Saturday 14 March 2015

My Favourite EVER Shower Gel - The Body Shop Passion Fruit...

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Shower Gel is one I have been purchasing for quite a while now and as the title says, it really is my favourite ever!
Shower gels are shower gels, they make you smell nice and feel clean. I like them and obviously use them but I don't often find any that I think deserve a blog post, apart from this one. I'm about half way through this bottle and I am desperate to get some more before I run out, I just love it too much but I do have a feeling they don't sell this anymore. I have been looking on the site and can't find it! I don't understand why they get rid of the good ones. I haven't seen the blueberry body butter for a while either which was also a favourite so I think that has been discontinued too! I'm genuinely sad about this. 

I honestly can't explain how good this smells, nice and fruity but not too sweet. I can smell it on me after I've used it for a good few hours and it makes the bathroom smell so good. I have always loved everything the Body Shop sells, aswell as their shower gels, I love their body butters, god knows how many of those I have gone through over the last few years. I love how soapy and bubbly the shower gel goes too when you use it. 
I'm aware this blog post might be a little weird, its just me confessing my love for a shower gel. I really hope they bring this back if it has gone, I hate it when you have a favourite of something and then they go and get rid of it. 

What's your favourite thing from The Body Shop?

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