Tuesday, 12 July 2016

5 Years - Chiquitos, Ab Fab and Cineworld VIP...

It was mine and Georges 5 year anniversary on the 6th of July and of course I had to do a blog post about it. I love reading my old blog posts back and I know this will be one of my favourites.

So we started off the day really well with breakfast in bed, opening our cards and presents and looking forward to what we had planned for the few days off we had. We wanted to do something really special so a while ago we found a really nice hotel, booked a fancy room but then when we got there it all went wrong. It wasn't what we expected and so many things just completely ruined it, so without going into detail, we got our money back and tried to think of other things we could do to still make the day special. We didn't want to do our usual date night thing of going to the cinema and going for a meal but thats what we ended up doing and it was really nice, it might be similar to what we usually do but it actually ended up better than staying at the hotel, it wouldn't have been worth the amount of money it was at all and we'd have just been disappointed. 

We ended up booking a table at Chiquitos at Centertainment for that evening as we hadn't actually been there together before, no idea why as we both like Mexican food! We had a really nice booth and even though the service was a bit slow it ended up being a really lovely meal and we wanted to go back the next day the food was that good. George had the nachos to start which were honestly amazing and I had the Tortilla Garlic Bread, for mains I had Beef Chilli with Spicy Rice and Nachos and George had Beef Enchiladas. Both were so good! I wish I had taken some pictures but we just wanted to eat it straight away! We didn't get chance to try the desserts as we had already decided to see a film afterwards so we were a bit pushed for time but next time I definitely want to try the Chocolate Orange Cake! As we have Cineworld unlimited cards aswell we got 25% off which took a nice amount of the bill as it would have been quite expensive otherwise. Definitely worth it though. After our meal we went to the cinema to see Absolutely Fabulous, it was actually really good and even though I wouldn't say its the best storyline, it is funny and worth a watch, there is one line which just gets to me and makes me laugh whenever I think about it. 
Breakfast in Bed, Some of the presents from George, and Cineworld VIP. 
On Friday, a few days after our anniversary we went to Cineworld again but this time it was to see Now You See Me 2 in VIP which was overall such a good experience! The film was really good, I thought it was much better than the first one and I didn't expect that. The VIP experience was well worth the money, we booked it a while ago and it was £19 each for us because of the unlimited cards, the normal price is £29 each but even then I think it is worth that amount, you get a buffet when you first go in, they had a selection of pizzas, pasta, rice, salad and soup, and they also have a frozen yoghurt section and cakes and loads of drinks to choose from. The best bit about it though is the unlimited amount of cinema snacks you can have, you can choose from popcorn, nachos and hot dogs or have all of them which of course we did, you can then choose to go back for more of these during the film and the same with drinks too, the comfy seats were so good too! I can't wait to do it again, I can't recommend it enough. 
So even though we had a bit of a disaster with the hotel during the day it did end up been better than we had planned and we did had have a really lovely few days together, I didn't want it to end. 

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