Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #16

I am so enjoying doing these posts at the moment. I've been trying lots of new stuff recently and also going back to some of my favourite meals so there has been so much I've been wanting to put in these posts! When doing this one in particular I've realised how many photos I take with stuff at an angle, I really don't know why I do it. So sorry if this collage looks a bit odd, it's kind of annoying me!
The Best Roast Potatoes - I don't think there is much that is better than a sunday roast is there? I love roast chicken, potatoes, yorkshire puddings, just everything, and I made one a few weeks ago which was so delicious. I made the best roast potatoes I think I've ever made. Whenever I do a roast chicken, I like to cook the potatoes with it so they soak up all the juices and I find they always turn out the best this way. I boil them for about 20 minutes first while the chicken first goes in the oven, then I'll drain them and add them to the chicken to cook with that for an at least an hour or so. I think they turned out so well this time because when I drained them I properly roughed them up with the colander so all of the edges went so nice and crispy while they were cooking. They were just amazing, so fluffy inside but lovely and crisp on the outside. I also made some pretty good yorkshire puddings aswell, I just love a roast dinner. 

White Chocolate and Honeycomb Cookies - I am actually a bit obsessed with these. I mentioned the triple chocolate ones from Tesco in this post but they also do a few others, including these white chocolate and honeycomb which are so good. You get 4 big cookies for about £1.50 I think and I can't explain how nice they are. I love these because you get the crunch from the honeycomb but also the cookie is quite nice and soft, and the chunks of chocolate are pretty decent. I just love them.

White Grape and Peach High Juice - This has been so lovely to have with ice and cold water over the last few weeks. I love any sort of juice really but this has been a favourite of mine for so long. I remember I first loved it when we occassionally had it at Georges years ago but as it's gone down to only £1 a bottle now at Asda I've been getting it every few weeks. I suppose it's just normal grape and peach juice but as I've said before I love anything even a little bit peach flavoured so this is perfect for me. It's just so refreshing.

Asda Strawberry, Elderflower and Juniper Presse - When me and George went to Asda recently we both picked one of these up as they were only 50p and I'm a sucker for pretty packaging like this. This was such a nice fruity, fizzy drink to have on a saturday night, a great non alcoholic replacement for wine I think! I love anything strawberry flavoured so I picked this one and George got the Cherry & Cinnamon which surprisingly was really nice, I was a bit sceptical about the cinnamon but it just tasted fruity. I definitely want to get more next time as they're such a good price, the branded ones they had were like £1.39 so you can't really go wrong with the Asda ones. I think these will be fab for summer.

Heinz Tomato Soup with Mexican Spices - As I said in Food I Have Been Loving This Week #14 post I'm trying calorie counting for a while rather than Slimming World so I've been having a load of soup for lunches during the week! It's always quite low calorie and it's just so easy. I picked this up recently and it is actually delicious. It tastes like the classic heinz tomato soup which you can't go wrong with it, but with added spices, and as I love spicy food I've been really enjoying this. I think I might actually prefer this. Soup is my go to lunch at the moment so I've been trying lots of new ones.

Cookie Pie - Something else we picked up on our trip to Asda, I feel like this post should be sponsored by them because I've mentioned them so much. We've had this before in the past and it's just amazing so I knew I wanted to pick one up when we went. Luckily they had some so that night we had a slice each with some custard and it was the best dessert. It's so nice warmed up and covered in custard, even better. It's about £3 so not the cheapest but so worth it.

Have you tried any of the food that I've mentioned? What have you been loving this week?

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