Wednesday 26 October 2016

Halloween Baking, Hocus Pocus & Trolls!

I didn't get chance to write any posts on Monday so just that one day has thrown everything off and I feel so behind! I still managed to get on and publish a post though, if you haven't seen that post it was all about The Best Nail Polishes For Autumn. Anyway, today I wanted to write about this past weekend as it was a really great one and I don't do many weekend posts anymore like I used to, I'm trying to make more of an effort to write about them, starting today! 

George had booked Monday off so we had his brothers for 3 nights and we had a really lovely weekend. I absolutely love it when they stay as we always watch a load of horror films and there's usually some baking involved, we always have a great time. On Friday before they got here I decided to make a cake, I always like to bake when people are coming round so I made my Easter Chocolate Cake (just changed the topping to chocolate buttons rather than creme eggs), everyone loves chocolate cake so that went down well and I think it's something I've perfected over time. That night I made a pasta bake, a recipe will be coming next month so I won't talk about that too much, but that's something I make a lot when they stay as it's a favourite - so much cheese! That night we watched The Strangers, I watched it years and years ago and I suggested it and I have no idea why as it was pretty scary. 
On Saturday we went to see Trolls and I loved it so much! We all enjoyed it and it was such a fun film. I would go and see it again it was that good, so many great songs in it too. Definitely one for all the family, regardless of age. We went to a few shops afterwards to pick some stuff up for that night and I finally found the Bath & Body Works candle dupes from B&M! I had been looking for so long and had basically given up, but on Saturday I found a load of them, I got the Brown Sugar one, blog post coming in a few weeks for that. That night we made a curry, we've had it a few times now when they've been and I think well have it next time too as it's just so good and we get lots of Indian snacks too. If just me and George are just having a curry in the week, I'll do a slimming world friendly one but weekends we go all out and have what we want so I just got some jar sauces from Asda and they taste so good, so cheap aswell. 
We watched The Conjuring 2 that night and then the next day we just had a really chilled Sunday eating food and watching films! They made me watch Hocus Pocus for the first time ever and we did some Halloween baking. I got a cupcake kit from The Range last month so we used that and it was really fun to all bake together. 
They went home late Monday afternoon so we just sorted the flat out and got it all tidy again! then we had a night catching up on strictly (well I watched that) the soaps, The Missing and Cold Feet. It was a great end to a lovely weekend. 

I'm glad I decided to blog about the weekend and what we did, hopefully they'll be more posts like this again soon, even if it's just one where we've had a chilled weekend in. Hope you you're all having a great week, another new post will be up on Friday!

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