Friday, 14 July 2017

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #17

I feel like these posts always make it look like I never eat healthy, I do and I do cook a lot but I never seem to include those meals in these posts! There are two things on this one though that I really enjoyed and were both homemade and relatively healthy, and the rest are all treats that I have just been obsessed with!
Muller Pud Mousse - These had to be the first in this post as I am addicted to them! I just love any sort of chocolate mousse at the moment for some reason but these Muller Mousses have been the best. They are quite big so we've been sharing one at the weekends usually, they've been the perfect treat for a Friday night. We had the dark flavour recently and it was delicious. Super thick mousse and I just love anything dark chocolate flavoured.

Fab Lollies - With how hot it has been recently I have basically been living off lollies! I don't cope very well with heat so I've been drinking loads and eating a load of ice lollies, like multiple a day. Fab Lollies are definitely one of my favourites and as they were on offer recently I stocked up. I just love the top bit so much, and as they are quite low calorie I don't feel too bad about having more than one in a day!

Shepherds Pie - This is one of those meals I have to really be in the mood for and recently I've wanted to make it loads! I just had such a strong urge to make it a few weeks ago so I did and it was delicious. Even though it had been quite warm that day it was all I wanted and I'm so glad I did it. It's one of those meals that is just so comforting and I love having it with veg and yorkshire puddings.

Chicken Schnitzel and Slimming World Chips - I posted a recipe for this a few years ago now and I think since then I've only made it a few times, I've no idea why as it's such a lovely meal! I made it again recently and it was so delicious. It's basically just chicken coated in stuffing, baked in the oven for around 35 minutes, the chicken was really juicy and it was so nice with slimming world chips, salad and pitta. The full recipe is here if you want to try it yourselves.

Mini Kinder Buenos - Is anyone else obsessed with Kinder Buenos? They are definitely one of my favourite chocolate bars and I've been saying for so long that they should bring out a bag or a box of mini ones, and they finally have! These were £2 in Asda and there was 18 mini kinder beunos in it, milk, dark and white. We got through them very quickly but they were still nice to finally have after so long.

Asda Extra Special Macarons - Ever since our last trip to London where we tried a Macaron for the first time, I've just wanted to go back and get more. As that's not really possible any time soon I've been trying to find some closer to home and recently I saw on Asda they had a box of Extra Special ones in a variety of flavours. They were £3 which isn't cheap but they are from the Extra Special range and you could tell they were good quality. I think my favourite flavour was the lemon, it was like lemon roulade or meringue which I just love! All were lovely though and I'll definitely be getting these again in the future, I think they would be perfect for Christmas. These were in the frozen section and only need defrosting for half an hour at room temperature.

I already can't wait to do another one of these posts. There is some brilliant stuff out in the supermarkets out at the moment and I'm loving making some of my old favourite meals!

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