Friday, 28 October 2016

Spicentice Burgers and Fajitas Kits Review*

A few weeks ago I was sent a box of spices from the lovely people at Spicentice. You might already know about them as so many people have been raving about them on Instagram, especially all the people on Slimming World so I was really excited to try a few of them and get making some new meals. I tend to get stuck in rut when it comes to meal planning and with following Slimming World, planning is key so I usually go back to old favourites, but it can get a bit boring at times. So, I was very impressed with the selection I received as it's meant I can try some things I would have never thought to have made!

Spicentice sell little spice kits which only contain 100% herbs and spices, meaning if you follow Slimming World the majority of them are syn free! They have a great selection to choose from and there really is something for everyone, all the spices come with a recipe card and a little shopping list so you already know what you need to get, an extra bonus. I was sent the Gai Yang Satay, Gourmet Burger Rub, Paella Fiesta, Persian Kofta, Fajitas, Chicken Korma & Chicken Tikka.
Fajitas is one of our favourite meals so that had to be the first one we tried! I fried off some peppers and onions in a pan and chucked in cooked chicken with some of the fajita seasoning. The chicken we had in the fridge had gone off so we ended up cooking some frozen chicken fillets/burgers and then sliced them up, but they still picked up the flavour and I was really happy with how it all turned out. We had it with golden rice, refried beans, sour cream (those two go together so well), wraps and we also made some cheesy nachos. The seasoning wasn't too spicy but there was enough to give it a kick which was good and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. There is still some of the seasoning left so I'll be using that next time we make fajitas!
The next night we decided to try the Gourmet Burger Rub. George loves burgers but we very rarely make our own, I just don't think I'm very good at it and they usually taste quite bland, so I was really excited to try this and see if it could change my mind! I used 250g of beef mince, 1/2 onion (fried until soft), a pinch of salt and the seasoning. As soon as I started making the burgers I could smell the seasoning and I already knew it was going to make a huge difference to the taste. I fried them and served them in burger buns with bacon and they tasted beautiful! I was so impressed with them and I would definitely want to use this little seasoning pack next time I make burgers, they didn't taste bland at all and actually it made them a little bit spicy which I loved as I like any spicy food.
I would definitely recommend both the Fajita Spice Kit (£1.99) and the Gourmet Burger Rub (£1.49), both made a difference to the meals, especially the burgers. I was sent quite a few spice kits so I'm going to make some new meals over the next few weeks and then I'll post another review, I can't wait to try out the curry kits!

Spicentice don't just sell spice kits, they also sell rubs and chutneys aswell as gifts! If are looking for something different to get someone for christmas, I really recommend checking out what gifts there are on the website, I know I would be so happy to get any of these! and all at reasonable prices too!

Have you tried anything from Spicentice?

Check out their website here. You can also get 20% off with the code INSTA20.

*I was sent a selection of products from Spicentice, as always I only work with brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog.

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