Friday, 22 September 2017

Billion Dollar Brows - Universal Brow Pencil Review*

I've had two reviews up for KLM Beauty over the last few weeks and todays is the final one, all about Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil. If you've not seen my other reviews, I have one about Australian Bodycare Skin Wash which you can find here, and also Microcell Nail Repair Kit, which you can find here. I think out of all the products I was sent, this is the one I was most sceptical about, just because I don't really ever use brow products and I wasn't sure if I'd be any good at using it. I've actually really enjoyed using it though and I couldn't wait to write about it!
Billion Dollar Brows are a company that want to help you achieve the best brows, they completely shape your face so a product like the Universal Brow Pencil can make such a big difference. What's interesting about this pencil is that is can be used by anyone, it's known as the brow pencil for all hair colours. This takes away the struggle of finding a brow pencil that's right for you as it's formulated to work with all skin tones and hair colours. I have quite dark brows so I wasn't sure if this would end up being too light for me and it did look a little light when I first removed all the packaging but it was actually perfect for me and took me totally by surprise!
This brush aswell as having the pencil at one end, also has a spoolie brush attached. I love little eyebrow brushes like this as mine can be quite thick and unruly and they do tend to need brushing through before I apply any makeup. Little spoolie brushes like this are just fab for taming any unruly hairs and generally making them look a bit neater! When using this pencil, I brushed through my brows first then I applied using a few hair like strokes to wherever I felt needed filling in a little bit. I then brushed through again with the spoolie to properly blend. I really liked the look this gave and it just made a nice, subtle difference to my brows! I didn't want them to look too drawn on and filled in but this was really natural and actually really easy to use. I like applying makeup to be as stress free as possible and one of the reasons I've never tried a brow product before really is because I just though it would be so time consuming and loads of effort, but this really wasn't.
Something I really like about this pencil is that it's actually got a retractable pencil so it never needs sharpening! It's such a pain when I go to use a product like eyeliner or lipliner and find it needs sharpening, for some reason I can never find one so I have to struggle to apply it! Luckily that won't happen with this as you can just twist the tip of the pencil and more of the product comes out. Also with this, you really don't need a lot so it will last ages! 
This has just been such a good addition to my makeup bag and I'm really glad I've found a brow product that genuinely interests me and works! It costs £17 which is pricey for just one product but it's definitely worth trying. Aswell as having a positive experience myself, I've only heard good things from other people about it too!

If you would like to find out more about the Universal Brow Pencil or any other products Billion Dollar Brows do, check out their website here!

Have you ever tried any products from this brand before? What's your go to eyebrow product?

*Product sent for this review, as always I only work with brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Why I'm A Little Addicted To Pinterest...

Pinterest is one of my all time favourite things to go on and I spend more time on the app each day than I'd like to admit! I first signed up a few years ago and since then I've kind of just become a bit addicted to it. If you've never used Pinterest then it's basically another social media site, you can promote yourself on there so it's great for sharing blog posts but it can also just be used for fun and for 'pinning' all sorts of pretty things! You can set up boards on there so I have several, for example -  my dream home, recipes I want to try, quotes, my dream bakery and one all about getting married. I have loads and I just pin all sorts of images, wedding dresses, interior ideas and just things like that really. So I thought I'd do a little post all about Pinterest and just why I love it so much as I do spend so much time on there!
So Many Boards - I briefly mentioned some of the boards I have at the beginning, but I literally have loads. I have something for everything and on there I can plan a wedding, find new meals for the week, envisage my dream home, and just so much more. I love pinning loads of wedding related things as there are so many beautiful pictures on there, even the stuff I know I won't be having and don't really want, I still loving pinning it! I also love sharing quotes on there. Sometimes I just find so many relatable ones on there and I go looking for ones on there to share on my other social media sometimes, especially if I'm having a down day or need to find something that expresses how I feel without going off on one. You can just find all sorts of pretty images and can literally plan your whole future in one place.

It Keeps Me Occupied - I could spend hours and hours on Pinterest, once I start I can't stop. It really does keep my occupied and I just love spending that time on there searching for all sorts of different things rather than just scrolling through Instagram and Twitter over and over. I also love to go on it if I'm feeling a bit stressed or anxious, it really takes my mind off things and just keeps me busy for a while.

Can Connect With Other Bloggers - It's generally just another social media platform so I love following other bloggers on there. It's only really in the last year or so that I've noticed other bloggers using it too and now I follow loads! I love seeing what images they share and pinning some of their stuff, it's just nice to build up a following on there too aswell as my other social media. If you do want to give me a follow, you can find me here and I promise I'll follow back!

It's A Place To Promote Blog Posts - Following on from my last point, it's a brilliant place to share blog posts. Some people take it really seriously and have their pinterest as a business account, I'm not sure how to do that and I don't think I want to, but it really is an amazing platform for so many people. I have a board with my blog name and any blog posts I post are shared on there with the main image from the post. I'm also part of a few blogger groups on there aswell so I can share my latest posts that way too and other people can find me. I've not noticed loads of traffic to my blog from Pinterest but it's just nice to share stuff over there too and any one who sees one of my posts and comes over to my blog, is a bonus!

It's Not As Much Pressure As Other Social Media Platforms - The main thing for me I suppose is that it just really doesn't feel as much pressure as my other social media does. I find with Twitter I get conscious of tweeting too many of my blog posts and it looking spammy and annoying. I feel pressure to tweet normal stuff everyday but I'm quite boring and don't have much to say, so it is a lot of pressure sometimes. With Instagram I feel like I need to post everyday otherwise I lose a ton of followers and it's definitely the one causing most stress for me at the moment! With Pinterest I know I can go on when I want and can pin what I want, no pressure at all. It's just really enjoyable and one I've loved for such a long time now.

So I'm just a bit addicted to it really and that's why! I'd love to know if you've got Pinterest and if you enjoy it aswell? I'm always looking for new people to follow too so leave me your link and I'll give you a follow.

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Nail Repair With Microcell*

The second review for KLM Beauty and today it's all about Nail Repair With Microcell. I've done one review so far for KLM Beauty, that being the Australian Body Wash which you can find here, and I'll have a final one at the end of the week so keep a look out for that. Out of all the products I was sent, I think these were the ones I was most excited about, just because I do my nails all the time!
Microcell are now regarded as a worldwide expert for the treatment of hand nail problems. They sell a range of products which have all been formulated with active ingredients that work together to tackle a variety of different nail and skin problems. As I'm always looking for new nail products to try, I really was excited by these! I was sent the Microcell Try Me Kit which includes a Nail Repair, Nail Polish Remover, Nail Wonder and a Nail Polish.

The first product I tried out of them all was actually the nail polish remover. I paint my nails all the time, I can't stand how they feel without something on them so I used this to remove any polish that was already on my nails. It worked really well and didn't take much effort at all. I like doing my nails to be as quick and easy as possible so this was a really fab little product to use. I've used it every time I've done my nails over the last month or so now and everytime it's been so effective and left my nails feeling really clean and fresh.
The next product I tried was the actual nail polish that was included. It's a gorgeous dark purple colour, such a perfect shade for me and so like many of my other nail polishes. I couldn't wait to try this. As it's a darker colour, it was a little tricky to apply, I find that with most of my darker shades though to be honest, but after a little neatening up it looked gorgeous on! It really is such a beautiful colour, two coats of it was perfect and with a top coat I found it lasted well over a week. It's only a small bottle so I probably won't get loads of use out of this but it really is going to be perfect for the autumn and winter months.
I then tried the 5-in-1 quick drying top coat. This is supposed to be a colour refresher and a smoothing filler and it's also supposed to protect against peeling and chipping, and protect against aggressive influences and dehydration. I very rarely use a top coat, I just never think to repurchase them when I've ran out so I was really happy this was included. I've used this every time I've painted my nails over a good few weeks now and it has been incredible! It has made so many of my nail polishes last so much longer than usual, including the purple one above, and there has been minimal chipping with them all. I find with a lot of my nail polishes they can chip within a few days so this has made a massive difference. I will definitely be carrying on with this and buying in future as out of all the top coats I've used, this is the only one that has really worked.
The last product I tried out of them all was the Nail Repair. I bite my nails a lot and given that I paint them all the time, they probably aren't in the best condition but I'd still never tried a product like this before. This is a treatment which has been designed to rehabilitate weak and brittle nails in only 2 weeks and it can help with splitting, tearing and growth. The way this is used is that you apply one layer on two consecutive days, and on the third day you remove it with the nail polish remover. You then repeat the treatment for 2 more days and carry on for 2-3 weeks with the whole process. With this I've genuinely found my nails have been a little bit stronger than usual. They are usually quite prone to breaking at the ends but I haven't noticed that as much over the last few weeks and they really have grown! I'm now using this as a base coat as I've done the whole process over a few weeks and it's working really just as that for now too.
I really am so impressed with this whole kit from Microcell. I was definitely a little sceptical at first just because I have my favourite nail brands but this really has been brilliant. The top coat especially, I just can't get over how good it is, it's been nice to have my nail polish actually properly lasting for a good amount of time!

The nail kit is currently £14.99 instead of £36, available here, so if you're into nails I definitely think this is worth getting while on offer!

*Product sent for the purpose of this review. As always I only feature brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

My Evening Routine...

I've contemplated doing a post like this for a while but I've just not been sure how to go about it. That was until I read the lovely Hannahs post recently and I thought that I'd just give it a go and write about what happens most evenings. I'm going to do mine a little bit different to Hannahs and others that I've read as I'm going to include making food and things like that, and I'm going to write about what I get up from about 6pm onwards. I find posts like this so interesting so I hope you do too and I'd love to know what your evening routine is like!
Make Tea - So I don't normally get started on tea til at least 6pm unless it's a roast or a slow cooker meal. I don't know why but now I love having an evening meal around 7.30pm when Coronation Street is on and then getting cosy afterwards. I find if I eat tea any earlier than that, then a few hours later I'll be so hungry again and that's when I reach for the chocolate which definitely isn't good for me. If I can, throughout the day I'll prep everything for the meal and then when it comes to cooking it, it should require very little effort! Even better if it's a slow cooker meal as I can chuck all that in around 2pm and then leave to cook on high for about 5 hours and not have to do much else.

Quick Clean and Tidy - After eating, I have to get everything clean and tidy. We have an open plan living room and kitchen so if the kitchen is a tip, I can see it from the sofa and it makes it so much harder for me to relax! I like to get any pots done pretty quickly after eating, give the kitchen a quick clean, and then I find I can just enjoy my evening and it also means I don't have to worry about any of that either just before bed or the next morning.

Skincare Routine - I don't have much of a skincare routine but each night I do like to use a few products so I thought I'd mention them. At the moment I'm using my trusty garnier micellar water to remove any makeup which I've very nearly ran out of and I'll then cleanse with my Newtons Labs products. A few times a week I also try to use my SensseGo Mini Facial Brush. I reviewed this recently and find it so enjoyable to use so every few days I'll add this to my routine. As I'm in most days now I tend to have a shower in the day but particuarly in winter I love a bath or shower after tea, getting into some fresh pyjamas and then getting cosy on the sofa. This would when I'd do my skincare routine too.
Catch up on TV - No evening of mine would be complete without catching up on some TV. I try to watch the soaps each night, Coronation Street is a must and obviously Eastenders and then afterwards me and George will settle down with a show of ours. At the moment we're watching a few different things - Once Upon A Time, Doctor Foster and Tin Star. I do love reality TV aswell though so a few nights a week I have to put TOWIE on. I'm still a little bit sad Big Brother is over as I was obsessed with that this summer!

Facemask - Usually one night during the week or a saturday night I'll do a facemask. I've become a little addicted to them recently and just love the experience of applying them, letting them dry and then having to either peel or wash it off. I find it so much fun so try to do one each week. At the moment I still have a few Superdrug ones to get through but after that I definitely want to get some of the Garnier Moisture Bomb ones though I have heard mixed things about them! Let me know if you recommend any other brands to try. Some nights I'll also then paint my nails and have a proper little pamper.
Blogging & Scheduling Tweets - Each night before bed, or when we're watching something, I'll check I've scheduled tweets for the next day, and if not I'll make sure to get some sorted. I'll also go through all my social media and catch up on any blog commenting or instagram pods. Some nights I also like to get some blogging done if I'm feeling motivated. 

I try to go to bed around 11pm most nights but if we're properly stuck on a tv show then it can end up being later than that. Most nights vary to be honest, and because of my insomnia I can then end up spending hours catching up on youtube or doing some late night blogging. These are the sort of things I get up to each night though from about 6ish so I thought it might be interesting to share!

I'd love to know what your evening routine is, and what sort of stuff you get up to. Do you have a proper skincare routine? Have you got any TV shows you recommend?

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