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What I Would Like For Christmas 2017

I've done Christmas wishlists for a few years now on my blog so this year is no exception. I never really expect much for Christmas, I really am one of those people that loves buying for other people and that excites me enough, but of course there are always a few things I have my eye on!
As always with most of my wishlists, my first place to look was Next! They bring out some brilliant gifts every year and I'm always looking at stuff for myself and others during the last few months of the year!
Set Of 4 Diffusers - I love having reed diffusers around the house, not only do they usually fill each room with an incredible scent, but I also think they look really pretty. I mentioned a prosecco one in my 2017 Christmas Decor Wishlist that I put up a few weeks ago but this week I spotted this little set. It's £10 which I think is brilliant for 4 of these, I could put one in each room! This set has a gingerbread one, mulled wine, gin fizz and prosecco. All perfect for the festive season.

Daily Journal - I have far too many notebooks and probably really don't need more but now I've spotted this daily journal, I think I have to have it. I find making notes and lists each day really keeps me motivated so something like this would be perfect. It has a quote on one side each day and on the other it has a section for you to write what you feel grateful for that day, what good things have happened and things like that which I love. I think something like this would be so nice to go through each night before bed and sort of reflect on all the good things rather than the bad.

Heart Shaped Crumble Dish - As I'm sure you can tell by all the recipes and foodie posts I put up, cooking and baking are pretty much my favourite things to do aside from blogging so I'm always happy to receive things like this. For me, kitchen utensils and cookware and baking stuff is such a good present and would never be boring. I've got a few dishes like this but I've seen similar ones for a few years now and never ended up buying one so had to be on my list. I love the little jug it comes with too for custard to go with your apple crumble!

Bills and Budget Book - Budgeting is one of the worst things to do and sometimes so stressful but it really does help so each month we sit down and go through all our bills etc, and make a note and try and keep on track each week. I saw this bills book for just £5 last week and now I need it. I know you don't necessarily need fancy notebooks for bills but this looks like it would make it so much easier and make it all a bit clearer to look at and try and work out! It would also just be nice to have one book just for money and budgeting.

Desktop Gift Set - Sticking with the stationery theme, I love this desktop gift set. I don't want to keep going on about our spare room becoming an office because it's still a work in progress but I'm always on the lookout for bits ready to go on my desk when it's complete. This has a weekly planner which contains 52 planning pages, a meal planner section and shopping list sections. There are also 12 motivational quotes that you can display on the wooden stand. I feel like this would look so nice on a white desk and I know the quotes would encourage me to get stuff done, which I desperately need at the moment!

Now I've mentioned the things I'm loving from Next, the rest is all just very random from places like B&M, Marks and Spencers and some online shops.
B&M Sugared Doughnuts Candle - Like I need anymore candles. I just can't help myself and I genuinely love the B&M ones which are a dupe for the Bath and Body Works ones. I blogged about the brown sugar allspice one a while ago and this year they've brought a few new ones out, including a Sugared Doughnuts one! I've had a smell of it a few times while I've been in the shop but haven't got round to buying it yet. Now it's Autumn and a little bit colder, I'm all about burning candles in the evening and getting cosy so I'm going through them so fast. I love how cheap these are and such strong scents.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs - I'm a big fan of Lush and will never be sad with a bath bomb or two from there at Christmas but I do feel their prices have gone up recently and I just haven't been as impressed the last few times I've been in. So, I've now been looking at Bomb Cosmetics and they do such a wide range of bath bombs, so much cheaper but just as good. I reviewed the Pink Elephants and Lemonade one recently and I was so happy with it, so I've added a few of these to my Xmas list. At the moment the ones I'm really hoping to get are Candy Cane Lane and Bear Necessities, they are both £2.99 each.

Hot Water Bottle - I've been needing a new hot water bottle for absolutely ages, I love having one of them for when I'm not feeling well or for the really cold nights during winter, but I have no idea where mine went! I genuinely don't know what happened to it so I definitely need a new one soon, Primark do some great ones in store but I couldn't find any online. One I did find online which looks so soft and cosy is from Marks and Spencers but it's about £30 which I think is just ridiculous. If George spent that on a hot water bottle for me, I actually think I'd be annoyed! but it still looks nice!
Daddys Home DVD - This film has been out on DVD for quite a while, in fact their is a second film coming out this month which I can't wait to see, but I really would love the first one on DVD. It's probably not one of the best films ever but I just found it so funny and I know it's one I could go back and watch over and over. It's just a bit silly and it has Will Ferrell in who I find hilarious so it's my sort of thing.

Frazzled By Ruby Wax Book - I've seen a few things about this book online in the past but it's only recently I've properly thought about giving it a read. It's all about mindfulness and advice from Ruby on how to lead a healthier, happier and stress free life. It's no secret that I've struggled with stress massively over the last few years, this year especially and I just feel this would a good read. I'm always wanting to find new ways of coping with it and I've read some great reviews of this.

Darker Christians Perspective By EL James Book - A bit of a different book to the last one, but one I'd love just the same. I never really feel like I should mention the fifty shades films or books on my blog because some people love it and some people hate it but personally I love it. I think the books are just a really easy read and they are ones I could go back and read again. EL James, the author has now started releasing the books again but this time from Christian Greys perspective and this year she is bringing out Darker, the second in the series. I loved reading the first book from his perspective so I can't wait to read the second.

Mint Lindt - OMG Mint Lindt! I had no idea these existed until we went to Leeds for the day and saw them in the Lindt store. I remember saying to George then, I wonder if they'll bring out a box of these? and now they have! I've seen a few pictures of them and apparently they are available in Tesco so these just have to be mine. Mint chocolate is my favourite so a full box of these would be dreamy.

Bath and Body Works Hands Off My Honey Hand Sanitizer - Bears. I love Bears. You can buy so many different bath and body works things like this on Ebay for just a few pound and because this has bears on, I kind of need it. I love keeping these in my coat pocket or bag for when I'm on the go and the bath and body works ones are so good, and smell so strong. I won one in a giveaway once and it was the best I'd tried.

Marks and Spencers Food - Lastly, I'd be happy with just a load of food from M&S. It can be quite expensive so we don't shop there for any major things but they do some pretty good chocolate, and sweets and bakery bits. I've already mentioned in one of my latest food posts that I've already said I'd like all the Paddington snacks for Xmas but I've also seen some other things since which look so exciting. They've brought out some prosecco themed things like a big bag of jellies, chocolate caramels and even a huge cracker which has selection of things inside and I'm pretty sure an actual bottle too. Also this might seem so random but they have Christmas coconut teacakes too which I doubt cost a lot, but I'd love something like that for Christmas. I'm honestly love getting things like this and it genuinely would make a great stocking filler for me! 😂

I'm really not fussy and it goes without saying I'm always so grateful for anything I get from other people. I really do love buying for others and it makes me so happy shopping for them rather than thinking about me. George and I always set ourselves a spending limit just so we don't go mad and I would really be happy with anything. I just can't wait for Christmas this year, I think it's going to be the best yet.

Are you getting excited for Christmas? Are you hoping for anything special this year?

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