Monday, 12 June 2017

5 Things I Would Save In A Fire

I first saw a post like this at the beginning of the year but I have no idea who it was, so if that person reads this let me know so I can mention you! I just thought it was such a good post idea and something a little different. It took quite a lot of thinking to come up with just 5 things I'd save, as the majority of things I own I can't see myself being without! I managed it though and I'd love to know if you'd save anything similar!

1. My Scrapbook 

I might not update mine and Georges scrapbook that often but I can't imagine ever losing it and not having it with us to look back on. We started it years and years ago and I think it's just such a lovely thing to have. It's got loads of photos of us from our first few years together, from when we first moved in together, when we got engaged, our trips to London, and a few other things like cinema tickets, even the one from our first date. I last updated it a few months ago and I definitely need to get a few more photos printed so I can update it again. I already love looking through this so it needs to be something we keep forever.

2. Teddies 

Because I am a bit of a child I have about 10 million teddies on our bed. I just can't help it, when I see a cute one in a shop I usually want to take it home, and a lot of them are actually presents that I've got George in our first year or so of our relationship, and vice versa. I adore every single one of them so the thought of them being in a fire genuinely makes me want to cry.

3. Photo Albums 

We don't have loads of photo albums just because a lot of photos are on our phone for us to look at but I do think photo albums are such a special thing to have and keep so I would definitely need to keep these. There are some photos in our photo albums that we don't have any other copies of, or not that I can find so these would be very important to save. 

4. Laptop

 I spend a lot of time on the laptop so I can't imagine leaving this behind. It's the only thing I have to be able to blog, and I can't imagine not being able to do that. Also it's full of special photos that I don't want to lose, aswell as boring, important documents and stuff, so there is no way I could forget about this!

5. My Makeup Bag

 I might not look loads different when I have makeup on compared to when I don't just because it's very basic, but I feel so much better with it on so I would have to grab my makeup bag. I can't imagine being out for people to see without foundation on, inside it doesn't bother me but I would still need to save this.

It was quite hard to pick just 5 things that I'd save, I forget how much stuff we actually have in this flat! What would you try and save?

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