Friday, 5 January 2018

2018 Goals

It's taken me quite a while to think of some personal goals for the year because last years kind of went so bad. I didn't want to set any to just fail again, but if I don't set any, what do I have to motivate myself? So I've managed to come up with a few and I'm really hoping I can do a little better than 2017!

Eat Better 

Last year one of my goals was to lose weight but as I explained in my look back on those goals recently, it didn't go to plan so this year my goal is to just eat better. When I start to lose weight because of my anxiety I start to panic that it's because I'm ill, not because I'm actually trying to lose it, so it's a real mental battle sometimes. As much as I would love to lose at least a few stone, I'm not putting myself under too much pressure, I want to get my anxiety really under control for good this year so that's my main focus and along the way I'd just like to get a bit healthier, cook some new meals and generally eat well. I don't think that's too unobtainable as I do love coming up new meals, especially fresh salads and things like that in Summer, and after Christmas, I'm pretty much sick of the sight of bad food.

Save Money

Whenever I do a piece of sponsored content or get some money in, I always feel like I need to spend it straight away and this year I want to stop that. If there is nothing I can think I need or have been waiting to get for a while, then I want to put that money aside. I don't want to just spend it for the sake of it, it would be much better to keep aside for a weekend with family, peoples birthdays or even a little start to a holiday fund. I would like us to one day move house so for that to be done, we kind of need to get a hang of saving money!

Find Part Time Work

Another one I put in my goals last year was to get back to work, and as it's on here again, you can see that didn't go to plan. Again my anxiety was just too bad and there was no way I could have gone back into a working environment. Luckily my blog really started to do well in 2017 so that was a nice way to earn some money but I'm nowhere near being able to make it my proper full time job yet. Ideally something part time in an office would be perfect for me so it's not too full on and I can continue to work on my blog.

Apply To Open University

 I wasn't sure whether to put this on here or not as it's a lot of pressure everyone knowing about it but I've been thinking about going back to uni for a good while now and 2018 is the year I'd like to apply again. Obviously my last time at uni didn't go too well, wrong course and I had a lot going on whereas now I've done a lot of thinking and I'm pretty set on what I want to do. It's not a million miles away from what I was at uni for a few years ago, I've got the experience and skills for it, and I think I'd be pretty good at it. Hopefully this will be the year I get back on track with it and make steps to starting a career. Open Uni is perfect for me as I can do it from home and it should fit in well with some part time work if things all go to plan.

Travel More

This kind of depends on money I suppose but I would love to travel a bit more in 2018. We'd love to go on a little honeymoon this year whether that's some sort of beach holiday or a city break, anything would be nice right now! I'd also love to do a few more days out like when we went to Leeds last September and of course I'd like a few weekend breaks to London if possible. Going away for just a few days at a time makes me so happy and it's such a nice way for us to spend quality time together so hopefully they'll be more of that this year.

Get A Dog

This would be a dream come true. We've been thinking about it for ages but it's never felt like the right time but once we were married, it's like something just clicked and then once New Year happened, we thought this year should be the year. As I'm home the majority of the time, I've got the time to settle a dog in and give it all the love and attention it needs, and even if I was to start uni this year, as I'd be from home a lot of the time, we could easily work something out between us. I've always thought I'd be a young mum and as much as I would still love that, it's not always that straightforward and for now a dog is enough. Recently I've started to reassess what our future might be like, and as long as a few dogs are involved, I'm sure we'll be okay. My dream dog would be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as that's what I grew up with and he was the most loving dog in the world, or a Golden Retriever though our flat might not be big enough for one of those yet. I've also been looking into adoption too as I'm aware so many dogs need a loving home and I just know we'd be such good dog parents 🐶

I have no idea how many of these goals I'll end up achieving this year, just a few more than 2017 would be a nice bonus, but I think it's important to set goals regardless. These will all give me the motivation for the year and give me something to work towards!

Have you set yourself any goals this year?


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