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Disclosure Policy
Food and Other Loves is a personal blog written and edited by me. All thoughts and opinions are my own - when I am sent a product to review I am 100% honest and I only feature things which I feel are relevant to my blog. When I am sent a product or have been paid to talk about something I will clearly disclose this in the post. Unless otherwise stated products spoken about are my own and bought with my own money. All photos featured on my blog are mine unless stated otherwise, I will mark that a picture isn't mine by including 'source' with a link back to the original. Affiliate links may be used in blog posts though this will be made clear each time.

Privacy Policy
Food and Other Loves does not sell, trade or distribute any personal data collected on this site to any outside parties. Listed below are the instances where data about this site's visitors are captured and stored:

The comments section on each blog post on Food and Other Loves uses Google+, this means that if you choose to leave a comment you will need to sign into your own Google+ account to do so. When the comment is published, your Google+ profile name will appear on the comment, with a link to your Google+ profile.

Cookies are used on this site in order to analyse the success of posts and monitor the traffic of users on the site. The cookies collect browsing information such as which pages you visited or how long you stayed on the site for, but do not collect any personal information such as your name or address. You can choose to disable cookies at any time through your browser settings.

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