Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Acre 637 Cider Review*

Cider for me is one of those drinks that just screams summer and warm weather to me. We might be having an up and down summer right now, but for the hot days, a glass or bottle of cold cider is so refreshing and just perfect! When Acre 637 Cider got in touch and asked if I would like try a few bottles, how could I say no? It's definitely one of my go to drinks in the evening during the summer!
'Lightly carbonated, medium-dry finish, like an old Normandy cider. Always 100% heritage juice. A unique selection of rare heritage and traditional cider apples are carefully blended together to make Acre 637.' 

I love a good glass of cider and I could tell straight away that this had something a little bit different about it. That's because the delicious heritage apples used in Acre Cider are extremely rare and can't be found in any other cider. The summer lasts longer where these apples grow meaning they get to soak in the summer sun slowly which gives them their mellow English flavour. I've tried a lot of Cider over the last few years but it was actually quite nice to know this was one a little bit different and unique to them all. The taste of this cider was just amazing. It was so refreshing and just what I needed after a boiling hot day. It had been kept in the fridge for a good few days so was super cold and was so nice in a pretty glass with lots of ice and a straw. It was really sweet which I loved and it just made me want to be sat out in a garden. It's the perfect drink for summer!

Aswell as tasting absolutely delicious, I love that there is actually quite a lot of secrecy around Acre 637. It's all very hush hush where this is made and all we know is that it's from an unmarked secret acre only known as No.637 in the English countryside. I quite like that we don't know much about it's location and that you know that this drink is super unique and isn't going to be like any other cider out there.
Cider is one of my go to drinks in the Summer and even though I do enjoy the fruity bottles from various brands, I always end up going back to the original apple cider so these bottles have been perfect for me and so lovely to try over the last few weeks. This is definitely going to be a brand I go back to and I'm definitely going to try and stock up on a few bottles in the warmer months in future!
I'm just so impressed with Acre 637, not only does it taste lovely and so perfect for the warm weather we've been experiencing lately, I also love the bottles. They are quite simple but they stand out and I like that. I'd definitely be drawn to this in a shop, and also they are pretty big bottles 500ml each, so really brilliant for when you just want to relax in summer with a big cold drink after a stressful day! These would also be great to have out maybe during a BBQ this summer, I'm sure everyone would love it.

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*I was sent two bottles of the cider to review. All opinions are my own and as always I only work with brands relevant to my blog.

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