Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Body Shop Shower Gel - Grapefruit...

I am a huge fan of The Body Shop and recently I bought their Grapefruit Shower Gel because I had ran out of my beloved Passion Fruit Shower Gel. I've always wanted to try this one but I had so many other products left to use up first!
This has ended up becoming a new favourite of mine so I am hoping they never get rid of this one! It's just so sweet and fresh, when I use this my skin feels really revived and I think it's a great one if you shower in a morning before work or school. It kind of wakes you up a little bit. I love the huge bottle too, it lasts me ages and I think for the price, they are so worth it.

I like that this shower gel has a citrus twist to it and isn't just a sickly sweet one. I don't think it's particularly girly either, it's one men could use aswell. It was £4 for this bottle and I'm definitely going to stock up on more soon!

I can't wait to get more from the Grapefruit Range. I want the body butter next! 

Have you tried the Grapefruit Shower Gel?

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