Thursday 31 December 2015

Christmas 2015...

I felt so much more prepared for Christmas this year, last year it was so rushed as we had just moved in and even though it was good, I felt like this year was really special. We were just so happy all day and it's so soppy but it really was perfect. I really wanted to do a full post on it even though i didn't get many pictures. I know I'll want to read this back one day. Anyway, George woke me at 7 on Christmas day but there was no way I was getting up that early, we had both struggled to sleep and I could have slept all morning but we got up just after 8 and opened our presents. I was so spoilt by George, im so lucky to get everything that I got because I wasn't expecting it and im so grateful, it shows he actually listens to me as there were a few things i'd mentioned ages ago and even i'd forgotten about them. I'm going to do a separate post on what I got (not bragging, I just personally like to see what others got ) over the next few days. I do think I did pretty well with Georges presents too, especially the Star Wars things as he's really into it at the moment.

After we'd opened our presents, we had croissants for breakfast which were amazing and I started prepping all the food for christmas dinner. The Santa Clause films were on TV too so we watched them and then put White Christmas on. I know how much George loves the film so I bought it him on DVD so now we can watch it every year on christmas day. 
We both bought each other new slippers and pyjamas, so comfy. 
I wanted to take a picture of christmas dinner as it was so good but we were just enjoying it too much, I followed a Jamie Oliver recipe for the roast potatoes and veg and I know it will be one I follow every year now, honestly so good. I spent hours on christmas eve watching Jamie Oliver programs and Nigella as George was working and I had time off and I wanted to make sure everything was as good as possible. Overall it was a really lovely day, we fell asleep on the settee after watching a film, drank quite a bit of Prosecco and started to get through all the chocolate we got for each other and from other people. I already can't wait for next christmas. 

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Tuesday 29 December 2015

December Favourites - Beauty, Music and Christmas!

Just like that Christmas is over! I'm so sad about it but I hope you all had a lovely few days. My first post back after Christmas is my December favourites and this month there are some music, beauty, homeware bits, and a few other things featured!
Primark Tartan Bedding - We bought this while we were in Manchester as we wanted a nice christmas bedding set and I loved this one straight away. I don't know why but I seem to have this growing obsession with tartan things, first it started with pyjamas I saw and then bought from Primark, then we got the bedding and now i'm seeing even more things I want! It's a really cosy bedding set and you can't go wrong at Primark for homeware things like this, it was £18 for a double one which I think is pretty good.

Seventeen Contour Palette - I bought this when we went to Manchester as I had ran out of my bronzer and I hadn't had a new one in ages, I always got the same thing. I bought quite a lot of makeup on the first night as Boots had 3 for 2 on and I had ran out of a lot of stuff. I have been wanting to try a contour kit for ages but I just didn't know which one, I had heard good things about this from Seventeen though and it was only £5.99 which I thought was a really good price. You get a darker shade to contour with and a light shade to highlight with. I've noticed such a difference over the last month or so since I've started using this. It actually does give me some definition and cheekbones! I really recommend it if you're looking to try contouring, I definitely don't go mad with it but even a little bit does the job. 

Justin Bieber Purpose CD - I think over the last few months everyone has become a Justin Bieber fan. I really didn't want to but some of the songs on his new album are just too good. My favourite is Love Yourself. 

Love Actually - This has been one of my favourite christmas films for so long but this year I seem to have watched it so much more than before, ITV2 are playing it quite a lot at the moment and we have the DVD, it makes me so emotional no matter how many times I watch it. I know its one of those films that you could watch all year round I suppose but its definitely one thats more for christmas so I look forward to watching it every year. 

Christmas Nails - I'm definitely one of those people that goes for brighter colours for my nails during summer and darker shades during winter, especially the darker reds and purples, last week I used a red shade by OPI and a glitter red by H&M that I've had for years as I wanted nice christmassy nails and I love it. It's the perfect combination and its lasted really well, I can't even remember when I got the one from H&M but it must have been ages ago and I hardly ever use it, its not one of those glitter nail polishes that takes forever to take off either!

Obviously the main favourite this month has been christmas, im so sad its all over but im going to do some more posts over the next few days showing what I got etc. for now im just trying to get excited for my birthday next week.

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Monday 21 December 2015

Weekend Summary #15 - Making Mince Pies and Pizza Hut with the Boys...

I actually can't believe christmas is on Friday, its so close but it feels like the run up to it has just gone so fast and its almost over. It's literally my favourite time of the year and I really don't want it to go yet. The thought of having to take down all of the decorations makes me want to cry. And once Christmas is over, its almost my birthday, i'll be 21 but I already feel about 30. I'm not really looking forward to it, I just want christmas to go on for weeks and weeks. 

We finally got the final few bits a few weeks ago so its so nice and cosy. We have all the presents around the tree now (which were put there after I took the picture), we've got a new frame for the wall (not just for christmas) which I really love, I've wanted something like it for ages but couldn't find the perfect one and we've got our christmas candles from Homesense which i'm going to have to light at some point but they're just so pretty. I did light them for a picture but I couldn't bare for them to just get ruined so I blew them out straight after!
This weekend we had the boys over and we swapped presents and we opened ours from them. I just find it so hard to wait until christmas day when someone gives us presents early! We watched so many films this weekend, we watched The Grinch as I've never seen it, its so strange, I don't know whether I liked it not. We also watched Love Actually which is just my favourite and there were some non christmas films too, Lets Be Cops, Inbetweeners 2 and Cloverfield I think. We went out to Pizza Hut on Saturday and had so much food. Me and George shared a pizza but ended up taking most of it home, I struggled with one slice, the boys had their own, we had starters and desserts too so we were all so full that night. But we did make mince pies, I just wanted to make them as I never had before and Alfie really wanted too and he actually likes them, unfortunately George still wouldn't try one. They were so so simple to make so i'll definitely be making them again next year. On Sunday we saw some family at ours and then had a very chilled night once the boys had gone. We watched Love Actually again as it was on TV but I could watch it over and over again.
So this will probably be my last post now before Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful few days and get everything you hoped for! I'm so excited but just don't want it to be over!

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Sunday 13 December 2015

My 3 Favourite Christmas Films!

We've been watching christmas films since mid October I think as I just get so excited so early! I could watch them earlier than that to be honest but I think once October stars, its a reasonable time to start watching them all! I start my christmas shopping and everything!

One of my favourite things to do is to get cosy in winter, light some candles and then settle down with a nice christmas film, here are a few of my favourites!
Source 1, Source 2, Source 3

1. Elf

 I don't think there is a film that will ever beat Elf for me. I could watch it all year round but I don't because I love the excitement of it been shown on TV again around this time of year, you really know christmas is on the way then. I have loved this film since it first came out years ago and I know its one i'll still watch when I have kids and I hope they'll love it as much as I do! It just makes me laugh every time, it never gets old no matter how many times I've seen it. Will Ferrell is the best in this and its my favourite film of his. 

2. Love Actually

 Another one that is just perfect for this time of year, everyone's all loved up or spending time with their families or travelling home for christmas and this film is about all of those things. It's a really lovely film and it always makes me a bit emotional. I love Hugh Grant in it too, so gorgeous!

3. The Holiday 

This is one that I usually really enjoy but I have to be in the mood for it. Sometimes it gets played so much on ITV2! I love Jude Law though and I love the story, really different to any other christmas films we've got and I love the little cottage. So homely and cosy, I would love a little house like that one day.

What are your favourite christmas films?

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