Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Weekend Summary #27 - Shopping In Leeds

For the first time in a long time I haven't left it a year for another weekend summary post! Usually I tend to go about a year between each post as I live quite a boring life, but I last posted one at the start of February all about Georges birthday and I actually have another just a month later. I doubt I'll keep it up but the weekend just gone we went to Leeds for the day and it was full of shopping and food so I thought it would be a nice one to read back on.
Leeds Trinity
We were supposed to be going to the cinema on Thursday night but as it had snowed so much it just wasn't worth leaving the house, instead we had Chinese and watched a few films so it still ended up being a nice date night just inside instead. Though the weather didn't improve too much as we had already planned to go to Leeds on the Friday, as long as the trains were okay, I wasn't letting anything stop us. We went in September and had such a nice day so I couldn't wait to go back. I love the range of shops there as there are some we don't have here so it's always nice to pick up a few different bits. One of my favourites to visit there is The Yorkshire Soap Company. They do the most incredible bath bombs so I couldn't leave without one. This time I got one called 'Polar Express' which is very apt for this weather we're having at the moment!
the yorkshire soap company
the yorkshire soap company
I also picked up a few votives from Love Aroma because I'm just addicted to buying candles. I got one of my favourites, Summer Peach and also one called Midsummers Night which basically smells just like mens aftershave, it's heavenly. I got a cute little pink, fluffy cushion from Primark for just £3 which I thought would be great for the office, and a nice blog prop. We then kind of just bought a load of food. Millies Cookies, some American bits from Gobstoppers and chocolate from the Lindt Shop. After lots of shopping we stopped for a coffee (hot chocolate for me) which was so nice because I mentioned in a post recently I'd love to have more coffee dates this year, it's definitely something we don't do enough.
food and beauty haul
millies cookies
costa coffee
Once we were home as it was literally ice cold outside I had a nice pamper in the bath, using a new face mask I bought that day and some lovely new bubble bath. It's probably quite boring to some people but I love buying things like that. 
pamper night
Saturday was supposed to be another date day but staying in the warmth was just too tempting. We wanted to go for a meal to celebrate Georges recent promotion (proud wife over here) and we'd also planned to go and see I, Tonya afterwards but we decided to save that for another day. Is this weather making anyone else so unproductive? It's far too easy to just stay in bed and eat all the food. We ended up watching a few films instead and eating the nicest Pizza for tea so not a bad weekend at all really. It was the first one in a while where we actually had plans but unfortunately the snow put a stop to most of them, it was nice to get out to Leeds for the day though and I'm so glad we still went. It's such a lovely place to explore and it's nice to treat yourself to a day of shopping every so often.

How was your weekend? Did you get snowed in?

Read all about our last trip to Leeds here!

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