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Food I Have Been Loving This Week #26

It feels like forever since I last did one of these foodie blog posts. My meals kind of stayed the same for a while, I had no inspiration so there was nothing really worthy of going in one of these posts, until a few weeks ago. I'm back to trying some new meals in the kitchen now and I've also been back baking which has been so nice.
Food I Have Been Loving This Week #26
M&S Chocolate Cookies - These cookies are just one of the best things I've ever tasted. We've had them a few times now, always the double chocolate because personally I don't think there is a better flavour, and always get through them incredibly fast. They're just so buttery and creamy and moreish and the chocolate in them is gorgeous!

Lemon Chicken Flatbreads - I didn't actually take a picture of these so I had to use one from Pinterest but these are one of the nicest things I've made recently. I've been getting so bored of the same meals over and over so after a little Pinterest browsing I found this recipe for grilled lemon chicken and thought it was worth a go. It did take quite a lot of time to prepare, the chicken needed to marinate and be prepared in advance and then there was the homemade garlic sauce but it was totally worth it. The chicken was perfect in a flatbread with salad and the sauce and we had it with some paprika fries which were delish!

Chiquitos Beef Nachos - OMG well these were one of the best things I've eaten in my entire life. George and I are both obsessed with nachos so they are always a must whenever we go to Chiquitos. We went recently for a meal and had the nachos to start and I swear they just get better each time. They were covered in beef chilli, jalapenos, salsa, guacamole and sour cream and it was just the best combination of flavors ever. It's made me want to make our own again soon. The rest of the meal was kind of disappointing but these alone were worth going for.

Cadbury Yoghurts - Ahh I just love these. We don't get them often because they're not the cheapest and go so quickly because we like them so much. I just love the thick chocolate yoghurt and the little extras on the side to pour in. My favourite is probably the flake but they do loads now, I need to get my hands on the mini eggs one while it's around!

IKEA - If you go to IKEA you've just got to get meatballs, or so I think anyway. We've ended up going a few times recently to pick up lots of bits for the flat and the last time we went we stopped off in the restaurant and the food was just so good. I'm obsessed with the meatballs, chips and gravy, and then the daim cake is amazing. It's really inexpensive too but that along with doing some shopping for the home makes for quite a nice day out, for us anyway.

Homemade White Chocolate Blondies - I've got the baking bug again recently and I am loving it. For some reason I sort of cooled off it towards the end of 2017 but at the moment I'm constantly wanting to bake. I recently made some of my white chocolate chip swirl blondies and I think they were the best I've ever done. I left them to cool for ages so they cut into squares like a dream, yet the white chocolate was still a little bit melted inside. I made these when it was snowing and freezing so we had one with some warm custard and it was like heaven. Aswell as these I've also made a few other things too. You can't beat a classic fairy cake can you topped with icing, they're so quick to make too and a few weeks ago I also made a golden syrup cake which was delicious!

Homemade Big Macs - McDonalds is my guilty pleasure but we've kind of being trying to recreate some of our favourites at home as it's not somewhere we go often. I bought George a burger recipe book ages ago, because I thought if there was anything that was going to get him cooking, it would be that (not that he doesn't cook ever, but sometimes they need a little push) and he made Big Macs recently and they were incredible. It was a really simple recipe yet somehow it tasted like the real thing. We've made them a few times now and I think they'll become a new regular of ours at the weekend!

Tango Ice Blasts - Is it really a cinema trip unless you get a tango ice blast? Well, it isn't for us. We've not been loads actually this year, there just hasn't been too much on but when we went for Valentines we had such a nice night. We had nachos, sweets and drinks and I just loved it.

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