Monday, 24 July 2017

Newtons Foot Therapy Review*

I've suffered with my feet for a good few years now. It doesn't matter what shoes I wear I always end up in a bit of pain and whenever we go away I always prepare for my feet to be seriously achy after walking round all day as for some reason they just can't take it! Because of that I always have various foot products in like scrubs and creams so when I was given the chance to receive and review some of the Newtons Foot Therapy range, I thought they'd be perfect for me!
Newtons Foot Therapy is a big trusted name in the foot care market and I'm pretty sure I've tried at least one of their products before, as I've literally tried numerous foot care products over the last few years! They specialise in long term solutions so products like their Chiropody Sponge which I'm going to talk about a bit more further on are really popular, but they also have a few products which are brilliant for weekly use like their Intensive Foot Cream and Scrubs all formulated with refreshing ingredients for soft and silky feeling feet! I was sent three products to try, a polishing foot scrub, a deodorant foot cream and a chiropody sponge.

Polishing Foot Scrub 

Lets start with the Foot Scrub as this is the one I was the most excited about. I love a good scrub for my feet, and have used various scrubs in the past. I just love the feeling of it being rubbed into my skin and my skin always feels so soft afterwards. This scrub is honestly one of, if not the best I've ever used. I find with a lot of scrubs, particularly the foot scrubs I've used before, they can be really drying and it can just be like rubbing sand into your feet, not a good feeling and a nightmare to get off! But this seemed to have a little bit of moisture in, so it was therefore really enjoyable to use, rubbed in well and got rid of any dry and hard skin. This contains a blend of exfoliating Natural Pumice, Antibacterial Tea Tree and Cooling Spearmint and Methol, so it's brilliant for leaving your feet soft, smooth and revitalised and it really does smell nice which is always a bonus! I do love a good foot rub, especially a scrub one (not that George particuarly loves giving them) but he also agreed this is one of the best scrubs he's ever used. I'll definitely be stocking up on this in the future.

Charcoal Deodorant Foot Cream 

 Now onto the foot cream which I was so intrigued by! This foot cream is a fast absorbing, non-greasy, anti-bacterial formula and it contains ultra-purifying activated charcoal which eliminates foot odour for 24 hour freshness. There seems to be a big surge in beauty and skincare products containing charcoal now and it's one that actually seems really good. This has been really lovely to use and it's definitely become one of my new favourite foot creams, I say that as if I have a lot but as I said I do love a good foot rub and even George agreed this has been really nice to use. It just absorbs really well and my feet don't feel all slippery after using it, it just soaks in and even though my feet feel really nice after using it they don't feel greasy in any way. This has just made my feet feel so soft and moisturised and I'm so glad I've still got so much of it left to use!

Newtons Chiropody Sponge 

 When I first opened up the package and saw this, I had literally no idea what it was! I'd never seen anything like it before, and I'd definitely never tried anything like it so this was definitely the one out of all three that I couldn't wait to try. This is supposed to be good for hard skin, corns and calluses, and it's really easy to use. All I had to do was run it under water, add some soap to it and then rub on the bottom of my feet. As it says on the pack, you can genuinely see it working! Any hard skin felt soft almost instantly and I could visibly tell it had done what it was supposed to do. The brilliant thing about this is that it can just then be rinsed under water and placed back in the box ready to be used again. It's quite a tough sponge so didn't break down in any way and is more than perfect to be used again. My feet really did feel so soft after using this and I love that I gave it a go because this isn't something I would ever think to pick up.
This whole range has just been brilliant to use. After trying various foot scrubs and creams over the past few years, to soothe my sore and aching feet after a big trip or wearing uncomfortable shoes, I really wish I'd discovered these products sooner. The scrub is probably the best I've ever used and the cream is just so good. I couldn't recommend these enough. I'll definitely be buying from Newtons Foot Therapy in the future as I've been so impressed and they are all also really reasonably priced, ranging from £2-£3. If you'd like to try these products and think they'd be perfect for you, you can find them in a variety of stores including Bodycare and Savers and they are also available online at Fragrance Direct.

Have you ever tried anything from Newtons Foot Therapy before?

*I was sent a selection of products to review, as always I only work with brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog

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Yvonne said...

I just bought the cream, scrub and sponge on Thursday, used them last night and I cannot praise them enough, fantastic range that works and so affordable unlike a lot of brands who charge almost 8 pound for a foot cream. Will be my footcare product from now on.

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