Monday, 2 May 2016

Weekend Summary #22 and #23 - Scary Films, Ed's Diner and Date Night...

Last weekend we had Georges brothers over, it went so fast! We had such a good time but all of a sudden they'd gone and the weekend was over, so depressing. We had a really nice time though and went to Ed's Diner on the Saturday, which is always good.

The wet fries there are just amazing, we get them every time! and the maple syrup waffles that me and George shared were insane, I want to go back now for more! George also had a lotus biscoff milkshake which I wish I had ordered, it was so good we made our own the next day which we all loved. After we'd eaten we went round a few shops, we got a few home things and the boys both bought a few things, we got a really nice picture from Primark for the bedroom and it was only £4, they had some really nice things in, it can be a bit hit and miss sometimes but last weekend I saw so many homeware bits I wanted! While the boys were round we watched more scary films, we always try to watch a few when they stop, I don't know why we do it to ourselves. We watched Hush which none of us had heard of but we found it on Netflix and it was actually quite good, and then we watched Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones which I've been wanting to watch for ages!
This weekend we had a date night which was so lovely, we went to the cinema to see Bastille Day and then went for a meal at Bella Italia. I really wanted to see friend request but we watched unfriended last weekend with the boys and I know they're going to be quite similar and I did pick the film last time and that was also a scary one (The Boy) so we picked Bastille Day and i'm so happy we did, I just love Idris Elba. There are so many good films coming out over the next few months so I think we're going to get unlimited cards soon, one im really looking forward to is Me Before You, I read the book a while ago and it was so emotional. Anyway, after watching Bastille Day we went to Bella Italia which we've actually never been too and they've done it all up recently so we thought we would try it. We loved it and we'll definitely be going back, our waiter was so nice and friendly and the food was delicious. We had a bread basket to start, I just love bread, and then I had the Pollo Piccante Pizza which had spicy chicken, roasted peppers and chillis with a stuffed crust and George had the Pollo Formaggi which was giant shell pasta stuffed with chicken and pancetta in a cheese sauce. We then shared a vanilla cheesecake, I think we get cheesecake at most restaurants we go too! 
I also had the nicest prosecco, I would go back just for that. I definitely think we'll go back again soon, we had a quiet, little booth and they had lit a candle aswell so it was all just really lovely. 

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