Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Current Homeware Wishlist - July 2017

It's been quite a while since I last did a homeware wishlist and as I am always wanting to buy new things for our flat, I thought now was the time to do another. I do love doing wishlists, I don't know why I don't do them more as if it's not homeware, there is always other stuff I'm thinking of buying! 

So this wishlist is probably going to be mainly office based, because to be honest I am sick to death of the spare room and it needs turning into something good! We have lived in this flat since the end of 2014 and at the time we thought within a few months we'd have the spare room done and since then it's just been the place all the crap goes that has nowhere else to go. With me spending a lot of time on blogging now, and with hoping to do open university next year, it's got the point where I need a proper work space so I just need to buy stuff for it and do the best I can with that room. The amount of times I walk in there to take blog pictures and walk straight back out is ridiculous. 

So I'm going to start with the more boring stuff and then get onto the more pretty home bits. The first thing we need to get is a desk. I've seen a few recently but I think my favourite is the MICKE Workstation Desk from Ikea, and it's £90 which to be honest I think is quite reasonable. I just love that this has different compartments to it and places for me to store paperwork and stationery, and also there is a room for lots of pretty decorations on the top. I think this would go perfectly in the corner of the spare room next to the window. Next to the desk I want to get a big bookcase as we no longer have space in the living room for more books and dvds so I'm thinking a nice white bookcase like the BILLY one from Ikea for £25 would be good and we can use that for all the extra books that are just laid in a basket somewhere in the spare room wardrobe. It will also be good for storing any books I might need to get if I go back to uni and at least then if they are next to the desk I can just grab them when I need them. To go on the desk I really want to get some sort of office lamp and at the moment I'm really liking the TERTIAL Work Lamp in Pink, again from Ikea for only £9. This sort of hooks onto the desk too so won't take up much room and what I like about these is that they can be moved about and shouldn't really get in the way.
So now onto the more fun side of this wishlist. I really want to get some more homey bits that can be used as props in my blog photos and also things that I could put on the desk I mentioned. The rest of the spare room might not be perfect and how I want it but I at least want a cosy little corner that's neat and tidy and actually good for me to work in. New Look have been killing it with their homeware stuff over the last few months and at the moment I'm obsessed with their little fake plants which I think would look so good either in the little compartments to the left side of the desk or on top. I have also been after a cute little trinket dish for a while and I love this Gold Pineapple one. Not only would it be good for photos, it would also be nice to just keep next to my laptop to store any bits of jewellery or bits like that. I had a little look on the Next side as their homeware is always fab and I spotted two candles which I just have to get my hands on. As I have candles in literally every other room there has to be some in the office aswell. Both the Prosecco one and the Mint Lemonade are £8 each and they just both sound amazing! I got a Strawberry and Prosecco candle last year which I was actually a little bit addicted to, so I definitely need to try and get this one, and doesn't the Mint Lemonade one just sound so summery?
Now onto the last few bits. The globe from John Lewis probably looks extremely random but I've wanted one for so long! I think they are such a unique thing to have in your home and there are so many different coloured ones now you can get, from all sorts of shops. If I couldn't get one for the living room then I'd love one in the office. I've got so many photos I want to frame so I definitely need to pick up a few new photo frames. I love this gold one from Paperchase, I don't really have one like it and I think it would look perfect on top of the desk. Also from Paperchase I'd really love the London frame. I'm not sure if I'd even add a photo to it or just keep it as it is but it's me so I've got to have something London related in there. I've seen this a few times and I'm still yet to pick it up. The last two bits are a print from Next and an Apricot Blossom Reed Diffuser from Matalan. As I'm sure you know I'm obsessed with prints but I'm not sure if there is room for another big photo wall in the flat so I'm thinking just one or two prints somewhere would look nice in the office. I also just love this one because I get stressed easily especially when it comes to taking blog photos and I know for fact I will if I start open uni so I think this would be a good one to have to remind me to keep calm and breathe! The reed diffuser I picked because I just love having them around the flat. They always make each room smell amazing and I loved the sound of the apricot scent. This is another thing which would look so good on the desk.

So that's everything on my current homeware wishlist, quite a lot, most of which I won't even end up with! I just need to get that room sorted and putting things down like this that I'd want for it and imagining what it could look like, makes me so much more excited to get started on it! Hopefully one day it will be done and exactly how I want.

Do you like anything on this wishlist? Whats your go to shop for homeware?

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