. B&M do individual cans of it for 29p so I have been buying loads!

Homemade Calzones - I love calzones but unless we go to Frankie and Bennys, I don't have them because they just do the best ones. A calzone is basically a folder pizza and because it had been so long since I'd last had one, I decided to try and make my own a few weeks ago. I used pizza dough from asda then just put the usual toppings, tomato puree and a load of cheese on and that was all there was to it. It's pretty simple but I'm still going to do a recipe post on it at some point. My second attempt wasn't as good because I used a proper pizza sauce rather than tomato puree so that made the dough a bit funny but apart from that, these have been so nice as a weekend treat.

Pretzel M&Ms - Another great B&M find! These were about 79p, so much better than the £2 they usually are in american shops near me. I love them SO much! I get through them so quickly and always want more but these have been so nice to have in as a little treat. I love a mix of sweet and salty so these are perfect.

Chipotle & Bean Soup - This has changed my life. It's only a tin of soup from Asda but it is delicious! I love spicy food and I love anything that has kidney beans and things like that in so this has been such a nice lunch. It's basically just a spicy tomato soup with a load of beans in, so filling and so quick to do. I'm trying calorie counting out for a while instead of Slimming World, that's why there hasn't been a second slimming world update yet, and this is quite low calorie so it's been so brilliant to have in.

Slow Cooker Italian Chicken - I've got a recipe post on this coming at some point, even though it's something else that's relatively easy to do in the slow cooker. I still wanted to mention it though because I really enjoyed it. I basically put chicken in the slow cooker with chopped tomatoes and a load of spices, I guessed everything, didn't follow a recipe, and when I do that and it turns out well, I always feel so proud! This was so lovely with rice and the chicken just pulled apart when it was cooked.

Dairy Milk Mint Oreo - A few months ago I tried mint oreos for the first time, loved them and then I saw dairy milk had brought out mint oreo chocolate! I've only bought this once which I think is pretty good for me as I love any sort of mint chocolate and can just sit and eat it! I really like the normal oreo dairy milk but this is 10x better, I can't stop once I open it, the whole bar has to be eaten!

Whenever I do these, I always feel so hungry when writing about all the food! The M&Ms and Vimto in particular are from my favourite from this one. Both probably really aren't good for me, but I just can't give them up now, so obsessed!

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