Monday, 10 October 2016

Lush Christmas 2016 Wishlist!

I was so happy when I saw that Lush had brought out their christmas range but i'm trying to hold off getting any until we go away which is proving difficult! Every year they release the favourites like Golden Wonder, Father Christmas and of course Snow Fairy but they also always bring in a few new products and gift sets and this year to me looks like one of the best yet. 
All images from Lush.
One I didn't try until last year was the Father Christmas Bath Bomb but it's one i'm really hoping to pick up again this year or hopefully get a few for christmas! It has a really sweet fragrance and I remember thinking at the time how amazing it made the bathroom smell! It's only £3.75 so on the cheaper side compared to some others. The Golden Wonder Bath Bomb became a real favourite of mine last year and I managed to pick up a few in the boxing day sale so I held off using them for so long! I'm desperate to stock up on this one again, included in the ingredients are lime oil and sweet orange oil so a really refreshing scent and I love the colour it makes the water go, it's £4.25 but worth it. One I haven't tried but everyone raves about is the Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb! For a few years now people have been blogging about it and I've always missed out on it so I really want to get one of these to try, it's £3.95 and includes 'a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil' definitely sounds interesting! Never Mind The Ballistics £4.25, is another one i'm yet to try, i'm not sure if this is a new one for 2016 as I've never seen it before but I love the bright pink and orange colour of it so I imagine the water will go a lovely colour. It really reminds me of the Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil. It's ingredients include Organic Cocoa Butter and fresh banana which is supposed to soften your skin and the water. 
All images from Lush.
The one thing I love from Lush aside from the bath bombs is their body scrubs. I picked up The Rough With The Smooth scrub in the boxing day sale and even though I only got a few go's out of it, it made my skin feel amazing! So this year I want to try their Salt and Peppermint Bark which is £5.95. Back to bath bombs, one I have to get is Shoot For The Stars, £4.25. I think this might be my overall favourite Lush product, I look forward to getting it every year and again it's one I need to stock up on. The last two I'm hoping for are Mistletoe £4.25, which I'm sure I haven't seen before, it's so pretty! and Luxury Lush Pud £4.25, which is another one I've seen people go on about before that I've never tried!

Are you excited for the Lush Christmas range? What are your favourites?

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