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Mini Kinder Cupcake Recipe & Jocca Cupcake Maker Review*

A few weeks ago I received a Cupcake Maker* to try from the people at Jocca and I decided to put it to the test and make something I've never made before - Mini Kinder Cupcakes! I had no idea how these would turn out and I'll be the first to admit the photos I got of them are not incredible but they were delicious and I'm so glad I got the chance to try something a bit different. The reason I'm posting this recipe today is because it's actually national Eat What You Want Day so really is there a better reason to make these today and enjoy them? I don't think so. I'm planning on spending the day relaxing with some baked goodies and some chocolate because if there is any day to forget the diet and eat what I want, it's today!
Before I get on with the recipe let me tell you a little bit about Jocca, the company who sent me the cupcake maker to review. Jocca is a homeware and small appliance company based in Spain that sells a whole load of products ranging from health and beauty to storage to home and garden aswell as so many more things. They may be based in Spain but they do ship worldwide meaning everyone can get hold of some of exciting products. You can get free shipping on orders over £40 and if you subscribe to their newsletter you can get £10 of your first order! As soon as I saw the baking products, I knew all of them would be perfect for me but the Cupcake Maker was the best of them all. I'm not brilliant at making cupcakes so anything that can make the process a bit easier and quicker, is a winner for me!
So with the cupcake maker I decided to try something I've never done before, Mini Kinder Cupcakes! I just followed a basic cupcake recipe and then decided to experiment by adding chocolate fudge icing to the top and kinder beunos on top! The only thing that makes them Kinder cupcakes is the Kinder Beuno on top but if they were a bit bigger I'd have added some swirled milk and white chocolate spread to the centre so if not using an appliance like this then thats something you could definitely do! These really aren't very fancy and really quite small but I think they are so cute! Sometimes with a big cupcake it can be hard to finish especially when it has loads of icing on top so I think these are perfect, just one or two is enough for that sweet treat.

60g butter, softened
60g caster sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
60g self raising flour
Chocolate fudge icing (I use Betty Crocker)
2 Kinder Beunos

1. Add the butter and sugar to a bowl and mix together until smooth
2. Now add in the egg and mix well
3. Add 1 tsp of vanilla extract and mix
4. Now add in the flour, fold in until everything is combined
5. If using a cupcake maker like me, put in 1 tbsp of the mixture in each hole and then put down the lid, leave to cook for minutes around 5 minutes. I found after 5 mintutes, even though a bit pale on top, they were cooked perfectly and were just like any other cupcakes
6. If using an oven, pre-heat to 180 degrees, fill cupcake cases with the mixture and bake for 20-25 minutes, they should come out golden and springy to touch
7. When the mini cupcakes had cooled, I decided to put some Betty Crocker Chocolate Frosting on top, I was going to make my own buttecream but given how small the cupcakes were, it would have just gone wrong and been almost impossible to do neatly. I spread a little bit on the top and then added part of a kinder beuno to each one
That is literally all their is to it, so simple whether you're using the cupcake maker or not. Very little ingredients but full of flavour and the kinder beuno on top is just so good! Overall I am so impressed with the cupcake maker. They did come out a bit smaller than I expected but actually they looked really cute, tasted just like any other cupcake and are actually something a bit different to make in future now. I think these would be so perfect to make next time I have people round, they're not too big and not as filling as something like a slice of cake so actually the perfect treat! The cupcake maker was so easy to use, it came with an instruction book so everything I needed to know was all in there and before making the cupakes it was as simple as just giving it a clean and spraying some oil/frylight on just to make sure they didn't stick and that was it. These literally took 5 minutes so they would be the perfect thing to make in future if I'm in a rush and need to quickly bake something. I can't wait to use it again and experiment with some more flavours and toppings!

If you want to try out the Cupcake Maker yourself or want to see what else Jocca do then check out their website here.

Have you ever tried making anything with something like this?

*I was sent the cupcake maker to review and feature in a recipe. I only work with brands that are relevant to me and my blog.

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