Thursday, 30 October 2014

My Dream Wedding, inspiration from Pinterest #4


I mentioned in my first post about my dream wedding that I think we will probably go abroad or at least to a different city in the UK when we get married. So regarding the honeymoon, it all depends on where we end up choosing for the venue. I think if we decide to go abroad we will probably just extend our stay and that be the place where we spend our honeymoon or fly somewhere else after the wedding. I'm really not sure, I really like the idea of going somewhere like Greece to get married and as it was so nice the last time I went there I think I would be quite happy to stay for an extra week or so for the honeymoon.

If we decide to go to Gretna Green in Scotland, which I think is the most likely at the moment, we would probably spend some time there as it seems like such a nice place and then maybe go onto another country for a week. I definitely think we would want a few days to explore.
Images taken from Google.
I think it all depends on our situation at the time, I definitely want to go somewhere hot but as we're not officially planning anything just yet, I think we'll just decide where nearer the time.

Have you got a dream honeymoon in mind?

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara...

I know quite a few people have been raving about this mascara for a while now and rightly so, I absolutely love it so thought it deserved a proper review on my blog. I bought this mascara just over a month ago now as I really wanted something different and thought this one looked perfect. I had seen the Rimmel adverts for it and also had seen positive things about it on a lot of peoples blogs, I kind of knew it was going to be good.
The thing that attracted me to this mascara the most is that it is made with Argan oil. This ingredient is in a lot of products now and I always hear great things about it but I did wonder what it could do a mascara and how it would benefit you. It states that it will leave your lashes feeling soft and conditioned, I agree that my lashes do feel soft and they definitely don't feel weighed down or heavy, with some mascaras you can really feel that you have something on your eyelashes and you notice it all day. With this you don't have that feeling that you have layers and layers of product on your lashes. To be honest, you don't need layers of this anyway.Though it does have a clump free formula meaning you can apply more layers if you want too and your lashes won't stick together. I love this about it, I like to have really defined lashes and you can get that with this mascara. I already have quite long lashes but I do feel like this only extends them even more! The ultra flex brush has super soft bristles so it just glides on, there is no heavy brush covered in product. I find it a lot harder to apply mascara well and clump free with a really thick brush so this one was perfect.

Aswell as all of this I also love the packaging! I haven't seen a mascara with this sort of copper/bronze tube, not that I can recall. It looks different to any mascara I have had before and I like that it is quite simple, you don't really need all the fancy packaging anyway!

Have you tried this mascara? If so, what do you think?

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Weekly Favourite #7

I had been waiting for ages to order something from Asos and last week we finally got round to it! I love the clothes they have online, everytime I look they have new things and it just seems to get better. I could spend so much money on their site, I do wish they had a store though so you could try things on there and then! 
Me and George both needed a few new things so we spent quite a lot of money so we could both get what we wanted. The great thing about Asos is that they almost always have some sort of sale on, at the minute you can get upto 70% off certain items meaning a lot of things are cheaper than many other highstreet stores. I picked 4 things but one just didn't look right so that is getting sent back, I did do well with the other things I ordered though.

I love the Inspire Popcorn Jumper which was £14.99, it fits perfectly and is so comfy. It will be great to wear now the weather is getting colder. I think the Inspire Floral Print Tunic £19.99 is totally my style and I don't have anything like it at the minute. I love the colour and I just think it is a really pretty print. The last thing I got which is now sold out is the Cami with Pleat Hem which was £15. I think this is great to wear for a special occasion and also Christmas would be a great time too. 

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Beech's Fine Chocolates Review*

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent some products from Beechs Chocolate to try out and review for all of you. I have loved everything I have tried in the past from Beechs so I was sure I was going to love whatever they sent me, and I was right! 

I received the After Dinner Mint Creams and the After Dinner Mint Crisps. Instantly I knew I was going to like them, I love mint flavour chocolate and I have been known to sit and eat quite a few after eights in one sitting. These were honestly just as good and it was hard to stop eating them! Obviously I shared these with George and he had the same reaction as me and he isn't normally too bothered about these kinds of chocolates, so they must be good! 

The After Dinner Mint Creams combine delicious dark chocolate and English Mitcham Mint Oil which make for the perfect evening treat. The flavour is quite strong so you can't eat too many at once but that does mean they will last you a little longer than a normal box of chocolates might. I love these because they have a lovely cream fondant centre and they taste so refreshing. Though the peppermint flavouring is strong, it isn't overpowering and you get a really nice taste from the chocolate. You can tell that the best ingredients have been used and they are of a high quality just like the many other products sold at Beechs. 
The After Dinner Mint Crisps impressed us also and again you can tell the best ingredients have been used. These are wafer thin dark chocolate rectangles which are filled with small crunchy bits and have a lovely mint flavour just like the chocolate creams. These were a lot bigger than I expected and a few of these is more than enough at a time, perfect with a cup of tea! The dark chocolate which has been used is just so nice! These definitely have more of a chocolate flavour but are just as nice. 
Overall, I am really happy with both of these boxes of chocolates, they were so so tasty and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase some in the future! Aswell as the taste, I also really liked the packaging. I think these are a great sized box for the price and the colour just reminds me of Christmas! Speaking of that time of year, I think these would be great as presents or as a little treat on Christmas day when everyone is full from the turkey!

The Mint Creams are available for £3.99 and the Mint Crisps are £3.75. The kind people over at Beechs have given me a 10% discount code for all of my readers in case any of you want to head over and purchase some chocolate. The code is - BFC04061410.

*I was sent a selection of products from Beechs to review, I only feature products I feel are relevant to me and my blog

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

No7 Makeup Wishlist...

After featuring a No7 lipstick in my weekly favourites a few weeks ago, it got me looking at all of the other products they have at Boots and now I have a list as long as my arm of all the things I want! I thought I would put together a wishlist and maybe soon I can purchase some of these lovely things.
Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Quad in Chocolate Fondant.

Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Totally Teal.

Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer in Chilli. 

Moisture Drench Lipstick in Siren. 

Moisture Drench Lipstick in Waterlilly. 

Colour Calming Primer Green.

Perfect Blend Trio Concealer.

Natural Blush Tint Powder in Coral Flush.

Perfectly Bronzed Bronzing Pearls. 
Have you tried anything from No 7? If so what do you recommend?!

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Monday, 20 October 2014

My Dream Wedding - Inspiration from Pinterest #3

#3 - Food. 

We both love our food so when we plan our wedding this is going to be something that we really think about! I think we are both quite sure that we would want some sort of buffet instead of a sit down meal. It is very formal and we are just not like that and with a buffet you can have so many different things and hopefully there would be something for everyone.
For the cake we have said before we would love a huge cheesecake! I could eat cheesecake forever. Seriously it would be amazing if we could get that but if not we do love chocolate cake so I am sure that would be just as good! 
All images taken from Pinterest.
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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Weekly Favourite #6

This weeks favourite is a little different, it isn't a beauty product or anything to do with fashion, food and all the other things I blog about. It is this gorgeous little animal called Shade. 

I have mentioned her on my blog before, she is Charlie and Alfies (Georges brothers) cat and she is just adorable. I seriously missed her so much while we were in Leicester and now we're back I can see her all the time! Even when we move house we won't be that far from her. I sound like a crazy cat lady now. But she is just so lovely. She has been jumping on our bed and laying with us and sleeping outside our room just waiting for us in the morning, I just want to cuddle her all the time. 
How cute is she? 

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Date Night and Mini Next and Primark Haul..

Last night me and George went for a meal and some shopping at Meadowhall. We haven't been for a meal in a while so it was a really nice treat and also nice to spend a little bit of money on some homeware things for our new place. I definitely wanted to get a few things to take with us just to make our new house feel a bit more homely. We do already have loads of things that we had in the flat but its nice to buy more to make it feel a bit different. 

We decided on the Bar and Grill Coal for our meal and it was such a good choice. We hadn't been there before so was unsure of what to expect but we weren't disappointed. We started with a bread board which was just amazing. Bread is my best friend. I then had Chicken Schnitzel which is chicken coated in breadcrumbs, wrapped in Serrano ham and stuffed with cheese. It was served on a bed of spinach with chips. I did like it but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I don't think I would get it again but the presentation was amazing. George had Pork Medallions with green beans, mushrooms and potato gratin. Oh my god, this was amazing. I will be ordering this next time we go! The potatoes were just beautiful. 
I bought some things from Primark and Next, two of my favourite places for homeware so I had to show you the gorgeous bits they have in at the moment!
From Primark I got two little candles which are just so pretty. Will be perfect to display even when the candle has burnt out. I also loved the wooden heart to hang up on the wall in the living room along with the wicker one. From Next I saw this picture which was featured in a previous post and it was only £5 which I think is great. I also spotted this little plaque with a nice saying on which I thought would go nice in a kitchen or the hallway. 

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Chinese Sweet & Sour Pork Recipe...

George made this for me a few weeks ago and I was so impressed. It was something we hadn't tried before and I found it on the Slimming World website, they have so many good healthy recipes so definitely check it out. We seem to be finding so many new meals to make and this has been one of the best ones. I've halved the recipe as there was only two of us and we had to change a few things. 
2 pork loin steaks
Salt and Pepper
1/2 onion, thinly sliced
1 red pepper, deseeded and sliced
1/2 tsp cajun seasoning
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
1/2 tbsp cornflour
2 tbsp tomato puree
1/2 tbsp white wine vinegar
2 tbsp soy sauce
75ml chicken stock
200g dried egg noodles

1. Place a wok or large frying pan over a high heat. Trim fat off the pork, season well and cut into strips. Add to the hot pan and cook through
2. While the pork is cooking, chop the onion and pepper. When the pork is cooked, add these to the wok and give a stir
3. Leave for a few minutes. Meanwhile in a bowl, mix the white wine vinegar, cajun seasoning, garlic, cornflour, tomato puree, soy sauce and stock. Add the mixture to the wok and reduce heat to low and leave to simmer and thicken
4. Cook the noodles according to pack instructions, when they are done, drain and add to the pork mix. Stir and serve
Do you like making a stir fry? It's not something we have often so this was a really nice change!

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

From Leicester to Sheffield...

I thought I would do a little update for you all because quite a few things have changed over the last few weeks!

So I am no longer in Leicester! We made the hard decision to move back to Sheffield. The reason we have moved is because it was actually getting unbearable in our flat. As I am sure you know because I have mentioned a few times, I chose to leave uni earlier on in the year and since then I have really struggled to find work meaning money was quite low. We were living off what George had and as you don't get loads when you're in uni, it just wasn't enough. For some reason nobody wanted to take us on in Leicester, trust me we tried. 

It was at the point that we just couldn't do anything. We were never going out and it was affecting our health. I have mentioned before on my blog that since I left uni I have been struggling with anxiety, due to so many things that have happened over the last few months. I have times when it gets really bad and then other times I'll be fine for a few days. As we were so unhappy my anxiety was getting really bad, I couldn't cope anymore. As we had both been thinking about coming back to Sheffield for a while, we really started on the job hunt. Luckily within a few weeks George had managed to land a job! We will actually be okay for money now which is such a good feeling, I hate worrying that there isn't enough for rent or food and now we don't have too! We are currently staying with George's family, this is completely temporary. We are aiming to be out by Christmas, maybe even next month if its possible. We should be able to rent a nice little house and I am so excited! We already have some viewings arranged! Things are finally looking up and I can't wait to get buying new things for the home and look forward to all of the other things we are going to be able to do now. Another thing that is great about being back here is that there seems to be so many more jobs here for me. This didn't seem like the case a few years ago when I was looking but I suppose now I am more qualified for a lot of things. Though we still have a lot going on in other areas of our lives, this is something that seems to have gone to plan for us. Its about time! We have had a crap few years. 

I can't actually believe how quickly this has all happened. We decided last week to come back, George had an interview and got a job and now we're here! 

I am definitely glad I have plenty of blog posts waiting to be published as everything has just been so busy and I was worried I would fall behind with it. I am going to try and get a post out every other day as I just find so many things I want to talk to you all about though if that isn't possible, there will be at least a few a week until things are a bit more settled. 

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Braving The Bold Lip...

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am loving wearing a bold lip at the minute, though it has took a while for me to get there and feel comfortable with it! I am quite a shy person so for me to use something which might make me stand out a little bit more, though in no way I am special to look at, scares me quite a lot. I see so many girls braving the dark shades all the time and I have always wished I could try it and look like them but I have realised that I just need to do what suits me and slowly incorporate new things into my daily make-up bit by bit and if something doesnt look right, I know for next time! I know for a fact most of the things I see on other people just wouldn't suit me, I know my own style but there is nothing wrong with taking a bit of inspiration from a look you've seen and improvising it and making it your own. That is what I have tried to do with the Bold Lip. 
When I first knew I wanted to try it, I did have a little read online to see if there was any tips or tricks to it and I am so glad I did. I found Essie Buttons Autumn Get Ready With Me, as I mentioned in my Weekly Favourite #3 and she mentioned when applying a dark lipstick to use a make-up brush and add a small amount first. This way you can build it up if there isn't enough or leave it if you are happy with the result and want quite a subtle look. She also suggested dabbing with your fingertip and blending it in and then adding a gloss on top if you want too. I followed this and I think it turned out okay! I also spotted a few tips on 

1. Stand out with your pout. 

If you prefer red, pink or fuschia, there is a bold colour for everyone, even the shyest of girls. Depending on what looks good with your skin tone, choose a hydrating formula lipstick that has staying power. I chose to use the No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in the shade Classic Rose. It was too dark for me when just applied with the stick but I used Essies tip and used a makeup brush and applied a bit at a time. I agree with this point that there is a colour for everybody, I might venture out and try a few other darker shades soon but for now this one is perfect!

2. Minimise the eyes. 

When rocking a bold lip, it is essential to balance it out with minimal eye make-up. Use a little bit of liner, mascara and if you are using eye shadows, go for softer colours. This way your lips really stand out and are the main attraction! I am really not somebody who wears a lot on their eyes, some people just pull off the smoky eye or the classic nudes but I am so awful at it. I look like I have two black eyes, this is down to just not practising enough and not having the correct techniques. It is definitely something I want to learn how to do though, one step a time! I have just started to branch out with my foundation/bronzer and now the lips so I don't want to do it all at once. I just stick to mascara and sometimes liner on my eyes but I would like to get a good nude pallette soon to start me off and maybe one day I can do the smoky eye with no problems! If anybody can recommend any great palettes that would be so helpful!

3. Use a highlighting blush.

There is nothing worse than using a blush that is too dark or the wrong shade for the look you are going for. When wearing a bold lip during the daytime, skip the dark blushers and go for a sheer blush which could also be used as a highlighter. A blush that has a slight sparkle and sheen to it will give you enough shimmer to accentuate your lip colour without overdoing it. Cream and powder blushes are both perfect for pairing with a statement lip. I would definitely like to get some sort of highlighting blush soon, for now I just use a normal nude/pink shade and it does the job for me. I am really not wanting something too special but I would like to get a nice highlighter to just give me a bit of shimmer and add to my overall look for the day. 

Are you brave enough to rock the Bold Lip?

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Weekly Favourite #5

Weekly Favourite number 5 had to be one of my new Real Techniques products - the foundation brush!
Just a few days ago I received my order of Real Techniques brushes and already I am just so amazed by them. I have only used them once but just once is normally enough for me to know whether a product is going to be good or not. First impressions really do count. 

I ordered the Core Collection and the Blush Brush. I am going to do a full review of both of these in a few weeks time but I wanted to include the Pointed Foundation Brush as this weeks favourite. 

I had been wanting some really good makeup brushes for a while and I knew that if I was going to treat myself and buy some, I was going to do it properly and get a proper set which can start of my collection. I wanted to get brushes that I would actually use and I knew that this set had everything including this foundation brush. Obviously I had brushes like this before but this was a lot smaller and because of that I was worried it might be harder to apply and blend in my foundation. I couldn't be more wrong, it was only better! 

I put a pump of foundation onto my hand and then took a bit at a time to cover each part of my face. I then used the brush to blend it in. The great thing about this brush is that you can really get into any creases e.g. around the nose and eyes. I had heard that these brushes make your makeup go on a lot easier and make your skin look flawless. I was a little sceptical but I can now say that exact thing, my skin looks great! It really worked when trying to hide any marks or blemishes on my skin and I felt like my skin didn't feel as heavy after i'd applied the foundation. Before i'd sometimes feel like my makeup wasn't blended in properly so it feels heavy throughout the day. That shouldn't happen again now I have this amazing brush! Along with the rest of the set which is just as good. 

I could rave about this all day but I don't want to bore you so i'll leave it at this for now and do a proper review soon!

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Friday, 10 October 2014

My Dream Wedding - Inspiration from Pinterest #2

Last week I started off this series of posts each focusing on a different part of my dream day. If you want to catch up on last weeks you can read it here. The second post of my dream wedding is all about the dresses.


I think I already have quite a clear idea of the dress I would like, this could change over time though, I can be quite indecisive sometimes! I know I definitely want some sort of lace on my dress and maybe even on the shoes too. I just love how it looks, so elegant and classic yet different to plain white dresses.
All images taken from Pinterest.
I would love the whole dress to be lace but if that doesn't suit me I would like to try it on sleeves, whether these be long sleeves or just thick shoulder straps. I think most people loved Kate Middleton's dress and I love the sleeves on that. I think it really suited her and lace looks good on the majority of people. I will definitely be trying some dresses that are different to just strapless ones. I also love the look of a sparkly belt around the waist. I think this would be great if you don't have much detail on the dress but want something to make it look special. I actually really love my waist, it is quite tiny and I want to accentuate that if I can in my dress. 
All images taken from Pinterest.
I love the back detail on this first dress, it is unique and I like the way the bottom of the dress just flows down to the ground. The second and third picture are very different to each other but I love them both. I think the detailing of the sleeves on both of them is just so pretty. 
All images taken from Pinterest.
I think the shoes are going to be the tricky part for me. I just can't walk in heels, I try and I either fall or end up walking so so slow. It just isn't worth the trouble sometimes! I do love the look of these two pair of heels though, they're just beautiful. I am not tall so I do need some sort of heel on the day, i'm worried a long dress will just drown me so I need something to make me stand a bit taller. I do really like these lace flats though. They're so pretty! I would wear these any time, not just for a wedding! I'd definitely consider something like this because I just can't see myself being able to walk down an aisle without falling. 

Have you got a dress in mind for your big day? Next week I am going to blog about the food and the cake I am hoping for on the day so I hope you come back for that!

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lush Christmas Wishlist 2014...

I am sure many of you have seen that Lush have now brought out their Halloween and Christmas range, it is has been all over instagram and the youtubers I watch have started doing hauls on all the products which I just love! 

I have put together a little wishlist of the things I will be looking out for over the next few months. 
Snow Fairy is my favourite shower gel ever! I just love the smell of it which is Pear Drops and Candyfloss. It was featured as one of my weekly favourites recently which you can read here. It is available in different sizes so if 100g isn't enough, they offer a 250g bottle and a 500g, they also have a few other things in the Snow Fairy range. I love the idea of First Snow which you dust onto your skin leaving it looking as if it has little twinkling snowflakes on it! It has essential oils including sweet orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil. I haven't seen this before so i'm not sure if I have just missed it every year or if it is brand new! The Melting Snowman and the Dashing Santa are just cute and perfect for when you want to relax in a nice, bubbly bath!
I love the look of the Santa's Lip Scrub and the Santa Baby Lip Tint. The Lip Tint is so bright but that is perfect for this time of year. It is made with cherries and dates which makes it really sweet. It is also made with shea butter and carrot oil which softens and moisturises your lips! I haven't used a Lip Scrub before but I would quite like to purchase this. It is a moisturising cola flavoured scrub which leaves your lips buffed and ready for the lip tint or a balm. The Sparkler Bath Bomb is a little different to what I have seen before but it looks so good. It is a crackling and fizzing rose jam scented bath bomb which is great for October/November! I definitely haven't tried a bath bomb yet which turns the water such a bright colour!
Lastly, I am liking the look of the Sparkly Pumpkin and the Cinders Bath Bomb. The Pumpkin can be broken off into chunks so no need to use it all at once! It is so sparkly which I have a strong feeling may be lingering all over your skin when you step out the bath, but if you don't mind that or are going on a night out, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem. Cinders Bath Bomb is sweet and spicy inspired, it combines crackling vegan popping candy with cinnamon leaf oil. Great to add to your bath on a cold night. 

Are you a fan of Lush? What do you think to the Christmas and Halloween range?

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Quote #11

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Weekly Favourite #4

My Weekly Favourite number 4 is Snow Fairy! 
I know this shower gel is only available to buy from Lush around Christmas time but it is just so amazing and I suppose we're not too far off the holidays now! 

George bought me this last Christmas, as he has done for a few years now and I had just put it away and forgot about it! I was looking for a new shower gel to start using and luckily I found this, I think it is my favourite ever. It smells of candyfloss and pear drops so it is really sweet smelling and the colour is bubblegum pink. I think the whole packaging is really pretty and it does have a christmassy feel to it. I can see why they only sell it at that time of the year because it is such a good little present for friends and family. I currently have the 250g bottle but there is a smaller version and you can also get a little gift box which includes soap and a few other things too. 

I do wish they sold it all year round as I love it so much and I could quite happily only ever use this shower gel, but on the other-hand it is nice to have something to look forward to repurchasing or receiving as a gift each year!

Have you tried Snow Fairy?

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Friday, 3 October 2014

My Dream Wedding - Inspiration from Pinterest #1

I have mentioned quite a lot in previous blog posts that I can't wait to be married one day and I have decided to do a series of blog posts on this, each one focusing on a different aspect of my dream day. As I have been thinking about this day since I was about 10, I have so many ideas for it and after discovering pinterest a while ago now, they have only grown! I have a whole 'board' dedicated to weddings and I have over 400 pins now so you could say I am a little obsessed by it. There is no way I could possibly put everything down in one blog post that I would like and the things I have thought about so I am going to split it into 4 or 5 different posts. This being the first one will be about venues, the second about dresses, the third will be food, the fourth being honeymoons and I think I will end on a post about why I actually want to get married and why it will be so special to me. I know this sort of thing won't be for everybody and I don't expect you all to keep reading or come back for each one, I am doing this because I would love to have these posts to look back on when the day does arrive. 

#1 - Venues. 

I suppose when I have always thought of getting married, the obvious venue would be a church. I am not religious so I am not even sure if it would be possible but for a long time that is how I pictured it. That has now changed and I think I am pretty sure now that I just wouldn't want that. Me and George have spoken about the type of wedding we would want, it is topic of conversation a lot and we would both want a small ceremony with just a few people there. The idea of a church wedding has just gone out of the window, it may be for some people but I know it isn't for me. 

This may sound a bit silly to other people and for us it did start of as a little joke, but I now would seriously consider the idea of going to Gretna Green in Scotland, the place famous for runaway weddings. To be quite honest and blunt about it, we don't feel like a lot of people would want to be there, we don't have the best relationships with some people so for us this place would be perfect, we could literally go, just the two of us or take a few people with us, those who are happy for us and want to be there. I think it would be quite fitting to go there as the place is known for small weddings like this and being the place you go with just your partner. Sometimes I think we would literally go and get married without out even telling anybody or we could take a few family members or friends and celebrate with the people who mean a lot to us. Gretna Green accommodate and have different wedding packages based on what you want and the amount of people you are taking so there is something for everyone. I really like the Intimate Wedding Package that they offer and the Intimate Luxury Penthouse Ceremony Package. I would also love the chance to explore Scotland for a few days afterwards too, I went years and years ago but can't remember anything and it seems like such a nice place. 
Another option I really like the thought of is going abroad somewhere to get married. Again we could just take a few people and have a really intimate ceremony on a beach. I love the look of the Beach Wedding at Istron Bay in Crete, Greece. I love Greece and would be happy to get married there and also spend our honeymoon there! I've always liked the idea of going somewhere like Mauritius too, I follow somebody on Instagram who has just been on honeymoon there and it looks so beautiful! 
There's always a chance though we'll forget all of these ideas and just elope to Vegas?! Who knows!

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Autumn Tag!

I saw this tag a few weeks ago and I had to do it myself. Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons, I literally long for the rainy days and cosy clothes. I don't think anyone has to be tagged specifically for this but anyone who wants to do this, just copy the questions to your blog!
1. We're talking coffees - what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?
I really don't like coffee, if I have a hot drink it is always tea or sometimes hot chocolate. 

2. Accessories - what do you opt for? Scarves, boots and gloves?
I love wearing my boots during the winter, I don't even know where my gloves are! 

3. Music - what's your favourite music to listen to in autumn?
This is when Christmas starts getting close so all of the songs start getting played! I love Christmas songs so it really won't be long before I'm playing them quite a lot. 

4. Perfume - what's your favourite scent for this time of year?
I basically use any perfume I have, I don't really have seasonal ones, at the minute I am using a Body Shop one and I have loads left so I would imagine that will be my go to fragrance. 

5. Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?
I really want to get the Fireside Treats Yankee Candle, it smells so good and I think it is the perfect autumn/winter scent. I also think Soft Blankets Yankee Candle would be nice for this time of year too. 

6. What do you love most about autumn?
 I am applying this to winter too but I love the heavy rain and occasional snow when we get it, I just love rain for some reason and I love being able to hear it from my flat when I am all cosy at night! I love wearing warm socks and a dressing gown to bed too because it is so cold! 

7. What are you looking forward to most in autumn?
I love when you really know autumn is here and all the leaves fall, it starts getting colder and the weather turns. As I have just said rain is my favourite and I am sure we will get a lot of it in the coming months. 

What do you love about Autumn?

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