Saturday, 13 June 2015

Why Dogs Are The Best...

Words can't explain how much I miss my dog Bouncer, I haven't seen him in a year. I've mentioned a few times on my blog that I haven't had the best relationship with my parents, things are getting better but it has now been quite a while since I last saw them, obviously because of that I haven't seen Bouncer and I can't wait for when I do get to see him again. I already have in mind what toys I want to get him and I'm already planning to try and get him to stop over here whenever my mum and dad want to go away. It will be the best thing when I can go round and see him again and as we're allowed dogs in our flat, he can come here too! I can already imagine him running around the flat and getting cosy on the settees!
To me, dogs are the best pets you can have, I like cats, I've mentioned Charlie and Alfie's cat a few times, Shade and I love her so much but regarding what pet we decide to get, we know it will be a dog. I'm pretty set on a Golden Retriever but I also love Cavalier King Charles Spaniels which is what Bouncer is. I'm thinking for our first dog we should probably get a smaller one first like a spaniel. And as we want kids, maybe a smaller dog will be better around babies! I just can't wait for the time we have our own.

Dogs are the best because they always know when you are sad, they just sense it! That's when Bouncer would come into my room and jump on my bed or would come on sit on my knee. They love to steal your food but I don't mind. I want to bake dog friendly treats and everything, i'm going to be such a crazy dog owner. They're so much fun, you can take them to parks or the beach and they will just go mad and run around for ages. I used to love taking Bouncer to the seaside for the day because he'd just run around the beach, going up to other dogs but then get scared of the sea! I just love everything about them.

Do you have any pets? Are you a dog lover like me?

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