Saturday 26 April 2014

Food Shop #3

Time for another weekly food shop! I'm really enjoying doing these at the moment. We got a shop from Asda this weekend as there's a few things we needed to stock up on and they had quite a lot on offer. The total was £32.72 including delivery charge.
3X Pitta Bread £1 
ASDA Cherry Bakewells £0.80
ASDA Pepperoni £1 
Cathedral City Mature Lighter £2 
ASDA Tenderheart Cabbage £0.50 
ASDA Crispy Potatoes £1
ASDA Cauliflower Cheese Crispy Grills £1.58 
Birdseye Chicken Quarter Pounders £1 
Birdseye 12 Chicken Dippers £1 
Extra Lean Beef Mince £2
ASDA Chicken Breast Fillets £3 
ASDA Smart price Cauliflower £1 
ASDA Smart price Stir Fry Vegetables £1 
ASDA Egg Fried Rice £1 
Pork Loin Chops £3
ASDA Free Range Egg Noodles £1.20
ASDA Fruit Bags 
ASDA Sugar free Limeade £0.65 
Capri Sun Tropical £2 
ASDA Smartprice Mixed Weight Eggs £0.89 
ASDA Crème Fraiche Reduced Fat £0.90 
ASDA Wafer Thin Chicken £1

I was quite happy with the price of the shop for everything we got. I think we saved a bit of money on some of the deals aswell so not too bad. 

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Thursday 10 April 2014


Hi! I'm Tiffany and welcome to my blog!Welcome to my blog

I'm so excited to have finally started a blog, I've been wanting to do this for a while but I've only just found the courage to do so. I decided to start a blog so I can talk about all the things I love and hopefully get to know some other bloggers!

There will be all sorts of posts on here, I love food as you can tell by the name of my blog so a lot of them will be recipes, food hauls and things like that. But they'll be so many other things too. Hopefully some beauty reviews - showing you some of my favourites, film posts, monthly favourites, wishlists. I'm just going to go for it, see what happens and write about anything I want.

I would love to get to know some other bloggers so feel free to leave links to your blog.

You can find me on social media too if you want to follow me there -

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