Thursday, 13 August 2015

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation...

I don't often do posts on things that have disappointed me but I feel like when I find something that I have high hopes for and it lets me down, it needs mentioning. 

I mentioned in my Beauty, Food and TV Favourites that I had recently gone back to my Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation as I had bought the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and it had disappointed me. I think I should just stick with Rimmel products, cos they just seem to be the best! First of all I was disappointed with the shade range. In Boots where I looked, there was 4 options available so it was very limited and I just kind of had to guess and compare it to what shade I have in the Rimmel Foundation. I got it in the shade 120 Classic Ivory which was the second lightest. I tried a bit of my hand and it looked okay but when I tried it at home, I looked orange. Full on orange. 
There is no way I can ever wear this, im just so disappointed that I can't find a shade suitable for me at all and with only 4 options available in my store I think a lot of people would struggle. I'm also not impressed with the consistency of this. It seems a bit more runny than my Rimmel foundation and I've seen a few reviews where people have mentioned this too, as its quite thin, I didn't find it gave great coverage. Others may disagree though as I have seen quite a lot of positive reviews about it. Maybe I just picked a bad one up and I should give it another go if I can find it in my shade. It's so annoying when you spend money on a product, expecting it to be good, to then get no use out of it. 

I normally love Maybelline products. I have the Fit Me Concealer which I don't think i'll ever stop using, its great for covering marks and spots - full review here. It's been called a dupe for the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer so it must be good. I also love their Matte Maker Powder which is great for getting your makeup to stay on all day. 

What do you think to Maybelline products? Have you had the same problem as me with this foundation?


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