Thursday, 27 July 2017

Asos & New Look Clothing Wishlist - July 2017

It has been absolutely ages since I last did a clothing wishlist! Like months and months. I don't have loads of money to be buying all the clothes I always see and want so I just try not to look unless I'm in desperate need of something or really feel the need to treat myself! Anyway it's been such a long time since I bought a few new bits so I thought whilst I'm looking I'd put together a little wishlist. I tend to stick to New Look and Asos as they always have some fab pieces in and I find their sizing really good.

New Look

The first thing I spotted was the Floral Print Chiffon Top which is currently only £12 and I think it's gorgeous! I love anything like this as I always think it looks so flattering and I think the pattern on it is so lovely. The next thing I saw was the Grey Lattice Shoulder t-shirt which is only £7 at the moment. I know it's just a basic t-shirt but I really don't have enough tops like this and I think the sleeves are so nice! I definitely think this is one of those tops that could be dressed up or just worn casually. Next, though very similar to the first top, I just loved the look of the Floral Print Cami as it's just so summery! I have a few tops like this and I'm always drawn to them in shops, I just love how this type of top and material looks on me. The last top which I have loved for a good few weeks now, but I'm still yet to buy is the Lace Trim Longline Top. I just love anything with lace on so I think that's what pulled me in with this! It's a bit different to anything else I already have so I definitely want to try and get this soon, I think it'll go really well with my trusty leather jacket. The last clothing item is a Pink Leather Look Jacket. I just mentioned my leather jacket and I am still so obsessed with it years on, but I would definitely like a few more jacket options in my wardrobe! I find coats and jackets to just so hard to get on with and I always struggle to find one I love whenever I need a new one but just something about this is calling out to me. It's currently on sale for £17 aswell which I think is pretty good!
Now onto shoes. I find the majority of my shoes from New Look, they do some really beautiful ones and in terms of comfort, some of the best ones I've ever worn have been from there. As soon as I saw the Satin Embroided Pumps, I knew I had to include them in this. How pretty are they? I think they'd be so nice to pair up with some skinny jeans or even to go with a summer dress if you're not into heels. Lastly I saw the Pink Velvet Pointed Pumps. Again I just think these are so pretty and would look amazing with jeans.


Asos have some amazing thing online right now! I honestly want to order so much. The first thing being this beautiful Mesh Sequin Top. I think it's so pretty and would just look so lovely for a meal or night out. The sleeves are perfect for people like me who don't particuarly wanna get their arms out and I think it would go with so much. Very similar to that is the Pink Peplum Sequin Top. This is definitely a bit out there for me and I'd wear a black vest under it, but there's just something about it that I love. I love that sort of material and I think it would just go so well with skinny jeans and maybe the velvet pumps mentioned above. One thing I definitely need to get soon is some more skinny jeans and I think I'm going to go for the Ridley Jeans. I've had these before in a darker colour and they are brilliant, but it's just at the point now where they need replacing so these are a must. One top I keep seeing on Asos and going back to is the Striped Ruffle Top. This just screams summer to me! I love the colour of it and know it is one I'd want to wear all the time. The last few bits I really like are this Metallic Maxi Skirt which is so out of my comfort zone, but could be dressed up or down, and this Choker Lace t-shirt. It's just another basic t-shirt but the lace gives it a little something extra and I don't really have anything like it.

I feel like I seriously just need to go on a big spending spree now and order everything! There are some great things out at the moment and a lot of these things mentioned are on sale which is even better.

Do you like anything on this wishlist? Where's your favourite place to shop?

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