Friday, 6 October 2017

Autumn Clothing Wishlist - 2017

Last year I did a New Look and Asos Autumn Clothing Wishlist and I thought I'd do the same this year as there are so many gorgeous pieces out at the moment. I know every season we kind of have to change things up a little bit due to the weather but as soon as Autumn hits I always get this massive urge to change up my whole wardrobe and buy loads of new things! I've been wearing the same sort of stuff for a while now and I'm just bored of it, so soon I think I'm going to have to invest in some new bits. I tend to stick to New Look and Asos because the prices aren't usually too bad, they have a good mix of casual and dressy things and their sizing is the best I find, but please let me know if there is anywhere else you recommend as I do feel like I need to branch out!

New Look

I'll start with New Look because it's my go to shop for tops and I'm in serious need for some. The first things I saw are both quite basic, the Stripey 3/4 Sleeve Top and the White Bell Sleeve Top but I really like them. I don't really have anything like this at the moment and I'm desperate for some tops with actual sleeves in now it's getting cold! I think both of these could easily be dressed up with a bit of jewellery too. They're just very me and both decent prices. A top I'm pretty desperate to get is the Black Lace Wide Sleeve Top. When I first saw this I wasn't sure but I've been going back to it and now I really want it. I think it would go so well with some new skinny jeans I got just this week, my leather jacket and some nice pumps or heels. It's £20 which I actually don't think is too bad either. I'll have to pick it up soon before it goes. The last top I saw on New Look is this Lace Hem Oversized T-shirt. I think the lace at the bottom just adds something to it and it's another one that could easily be worn casual or dressed up. I love anything with a bit of lace on it. Now onto jackets and there is one which I was so drawn to. It's the Suedette Biker Jacket and it comes in two colours, grey or burgundy. I think both are gorgeous and would look amazing in winter with a chunky scarf, black jeans and some boots. I love my trusty leather jacket but I think it's time to replace it soon or at least have another option for the next few months.


One of the first things I spotted on Asos was this lovely Polka Dot Mesh top for £20. I don't know why but I like any tops that have a bit of detail around the bottom, I think it just makes a normal t-shirt stand out so much more and like everything else is something that could be worn for a number of occassions. The last top I wanted to mention in this wishlist is this White Lace Sleeve Top. I used to have something like this a few years ago and I've honestly been looking for something similar for so long. For some reason I think it would be a lovely one to wear at Christmas! The sleeves are just so pretty! I'm hoping to pick up some more black jeans soon and I love these High Waisted Jeans. I got some of these recently in a dark blue colour, and they have been my go to ones for ages now, I always repurchase them but I really want another colour so I think these will be next. When I find a good pair of jeans that look nice and fit really well, I like to try and get a few pairs. The last bits I saw were some shoes and a bag, because you can never have too many of either! I'm sure I've mentioned some shoes like these Ballet Flats before in a wishlist but I've still not got round to actually picking any up! and I just loved this Suede Shopper Bag. I think this would be perfect for so many things, it looks like it would hold a lot and would be great for when I go away and need a bag to put a book in, food etc.

I definitely think I need to treat myself to a few bits over the next few weeks as I just love so many of these things. I think I've got a good excuse now it's Autumn and getting really cold, I love it!

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