Monday, 5 June 2017

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #15

Okay this is definitely one of the less healthy food I have been loving posts that I've done, but it just so happens to be that a lot of the food I wanted to mention is quite naughty and I've had either on a weekend or when we were away. Actually I have included 2 fresh meals that I've made which are both delicious, so its not all bad. Don't judge me, I like food.
Chicken & Chorizo Skewers - Starting with probably the healthiest thing in this post. I have been loving these chicken, chorizo and pepper skewers from Asda. They are about £3 for a pack of 4 which I think is pretty good as they taste delicious and it's only about the same price as other meat. I've really enjoyed having these with halloumi, rice and pitta for tea, I think these are going to be a perfect meal in the summer when it's warm outside. They really aren't much effort at all.

Cadbury Stawberries & Cream Pots Of Joy - At Christmas I am always the one to go for the strawberry creams in the roses and quality street tins so anything like this, is a winner for me! I'm sure I've had these before, but I bought them recently as it was £1 for a pack of 4, and they've been a nice little treat after tea. You can get the pots of joy in loads of different flavours but these are definitely my favourite so far.

Domino's Pizza with Sour Cream & Paprika Drizzel - I know this might not look the most appetising pizza ever but OMG it tasted good. It's a bit of a tradition of ours to get Dominos whenever we go to London on one of the nights as they don't deliver to our address at home. On our last night when we were last there we got one of the deals and we decided to make one of the pizzas just a cheese one but we added a sour cream and paprika drizzle. We had no idea what it would be like but we thought we'd give it a go and it was actually delicious. I suppose it was a bit like having a dip just on the pizza instead if that makes sense. I so wish they delivered to our address because I really just wanna eat it again.

Old El Paso One Pan Rice - I just love anything from Old El Paso. Their tomato and pepper fajita kit is incredible, I don't really like to buy any other, and also who doesn't love their tacos? We have mexican food quite a lot now but it had been a while since we last had one of their one pan rice meals so I decided to pick one up a few weeks ago. I got the Chilli and Garlic one which was just full of flavour. All I had to do was chop and cook 2 chicken breasts, then add in the rice, the sauce pouch thats included and 350ml of water. It then just needs to simmer for 10 minutes. It was so quick to do and so easy. I was actually surprised what a quick meal it was to make, and it tasted lovely. A bit like paella I suppose but so much easier!

M&S Salted Caramel Profiteroles - I told you there was some naughty food in this post, and this is pretty indulgent! I just love M&S. It can be quite expensive so we only ever go in emergencies really or if there is something in particular we really want, and I love their desserts so we picked a few up recently. Profiteroles are one of my favourite desserts and this has cream and thick caramel sauce on top too which is just amazing.

Dairy Milk Mint Crisp - I picked this up in Selfridges in London and I so wish I'd bought more. I'd only ever seen people from Ireland on Instagram that I follow post about this and I'd never seen it in any shops near me or online, I'm pretty sure it's just an irish thing so I was super surprised to find this in London. I had to get one, I love anything mint flavoured! I ended up having this on the train home and it was so nice. If anything the chocolate actually tasted better, it was really creamy and just melted in my mouth, the crispiness of the mint was lovely. I wanna go back to London just to get more of these in Selfridges.

I need to try and find some of the Dairy Milk Mint chocolate again, I know we can get similar here but it was just incredible. I think that might be one of my favourite things ever in all of these posts, it's that good. What food have you been loving this week?

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