Thursday, 27 April 2017

Anatomicals Review*

Last week I received a lovely little package from Anatomicals to review and blog about. Anatomicals are a skincare brand who sell products for your face and body, all in quirky and out there packaging which I just love! They sell a whole range of products ranging from body cleansers, haircare items to facial moisturisers and so many more things. 
I had seen Anatomicals online quite a few times and always loved the look of them, their packaging is just the best! but I had never got round to buying anything so I was so excited to see what all of these products were like. I was sent a selection of products to review and all of them I've been really impressed with.

Face Masks - The first of all the products I wanted to try was the face masks! My skin can be a bit sensitive so I was a little worried if they might react badly but every product from Anatomicals has been fine on my skin and I really had nothing to worry about. The first one I tried was Anti-Blemish one. My skin has been so bad the last few weeks and I was in desperate need of something to sort it out. I only ended up using about half this sachet and that was plenty, I left it to dry for 10 minutes then washed off and afterwards my skin honestly felt so soft. It also felt just as good the next day and I really did start to see in an improvement in my skin. A few days later I tried the Tropical Hydrating Face Mask as I'd had an awful nights sleep and really needed waking up, I thought this would really refreshing and it was. This was so nice because it contains coconut water along with papaya and pineapple extract to cleanse and also cocoa seed butter and soybean extracts which leaves your skin feeling so soft. I used half of this and left on 15 minutes before washing off. I really did feel a bit more alive and awake when I washed this off! The last thing I tried out of these three was the Apricot Scrub. I love using a scrub on my face as I always feel so clean and fresh afterwards. This was just amazing. I expected it to be a clear scrub but it was almost mud like which I quite liked as I could really see where I was applying it and I properly covered my face in it. I love rubbing this into my skin and I just felt like I was really getting rid of anything bad on there if that makes sense. After I washed this off, my skin felt incredible! I think this is my favourite of the 3, I can't even put into words how soft my face felt.
Deep Conditioning Hair Mask - I had never used a hair mask before until this one, but I'm so glad I had this to try. My hair is in awful condition and I really don't think I look after it very well so this was very much needed. First of all it smells incredible! It has a really strong scent of coconuts which I love because it lasted even after washing it out, for hours. I used this in between my shampoo and conditioner and just really rubbed it in making sure all my hair was covered. I then left it for 5 minutes then rinsed out. Normal conditioner makes my hair feel soft and nice but combined with this, it felt the best it ever has. I could tell it had really done something and it just made my hair feel so silky.
Help The Paw Hand Cream - I love a good hand cream and this one is no exception. It's just like any other hand cream really, leaves your skin feeling soft and clean and has a really nice scent to it. It's a perfect size so can go in your handbag to use when you're out or at work, or it could be left in your bathroom to use after you've washed your hands or on your bedside table which is where I'm planning on keeping mine.
Snog Me Senseless Mints - I love anything minty so these were such a perfect little addition. I always like to carry round chewing gum or mints when I'm out as you never know what you might eat or drink and I love having that minty fresh breath. One of these was enough for that lovely mintiness so these are going to last me ages! These will be perfect to keep in my pocket when we're away next week.
No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel - I never really apply anything around my eyes but over the last week these have actually been a bit of a saviour for me. When I've had a bad nights sleep, which has started happening quite a bit again recently, I wake up feeling awful and my skin just feels horrible, especially around my eyes. I've been putting a little bit of this gel under my eyes and gently rubbing in each morning and it has been so refreshing! A few dabs of this does the job and it rubs in really well, it didn't feel sticky in any way, just woke me up a little and made my skin and eyes feel so awake. I love this.
I absolutely love every single thing I was sent, and I wouldn't just say that. I'm so glad I got to try some of their products out, they were all so kind to my skin and the face masks and eye gel especially were so refreshing and just made my skin feel really nice. I briefly mentioned at the start of this post their packaging but I've got to say it again how much I love it. It's bright, colourful and out there and I love the words on each one. When I first took everything out the bag they arrived in, I had a good laugh at the hair mask one. I love how unique it all is and it just stands out from a lot of other skincare brands. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase Anatomicals products in the future, I've been so impressed. If you want to try anything out, check out their website here and you can also buy on Asos and Superdrug, brilliant prices too!

Have you ever tried anything from Anatomicals? If you have, what did you think? Do you love the packaging like me?

*I was sent a selection of products to try out, I geuinely love everything and only work with brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Some Sort Of Quarter Life Crisis...

I wanted to talk about something that I've seen a lot about online recently - the quarter life crisis. I first read about it in a magazine last month and since then I've seen blog posts on it and so many articles online and I've found I've related to everything that I've read. The quarter life crisis, as it's says on wikipedia is a period of life ranging from twenties to thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about their own lives, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult. I'm sure they'll be a few people who've just read that and instantely like me, thought yep I'm having a quarter life crisis, and they'll probably be others who think this blog post is just stupid, but I'm genuinely just stuck at the moment with everything and really don't know what I want to do with my life.
I don't really know where to start with why I'm feeling like this and I don't really know where this post is going, sometimes I just need to type and get everything out even if it doesn't really make any sense. I've been feeling a bit lost for a while, but especially the last few months. I always try to have a plan in place, I like routine and I like knowing whats ahead but at the moment I'm all over the place. I was in a good routine with work last year until it all went wrong and since then I've kind of just been going through life waiting for something good to happen. Because everything that happened with work was because of stress and anxiety, I knew I was in no way ready to just start looking for another job, I decided last year I was going to start looking in March 2017, I had hoped by then I might be a bit more myself and have my anxiety under control. How wrong was I. I'd say at the moment my anxiety is on par with how it was when it first started in Leicester and it was horrific then. Some days are better than others and on those days I feel like I can do anything but a lot of the time I just either want to stay in bed or it's a struggle to do anything. 

I'm doing what I can to get help for my anxiety but it's a long journey and unfortunately not as simple as just asking for help and been seen by a councellor within a week, and thats what is frustrating me at the moment. I want to work, I want to earn money, I want to have nice things, I want to go on holidays, I want to have a house, but all of these things require me getting a job and I'm actually really pretty angry that my anxiety is stopping all of that, because until that is under control I am really not mentally ready to go back in to work and I don't know when I will be. I see so many people that I know having babies, buying houses, getting a car, getting dogs, going on nice holidays and then theres just me and I have none of that. I'm not trying to sound ungrateful for what I have, I have a lovely little flat, I have an amazing fiance who would do anything for me, we have money, we go on a few weekends away each year, but I never feel like its enough. I'm always just waiting for the next thing and I always feel like even though I do have a good life, it's nothing compared to some people. I hate that I even say that and I compare myself to others, social media is evil for that sometimes but I can't help it. I know that once I get back into work we can have those things, we can finally go on holiday together, we can finally rent a house, we can finally get a dog, but it's the not knowing when those things are going to happen that is getting to me. And it's not even just that, I have no idea what job I WANT to do! Even when hopefully my anxiety is under control and I'm in a better place mentally to go back into work, I don't even know where to start. Some days I think maybe I should go back to uni? Train to be a teacher or something? It's always been something that has interested me but regardless of my anxiety, do I really have the confidence for that? probably not. Should I go back into an office job? I enjoyed my last job when it came to the actual work and I was bloody good at it, but it's finding one in the first place and not everywhere is going to be as small as the last place I was at and I don't do well with loads of people and big teams. Should I just hope I can turn my blog into my job? I would love to call this my job one day but it's unlikely to ever happen, there are so many bloggers out there who are better than me and earn so much more than I do from my little blog. I'm so proud of my blog at the moment, I actually think it's the best it's ever been but I don't do this for money, I do it because I love it, and would it be the same if this was my job? I don't know. So what else is there? Socially I'm not that good so I could never work in somewhere really public so I feel pretty limited. I just honestly have no idea what to do with my life and it's getting me down. I know I'm only 22 and I'm aware that is SO young but I've always felt mentally about 30 so for me, having a house and a car and having kids doesn't feel like it should be a million miles away, I'm ready now and it's so annoying knowing I can't have those things yet while everyone else around me can. 

I've also been thinking recently that I just don't even want to live in Sheffield anymore. I'm completely re-assessing everything and what I want, and I don't know if being here is that anymore. If you've read my blog for a while you'll know we lived in Leicester for a while and as much as we both loved it, Sheffield was always home. Now, I find myself thinking more and more about Leicester and how that is actually home. That's where we should still be. I don't know whats really here for us anymore, George has such a good job and that would be the reason at the moment we wouldn't move back or elsewhere but apart from a few family members and friends, there's nothing keeping us here. We both feel so seperate from so many people and it's just a bit sad sometimes being in the same city and feeling so alone. We love that it is just us two most of the time, we're a proper little team but at times like Christmas and Easter it's quite obvious a lot of people don't give us a second thought, and that's pretty shit when you haven't really done anything wrong. It's just us two and so why should we stay here? I can guarantee most people wouldn't even notice if we moved, let alone care or stay in touch. I don't know, it all probably sounds stupid but I just don't know what the right thing is anymore.

I'd like to think one day I'll look back on this post and laugh because everything has got so much better, but part of me wonders if this is just how my life is supposed to be, okay but nothing compared to most. I don't know, do you ever feel like your having a bit of a crisis? Are you ever not sure where your life is going? I think I'm just a bit all over the place at the moment and I'm really hoping things start to look up soon because feeling like is and seeing so many good things happening to others on social media, is just draining. 

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Giveaway Haul...

Last week I found out I'd won a giveaway I entered on Kirstys blog, I never win anything so it literally made my day! I'm not sure if many people normally do a post on what they won in a giveaway, or not that I've seen anyway but I love everything so much and I really wanted to show you everything she sent me! First of all if you haven't already go and check out Kirstys blog because it is so good, I've included the link at the start of this post. I look forward to her posts everyday and her photography is just #goals!
So, the first thing I got was two 2 discount codes, one for Adam & Eco and one for BuyWaxMelts. They're both the same company but they sell different things on each site. From Adam & Eco I got the Bath Bomb Gift Set Box for just £5. This has 6 mixed bath bombs in and is just perfect. I adore having a hot bubble bath and I tend to get bath bombs from Lush but they can be a bit pricey so really 6 for just £5 is a bargain. From BuyWaxMelts I ordered loads and loads of wax melts for my burner that we have in the living room. I got two mixed gift boxes, each has 9 wax melts in. It was £3.50 for a box of 9 or £5 for two boxes so I went for two, you can never have too many can you? As a little extra I also ordered a Cherry Bakewell wax melt and a Caramel Shortbread melt, I wasn't sure what would be included in the mixed boxes and these were two I knew I wanted and they were only 40p each! I'm sure I'll do a full blog post on these at some point, I'm so excited to use everything.
Everything else that was included in the giveaway arrived on Friday and there was:

- Spongedry by Basic Beauty Tools
- The Body Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel and Satsuma Shower Gel
- 2x Notebooks
- Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm
- Garnier Face Mask
- 6 Wax Melts

I honestly love everything and just feel so lucky that I won because things like this don't happen often to me. The Body Shop is one of my favourite stores and I am always stocking up on their shower gels so I can't wait to add these to my stash, the Fuji Green Tea is one I'm currently using anyway and it smells so good. Everyone needs notebooks and I am obsessed with these two! They are so cute and will definitely make a good photo prop until I find something to use them for! I'm excited to use the facemask and the lipbalm, my skin has been so bad the last few weeks after been really clear for ages which is annoying so I can't wait to have a proper pamper night and use this. I'd not heard of the Spongedry until Kirsty posted a review a few weeks ago and it sounds really good so I can't wait to get using that, I'm sure that's something I'll do a blog post on at some point. Lastly more Wax Melts which smell amazing! I know I've just ordered loads with my voucher but I'm still looking forward to using these, I have candles on all the time so I love how many I'm going to have now!

I'm not sure if this is something many people will be interested in but I really wanted to write about everything I got as I love it all so much! Look out for a few blog posts in the future of some of the things I won, I'm really excited to try everything out.

Have you tried any of the things I've mentioned?

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Monday, 24 April 2017

Goupie Chocolate Review*

A few weeks ago the very kind people at Goupie sent me some delicious chocolate to try out and review. Goupie is basically a delicious and very moreish chewy chocolate confection which has a hint of crunch and is topped with fine dark Belgian chocolate. I thought it sounded amazing and something I would love, and luckily I was right, I have become a bit obsessed with these!
Goupie are all about delivering flavour but from the beginning they wanted to make sure it was affordable and that the product was always the priority, making sure it's tasty and appeals to everyone. Goupie actually first started over 50 years ago and is a genuine family recipe which I think is really lovely. Janet Simpson refined the original goupie into a whole range of yummy flavours, which are all made by hand and cut into triangular pieces. Some of the flavours you can get aside from Original are:

- Espresso
- Cherry and Almond
- Chilli
- Cardamom & White Chocolate
- Lavender and White Chocolate
- Ginger
- Date and Walnut
- Mint
- Lavender and Dark Chocolate
- Orange
- Hazelnut

I was sent the Original and the Mint, both of which I was so excited to try! I love anything Mint flavoured, so I was really intrigued to see how these would taste!

The first I tried was the Original which I actually think tastes really similar to Tiffin which I just love so much! Tiffin is basically like Rocky Road just without the marshmallows, and I'm pretty sure it's also known as or is similar to Biscuit Cake and I thought the texture of these was really similar to that. Chewy and Crunchy. I loved the flavour of the chocolate these are coated in, it's dark but it's definitely not bitter or sharp which I find with some dark chocolate. These were so moreish and I found myself eating one after the other! 
I was so happy to have received the Mint Goupie to try because I am obsessed with any sort mint chocolate! It's one of my favourites and something I reach for all the time. I loved these because they had a strong peppermint flavour but it wasn't too much, if that makes sense. I find sometimes mint chocolate can be a bit overpowering but these were perfect. I think these are the perfect after dinner treat as they're not too heavy and filling but fill that need for a sweet treat that I always get at night.
Aswell as the taste of both of these, I also love the packaging! I love that it's quite simple but stands out and I know I'd be drawn to these if I saw them in a shop. I think these are the perfect size aswell and you get a decent amount of chocolates in each box for only £4! These would make perfect gifts for people at Christmas and birthdays. I always like to get people a box of chocolates for both occassions but I'm always stuck with what to get and I hate getting the same for people year after year so I know I'll definitely be looking for these again in the future. They're just a bit different but I think they have a flavour everyone would like. I don't think I could pick between the Original and the Mint as they were both so nice and I know I'd buy them both!

Overall I was really impressed with the boxes I tried from Goupie. Both flavours were delicious and I loved how unique they were to all the other chocolate I'm used to! If you want to try anything from Goupie, check our their website here. You can order chocolates online or you can check your area on the website to see if anywhere near you stocks them!

*I was sent two boxes to review, I only ever work with brands relevant to me and my blog.

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