Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Spring Clothing Wishlist

It's been a little while since my last clothing wishlist and as Spring is well and truly here, I thought now was perfect timing! I'm constantly looking for new bits at the moment!
Spring Clothing Wishlist


I find Asos to be quite hit and miss sometimes and when I was looking recently I only found a few bits I actually really liked - mainly dresses. I love a maxi dress to throw on once it starts getting warmer and the one I really like the look of is this Black and White Stiped one. It's a really casual maxi which can just be thrown on and worn with sandals, I'm really into stripes at the moment so I think this is a must. Another one that caught my eye but is a lot more expensive is this Black Crinkle Maxi. I love the detailing on the back of it and it just looks like it would so nice and lightweight so perfect for when it's really hot.
Asos Wishlist

Yours Clothing

The first thing that caught my eye and I feel like has to be mine is the Limited Edition Pink Floral Vest. I love the way this flows and the colour is just gorgeous. I think it's the perfect top for spring and it would look great with skinny jeans and sandals when it's warm. They also do this in a dark green colour too which is just as nice! Something that is quite similar to that top is the Black and Pink Butterfly Print Cami. They do this in quite a few different designs and colours so I'm not sure which one I'd end up choosing but tops like this are always a go to for me in Spring and Summer! I next saw this beautiful Floral Print Wrap Top and it's so unlike anything else I already have. I think this is one of those tops that could be worn casually just with jeans and sandals but could also be dressed up with accessories. I always think tops like this are quite flattering. Back to vests I loved this J'adore Slogan one, it really reminds me of one I used to have years ago and things like this are just great to throw on. You can't see well on the photo but it has some detailing on the sleeves which looks so pretty. Lastly from Yours Clothing I saw a Floral Kimono which is perfect for when the weather starts to get a bit warmer. I've got a few like this and I always turn to them in summer as they go with just about anything and cover you up a little but aren't heavy at all like a jacket.
Spring Clothing Wishlist

 New Look

New Look is pretty much my go to for clothes. I find they fit the best and are so affordable. At the moment I'm loving their range of clothes for Spring. These Mustard Tassel Sandals were the first thing that caught my eye. I'm obsessed with them! Aren't they so perfect for Spring and Summer? Another pair of sandals I also really liked are these Coral ones which are currently on offer and would pretty much go with anything. I'm really liking Slogan Tees at the moment too and I've seen a few that I think would be nice to pair up with jeans and the sandals above. The first one being this Striped Fifth Avenue one which is £12.99, a C'est La Vie one and finally one that says Merci Beaucoup on the front. The last thing I keep going backwards and forwards over in my head is this White Stripe Tie Front Shirt. It's like nothing I already have and I have no idea if it would suit me but I love the tie detail at the front and for some reason I keep going back to it!
Spring Clothing Wishlist
Have you been picking anything up for Spring?

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