Wednesday 30 November 2016

2 Nights In London - Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street & Wicked!

I actually feel really sad writing this post! I knew our trip to London would go quick but it went so much faster than I imagined and now we're back home and back to the usual routine. I always feel sad when we come home just because I love it so much there and at the moment we don't have any plans to go back yet, I would go back tomorrow if we could but I'm thinking if we do go back next year it will probably be around Christmas again. This christmas has come round so fast though so hopefully it won't seem ages til we're back!
I said in my London Plans and Wishlist post that I really wanted to appreciate this trip and I really did. I loved every second of it, even when my legs and feet were hurting and when we were freezing cold on the Southbank! I loved it all. I do think I was very aware of how fast time was going when we were there and quite a few times I felt sad at how quickly it had gone since we first got there but it was a great trip and I really don't think I'll ever forget it. 

When we got there the first thing we did was check out the Southbank Christmas Market. I felt so christmassy straight away and it was lovely to see it at this time of year as in the past we've only been in March. We then headed down to Borough Market and tried some amazing food. We picked up a few snacks from an Indian stall and honestly it was some of the best Indian food I've ever eaten! It was quite cheap too for massive onion bhajis and samosas, they were incredible. We also picked up a vanilla doughnut from Bread Ahead which was huge, they had a few others too that also looked amazing so I think we'd definitely try more in future. After the market we went to Oxford Street and picked up a few bits from Lush. I did get quite anxious in there, it was so busy and some of the staff just wouldn't stop coming up to us but we still managed to get a few bits. I got my favourite bath bomb which is Shoot For The Stars, I can't wait to use that one. We also got a Father Christmas Bath Bomb, Never Mind The Ballistics, Twilight, Dragons Egg and Butterbear. I've already used Never Mind The Ballistics and it's so good that I'm going to do a full blog post on it. After spending some time on Oxford Street, which looked so pretty with all the Christmas lights on, we then went to our favourite Whole Foods in Piccadilly. Of course we had to get one of the amazing cinnamon scroll doughnuts and we also tried a caramel tiffin slice. They do so many baked things, it's so hard to choose! On the way back to the hotel we picked up our first ever Lola's Cupcake! We went for the gingerbread one as it doesn't get much more Christmassy than that. We ate so much tasty food both days.
The next day the first thing we did was go and see Buckingham Palace. After 2 previous trips to London we had never got round to going so we made sure we did this time. It was nice to see it but it wasn't as special as I thought it would be. I don't really know what I expected but at least now we can say we've seen it. We then went to Covent Garden for a bit of christmas shopping. We picked some lovely bits up from Sass and Belle which is just the best shop for little home bits and gifts! We also tried Ben's Cookies for the first time too! They had loads to choose from! After some time trying to decide George went for the White Chocolate & Macadamia and I went for the Orange and Milk Chocolate. I think they were the best cookies I've ever had. The flavour was so strong and the chocolate was proper chunks rather than chips. I picked up a few bits from Paperchase while we were in Covent Garden, mainly more postcards for our photo wall, and I also got Gingerbread stickers because who doesn't love anything with gingerbread men on. We had an hour or so back at the hotel before heading out again that night to see Wicked. It was just mindblowing. I don't want to say too much as I'm going to do a full post on it soon, but it was just a wonderful show. I already want to book to see it again! It was the perfect end to our trip. 
We just had the best time and I really won't ever forget seeing Wicked. It was the first time we had seen anything like that together and I don't think we could have picked a better show. The whole of our trip was lovely and I can't put into words how sad I am to be back. If the opportunity came up for us to move there I wouldn't even need to think about it, my bags would be packed straight away! I've completely fallen in love with the place and I can't wait to go back, I will never get bored of it. 

Have you ever been to London? What's your favourite thing about it?

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Monday 28 November 2016

Date Night Box Review*

Who doesn't love Date Night? It's so nice every so often to get a bit dressed up and to head out for the night with someone special, but sometimes it's even better to stay in, get cosy and just watch a film with some good food! Sometimes I actually prefer staying in rather than going for a meal out, just eating loads of chocolate and spending quality time together. This is where the Date Night Box comes in. Emma and Kayleigh came up with this idea of a Date Night box so that couples could spend quality time together, properly reconnect and focus just on each other, all from the comfort of your own home too. Each month the box arrives and contains lots of different, indulgent experiences that you might not necessarily get to try otherwise, and each box is supposed to feel like a real treat. A few weeks ago I was very lucky to receive a Date Night Box to review, I had never seen anything like this before and it was so exciting to not know what was inside! 
Our Date Night box arrived at the perfect time actually. It came two days before we were due to go away to London so we decided to keep it until we got back. I knew I'd be feeling a bit down once we were back and would need cheering up and this was the perfect thing for it! We decided to save it til Thursday night and after a nice tea we sat down to have a look at our Date Night box and got started! This box was chocolate themed and to be honest it couldn't have been a better one for us! We both love any sort of chocolate and a lot of our date nights or evenings in involve chocolate and snacks so this was already perfect. We received an A5 print (this was great as it can go on our photo wall in the bedroom) a little bottle of prosecco, a box of chocolates, white chocolate buttons, hot chocolate stirrers, chocolate discs and chopsticks. It's not as simple as just eating the chocolate and drinking the prosecco, there are fun games involved and it was completely different to anything we had done before. 
You get instructions in the box so you know what to do with everything. The first step was to play the After Eight game. I had never played this before but it was so much fun! There were 6 chocolate disks, 2 dark, 2 milk and 2 white. You put one on your forehead and have to try and get it in your mouth without using your hands. It took us both a while but we managed it just about with all of them. There was a lot of funny movements and techniques and we both ended up with chocolate all over our faces! The chocolate tasted really good and you could tell it was good quality. The next step was to pour the chocolate buttons into a bowl and use chopsticks to pick them up, the first to pick 20 up won. This was much more difficult than I imagined! It took me ages and George ended up winning but it was a really fun little game. Next, we had to melt the white chocolate and dip our glasses into it to coat the top. This was the Lick and Sip game. I love prosecco and I wasn't sure how this was going to taste but it was actually really, really nice. Included in this bit were some questions to ask each other, I think this was my favourite bit. There were 12 questions, some were chocolate themed e.g. if you could only eat one more chocolate bar what would it be? and others were were more about each other e.g. what are your favourite things about me? and what day of our relationship would you like to experience again? I really, really loved this part, it's not something you would really think to do any other time and it was nice to tell each lots of nice things and have a laugh about each other answers. A few of our answers actually made me a bit emotional and it was just really lovely. 
The next step involved tasting mats, scorecards and foiled chocolates. There was a box of mixed chocolates and we had to place them on each mat in the correct place before tasting them. We tried them one at a time starting with the black foiled chocolate and ending on the blue one. With each one we had to guess the flavour and this was actually harder than it sounds! There was a little envelope with the answers in which obviously you don't look at til the end, but when we did we found we had got most of them wrong! The black one we thought was cherry but it was actually honey, and the purple one we thought was chilli but it was lemon! We went so wrong with some of them but it was really fun and the chocolate tasted amazing. We could tell with all of the chocolate that it was really good quality. All the chocolate in the box was handmade in the New Forest, Hampshire. They only use the highest quality ingredients and the cocoa is sustainably and ethically sourced in West Africa. It honestly tasted beautiful and the white buttons especially were so smooth and creamy. The last thing that was included in the box was two hot chocolate stirrers. We didn't have these on Thursday as we were so full from the rest of the chocolate but we saved them for last night to have as one last treat and they tasted amazing with cream on top and marshmallows!

I just loved this whole box. I think it's such a great idea, not everyone has the time or can be bothered to dress up and go out so this is great for those nights where you want to do something special but don't want to have to spend loads of time and effort on something! This is all done for you and as you don't know what's included it's a great little surprise each month. It's a great way to reconnect with your partner and spend some proper quality time together. We had such a fun night and we loved everything that was included. If you want to try the Date Night Box you can subscribe for £39.95 a month. You get a different box each month, no prep is needed, it's all done for you and you can cancel anytime.

This is definitely something we'll subscribe to in the future! I loved the element of surprise with it and it was good to have a cosy date night in, and as the box was chocolate themed this month it was even better. I loved that there was a free print included, I think that's a really nice added touch to it and also you get a card with both your names on which explains a little bit about the box. I thought those things show real effort and time has gone into these boxes to make them as special as possible. It was all so enjoyable and would definitely be worth the money!

If you want to find out a bit more information about Date Night, check out their website here!

*Thank you to Emma and Kayleigh for sending me a Date Night box to review! I only work with brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog and I genuinely think this is a great product!

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Saturday 19 November 2016

Manchester Plans & Wishlist...

Last Monday I wrote about our plans for London and I included a little wishlist, as we're off to Manchester next week I thought I would do a similar post. 

It's become a tradition of ours to go in November as the first time was so special and I always look forward to it. As always we're going for the Christmas Market, I can't imagine a year where we don't go as there is so much going on there. They have so many pretty stalls and I could look around them all day, there isn't just the main market either which is at Albert Square (instantly makes me think of Eastenders!) but there are so many other stalls all over the streets so there's plenty to see. We're going to get the train Monday morning and after we've checked in we'll probably head straight to the christmas market as it's only a short walk there from where we're staying. It's nice to see it in the day and then go again at night when all the lights are on and it feels really christmassy then. I can't wait to try some of the food again, last year we had a donut pretzel on the first night and we also tried mini dutch pancakes, I've seen online there are a few new stalls this year and new food to try so that's exciting!
Just around the corner from the market is the Arndale centre so I think the after we've had a look round, we'll go there and spend most of our first afternoon christmas shopping! They have a great Homesense so that is the first place at the top of my list to visit! They also have a big Selfridges which we only had a quick look around last time so it would be good to go there. Up from the Arndale Centre is Manchester's huge Primark! I think it might have been the first time we went that we bought quite a lot of christmassy bits back and it was a struggle on the train but I definitely want to have a good look round there.

The next day I think we're going to go to the Trafford Centre, we didn't go last year and spend most of our time in the centre but we've been thinking about going to go back this year. It's so big and there are so many shops so I don't know how far we'll actually get around it but it's so worth going to and the food area is massive and always looks so pretty at christmas. Like the Arndale Centre they also have a Selfridges and from what I remember, this was one was great, we got personalised Nutella jars from there the first year and the food hall was just amazing.What I love about the Trafford Centre is that there is a separate section of home stores. We only had a quick look round last time but I didn't know until a few months ago that there is actually a Homesense in that section so we must have missed it completely last time. They also have a big Next home and I'm sure there a few others too. I think we'll see how much of the Arndale Centre and city centre we get to go around the first day as we don't want to rush it all, we might just go back the next day instead but at the moment it's 50/50 what we'll do!
Trafford Centre Food Area - Source.
Similar to what I said in my London post, there are only a few things on my wishlist and both trips are more about spending time together. We've set an amount for each day so if there's something we want to buy we can and hopefully we can get a few xmas presents while we're there too. As I've already mentioned Homesense is at the top of my list and there's two we can go too so I'm sure we'll pick up a few bits from there, last year I got some lovely little Christmas Decorations.
I just can't wait. I've been looking forward to this for so long, it's come round so quick since last November and I can't quite believe it's time to go back already! I know I'll feel so sad once we're back home and both trips are over with but I'm just going to focus on enjoying them while we're there and really relax and have a good time.

They'll be a few posts up over the next few weeks I'm sure with loads of pictures from both trips and probably a few hauls too so look out for those!

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Wednesday 16 November 2016

The Best Cheesy Chicken & Bacon Pasta Bake Recipe!

I have posted so many recipes on my blog but to say that this pasta bake is an absolute favourite for us, I have never actually posted the recipe so I thought I might aswell now. It's the perfect, comforting meal that really fills you up, loads of pasta and cheese, doesn't get much better than that. Ideal for a Saturday night!
Ingredients: for 2 people
160g pasta
2 Chicken breasts 
4 rashers of bacon 
25g butter
30g of plain flour
300ml milk
Grated cheddar and mozzarella

1. Cut your chicken breasts into chunks and fry in frylight until cooked through
2. While chicken is cooking, grill the bacon (I usually cut all the fat off too first) and start your pasta in a pan of boiling water
3. To make the sauce, melt the butter in a small saucepan. When it's melted add in your flour and stir until it becomes almost dough like
4. Add small amounts of milk at a time, literally a glug at a time stirring after each one until you have the thickness you desire for the sauce
5. Add in grated cheddar and mozzarella to the sauce and stir until it all melts, I can't give exact measurements for this, it really all depends on how cheesy you want it, I usually use at least a few handfuls of grated cheese as we like it quite cheesy
6. When the pasta is cooked, drain then add to the cooked chicken, cut up the grilled bacon and also add that, stir, then add in the cheese sauce. Make sure all the pasta is coated in the sauce then put into a dish
7. Top the pasta with grated cheese, again however much you want, you can also add some breadcrumbs to the top for an extra crunch
8. I then put in a 200 degree oven for around 20 minutes, the top has usually started to go crispy by this point and the cheese has all melted

Serve with salad and crusty bread or garlic bread!
This is really tasty and a lovely homemade meal, let me know if you try it!

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Monday 14 November 2016

Pack With Me - What I Take For A Weekend Away

Today I thought I would do something a bit different and talk about what I am packing for our two trips over the next week! I love posts like this as I'm a bit nosy and love to know what others take with them!

I've written about makeup, toiletries and a few extras so you can see what sort of things I'll be taking on both trips and what essentials we'll both be needing. As there is such a short amount of time between when we get back from London and when we go to Manchester, we don't have that much time to be unpacking and repacking so I'm trying to take basic makeup, skincare, toiletries etc. so that they can just stay in the bag and the only things we'll really need to change will be clothes.


I very rarely change up my make up, I stick to the same sort of brands so my travel makeup won't really be any different to usual. I'll be taking my favourite foundation which is the Rimmel Long Lasting Foundation (review here), Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit, Rimmel Lasting Finish Blusher (review here), Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara (review here), Maybelline Matte Maker Powder and of course my Real Techniques brushes. I will be taking my miracle complexion sponge but it looks disgusting so I didn't really want to take a picture of that!


I have to take my trusty Garnier Micellar Water for removing my makeup at the end of the day, I very rarely use anything else on my face (bad I know) but this is something I know doesn't irritate my skin and does the job. I might just end up taking a disposable razor but for some reason I took a picture of this one, it's actually really good and my legs feel so smooth after using it.I managed to get some of those mini travel bottles for all our toiletries so there's one with my Herbal Essences Shampoo in, one with Herbal Essences Conditioner and one has Lynx Shower Gel in for George, I've also got a mini shower gel of mine in there too. There's a few things I haven't taken pictures of like toothbrushes and toothpastes but obviously we'll be taking those. Then there is my tangle teaser which is just great. I'm taking a Sure deodrant and a body spray, obviously they'll be some Lynx or something for George too, and then I always take my little kit with tweezers and scissors in.


Obviously we need to take phone chargers and other essentials too but I didn't really think I needed to take a photo of those! They'll be one for my iPhone and one for Georges phone, we'll be taking iPods so we need a charger for that too. I'll be taking my hair straighteners just in case, I actually quite like my hair just natural at the moment but I don't want to not take them and regret it! I'm going to pack a few books as the train journey is a few hours to London, I am still yet to finish Me Before You so I'll take that and then I might take Me After You aswell. One of the last things I need to pack is the Wicked tickets, I would honestly cry if we forgot those, and I need to make sure I've got things like our railcard and bank cards. I'm not going to go into what clothes we're packing because to be honest I have no idea yet what I'm going to wear! I got this Dark Green Split Back Top from New Look last week so I think I'll wear that one day, it's really comfortable and it goes well with my new pumps. Apart from that I really don't know, I'll have to have another look later as that's the last thing I need to sort.

I think everything is just about sorted now and once I've properly sorted what clothes need packing then it's all done and we're ready to go!

I hope you've enjoyed this post, I've never done anything like this before but I've really enjoyed writing about it all and it's another way for me to check we've got everything!

Did you see my last post? Cheshire Farm Review!

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Cheshire Farm Review*

I love anything that makes cooking just a little bit easier as I'm sure most people do, so Cheshire Farm have brought out some great products you can just put in the oven for those nights where you just don't want to go to much effort but still want something tasty.
Cheshire Farm are passionate about growing only quality potatoes for everyone and they sell a range of products, all additive and gluten free. I was sent the Spicy Potato Bites, Hand Cut Chips, Roast Potatoes, Sliced Potatoes and Seasoned Potato Wedges. I just love potatoes and really what's a meal without them? I was so excited to try these and add something different to my meals. We had most of them in the first week as I just wanted to see what they were like!

The first ones we tried were the potato wedges. We had these with chilli and rice and they added to the meal perfectly! The first thing I noticed about these was that they actually smell a bit like McCoy crisps, and I love those! These are seasoned with Anglesey Sea Salt and Ground Black Pepper and they only took around 25 minutes to cook, they went so well with the chilli.
The next night we tried the Spicy Potato Bites and I have to say I think these are my favourite out of all of them. I had made a Slimming World friendly version of KFC chicken which is quite plain so because these were quite hot and spicy it went really well and mixed things up a bit. These only took around 25 minutes in the oven too and they went lovely and crispy on the outside.
Next we tried the Hand Cut Chips. I made a lasagne and we had them with that. I left these in the oven for 20 minutes and they tasted really similar to the wedges. The first thing I noticed when I opened the pack was how much they look like chip shop chips! Of course they are quite unhealthy so these are a great alternative! I imagine these would be great with salt and vinegar in a slice of bread! They went well with the lasagne and it was a nice change to what we usually have. As I follow Slimming World it was nice not to have to make my own chips, these are quite low syn and are only 4.5 syns for half a pack which is great on a night you don't want to mess about with cooking.
The last two we tried were the Sliced Potatoes and the Roast Potatoes. We had the Sliced Potatoes with spicy chicken, rice and pitta. These are seasoned with rosemary and garlic but I have to admit I couldn't taste it very much and to me they did seem quite plain. They were probably my least favourite out of all of them but that's not to say they are bad at all, I just preferred the others over them. I probably would try them again in the future with a different meal. We had the Roast Potatoes last night as I thought they were perfect to go with a Sunday roast. I love a meal that is just warm and comforting and Roast Potatoes are honestly one of my faves. I make them quite a lot but these were great to just put in the oven and it was one less job to think about. They tasted really good and only took half an hour to cook. I think these would be great to add to a roast over the next few months while it's really cold, and even with christmas coming up, these would be perfect for that.
I would definitely recommend trying some products from Cheshire Farm if you haven't before, especially the spicy potato bites, they were just amazing! All of these can be cooked from frozen so if you need to save some space in your fridge, keep them in your freezer to add to a meal one night. They all take under half an hour to cook apart from the roast potatoes which take 30 - 35 minutes but they are worth the wait. You can buy all of these from the shop section on their website and all individual packs are priced at £2.50. You can also get boxes of 5, 10 and 15 if you really love them!

Check out their website here and let me know if you've tried anything from Cheshire Farm before!

*Thank you to Cheshire Farm for all of these fab products. I was sent these to review but all opinions are my own, I only work with brands relevant to my blog.

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Wednesday 9 November 2016

The B&M Bath & Body Works Dupes...

I know everyone has been talking about these amazing candles from B&M, and I hate to follow other people but I had to write about them! 

I have so many candles already and even though there is probably no room in the flat for more, that doesn't stop me! I especially love stocking up on a few in Autumn and Winter, so as soon as I saw the Bath & Body Work dupes at B&M I knew I had to get some! They looked like the perfect scented candles that would just make the room smell amazing. 

If you've heard of Bath & Body Works then you'll know about their big range of candles that many bloggers and youtubers rave about. They're pretty expensive and I'm not about to spend over £20 on a candle and try and get them sent over here, so these candles from B&M are the perfect alternative. They are so affordable at only £2.99 and there are quite a few different scented ones to choose from. 
I had just about given up on getting one of these until a few weeks ago, I had been looking for them for so long but I finally found them in my local store and the one I picked up was Brown Sugar Allspice. It smells gorgeous and I thought it would be the perfect scent for Autumn. 

I love the packaging and you can tell they are inspired by Bath & Body Works, even just down to the design on the lid, they have two wicks and are supposed to burn for 25 hours. I've used this one a few times now and it the room just smells lovely when it's lit.

For £2.99 you can't complain, and I will definitely be stocking up next time I'm in store, if there are any left! They might be a good present idea for someone for christmas this year, everyone loves candles and these had so many different scents. They are going so fast so if you want any I recommend you get them soon!
Have you picked any of these candles up? What do you think?

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Monday 7 November 2016

London Plans & Wishlist...

So when this post goes live I'll officially be able to say it's next week we go to London, we last went in March and as soon as we got home I wanted to book another trip. I've posted quite a few times about our trips to London and if you've read them you're probably getting sick of me going on about it but it genuinely is one of my favourite places if not my favourite so I want to document all our trips. We're just going for two nights this time, I said in my Why I Love London post that we've been before for two nights and also another time for three, and as much as I would love to go for a lot longer, due to us going to Manchester just a few days after this trip we can't really afford to go any longer than two nights this time and we have been really lucky to go as much as we have over the last few years.
We're going next Thursday and hopefully will be at the hotel early afternoon giving us a good few hours to get some sightseeing done and go to a few of our favourite places. I've seen there is a christmas market on the Southbank so we definitely want to have a look around that and then we want to head to Borough Market. We went last time on a recommendation from someone and wouldn't have really thought to otherwise but now it's somewhere we'll always make an effort to go to when we're in London.When we left Borough Market last time we found The Clink Prison Museum and we didn't have time to go last time so we've decided to do that this time. I don't know if it will be any good but I find prisons so interesting so I really want to visit this! We haven't really made any plans for the rest of that day but I'm sure we'll end up around Piccadilly and in Whole Foods or maybe Oxford Street.
We have a few things planned for Friday, the main one being going to see a show. We have booked tickets to see Wicked on the Friday, we booked this ages ago when we were sure we wanted to go back at Christmas, but then once we booked it a few things happened and up until the beginning of October we thought we might have to cancel as it was all just adding up to so much. Luckily we managed to budget and figure it all out, I'm going to appreciate it all so much as we were so close to not going. We've booked really good seats and I just can't wait! We've never seen a show together before and every time we've been we've always said we'll have to go and see something on the west end and with Wicked been one of the most popular ones I don't think we could have picked a better one to start with. I keep watching the trailer for it and I get so excited, I've been listening to the soundtrack on Spotify and I actually get emotional just thinking about it, I dread to think how I'm going to be when we're actually there. So far the plan is to head to Buckingham Palace that morning as we still haven't been and seen it, and then maybe go to Covent Garden or if there's anywhere we didn't get chance to go to on Thursday we'll go there. I think the Friday will be more chilled before we go for the show and we're going to get day tickets for the tube so if there's somewhere we want to go we can just get the tube.
At the moment I only have a few things on my wishlist, I'm hoping we can get to Lush on Oxford Street at some point as it was pretty good last time and I would love to stock up on a few christmas bath bombs. I have quite a few I would like to get as I mentioned in my Lush Christmas 2016 but I'm going to try and only get a couple! We might pick up a few christmas presents for people aswell. Apart from that the only other thing I definitely want to get is a Wicked program, I love collecting things like that from places we've been and I don't know if it's something we'll go and see again, at least not for a long time so I definitely want to get something from it. To be honest most of our money will probably go on food! As we're going to Borough Market I'm sure we'll try a few things there, they had so much to choose from last time we went so I can't wait to get a few bits from there. I also rave about the Crosstown Doughnuts at Whole Foods so I definitely want to pick some of those up, the cinnamon scroll one was one of the best things I've ever eaten. Slimming World will definitely be off the cards for the weekend.

I can't wait to see London at Christmas, it looks so beautiful on pictures I've seen. I don't really think this trip will be about buying things, just spending some time together in one of our favourite places. So excited.

Have you been to London? Anywhere else we should visit while we're there? or if you've seen Wicked let me know what you thought!

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Wednesday 2 November 2016

October Favourites - The Fall, Herbal Essences & Thorntons!

Today I have my October Favourites for you! This month there are quite a few TV favourites, there are just so many good things on at the moment that I have to include, there were more than I wanted to add but I've left those for next month as they're still ongoing! I've added some great beauty and food bits aswell though.
The Fall Source, Cold Feet Source, Our Girl Source.
Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine Shampoo - This shampoo has made my hair feel lovely, so soft and fluffy. My hair gets quite greasy quite quickly, I wash it every other night but sometimes the next day after washing it can feel horrible again, this shampoo has made it feel fresh for days though and I really recommend giving it a try if you haven't. It was only £1 from somewhere like B&M and sometimes it's on offer at Superdrug as it's only a small bottle, it smells gorgeous too!

Herbal Essences Life's Beachy Conditioner - I normally go for any conditioner that's on offer but when I last ran out I asked George to pick me some up and he came back with a limited edition bottle by Herbal Essences, it was on offer at £2 for quite a big bottle and it smells gorgeous. It has peach and lily fragrances and I love anything peach scented so this one is just perfect! When I use this I can genuinely smell it for hours later, my hair smells better than it has before with any other conditioners and combined with the shampoo, it makes it feel so soft. I really want to pick another bottle up ready for when I run out!

Our Girl - I probably should have put this in my last favourites but technically the last episode was in the first week of October so I'm still including it. A new series of Our Girl starring Michelle Keegan came back last month and I really, really enjoyed it. Series 2 follows Corporal Georgie Lane, an experienced army medic who has plenty going on in her personal life aswell as her work. Each episode was so tense and I was hooked throughout all of them. I was rooting for her to be with Elvis as I'm sure most people were and as the ending was left quite open hopefully next series we'll see them back together!

The Fall - We didn't watch Series 1 & 2 when they were on TV but we caught up months ago ready for the third and final series which started at the end of September. It stars Jamie Dornan who I just love and this is definitely his best work, playing Serial Killer Paul Spector. Every episode is so tense and you never know what's going to happen, I didn't know where they could take it after the end of series 2 but they've kept us guessing all the way through and it's been a great end to a great programme.

Cold Feet - Again this is something we binge watched ages ago, we bought the full DVD set while we were in Leicester and loved it, so I was very happy when they returned for a new series. As it had been so long since the last series it was definitely a risk to bring something so popular back but it's definitely worked and I've seen on Twitter how much everyone has been loving it. I've really enjoyed watching this every Monday night and seeing what all of the characters have going on. I think John Thomson who plays Pete has done a great job with his characters depression storyline. It's something that still isn't spoken about enough, especially the fact it happens to men too and a lot don't say anything, and it's been good to see it on such a big show and get it out there.

Essie Chinchilly - I used this for the first time a few weeks ago after getting it in a christmas set on Amazon. It's a classic grey shade and just looks so pretty on. It's so quick to apply and actually took seconds to remove. Not that I needed to take it off for quite a while, I went a good 10 days with only minimal chipping which I thought was really impressive, without a top coat too. Definitely one to wear any time of the year.

Nacho Feast - I am pretty sure I've included this in a favourites before but I don't really mind mentioning it again. I made this a few weeks ago, I make chilli all the time but I very rarely do this, I don't know why as it's easy and makes the same meal a bit different. Slimming World call this the nacho feast even though there are no nachos included, it's basically chilli in a dish with homemade wedges around the side, you then put it in the oven with cheese on the top and wait for it to melt. It's all one heap of chilli and wedges and it tastes amazing. I may have used a bit too much cheese in the one I've included above!

Thorntons Caramel Shortcake Bars - I am just obsessed with these. Thorntons do loads of little things like brownies, white chocolate caramel squares, caramel cake bars, and I've found a lot of them in Poundland and also Asda usually have them. I prefer all of these things by Thorntons to their actual chocolate which is what they're known for. They just taste SO good and I can't get enough of them.

Have you been watching any of these TV programs? What have you been loving this month?

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