Thursday 29 November 2018

Missguided Babe OUD Review*

Following on from yesterday's post where I shared a review of the Butter London nail polishes I was sent from Sparkle PR, today I have a review of the Missguided Babe Oud perfume that they also kindly sent last month. I'm a huge perfume fan, I have several bottles on my bedside table at the moment that I'm trying to get through, so this has been a welcome addition!
Missguided Babe Oud perfume, christmas props
Missguided have launched several perfumes recently but it's taken me quite a while to get round to picking any up for myself. I just always thought of Missguided as a fashion brand so I didn't realise for a long time that they had actually ventured into the beauty world too but they are currently taking it by storm! They have 4 perfumes at the moment and all have been so popular - Babe Power, Boss Babe, Babe Oud and Babe Dreams. I've actually been using Babe Power for a while now and it's become a firm favourite so I was thrilled to receive Babe Oud to add to my perfume collection.

The first thing I wanted to mention is that I love how the Missguided perfumes capture the essence of what the brand is about - being fun, daring and bold. They each have a completely different scent so there really is something for everyone to use and enjoy. Out of all of the perfumes they've recently released, Babe Oud was the one I'd not heard much about but I've been pleasantly surprised!

As with any perfume, for me the bottle is extremely important. As much as the scent is the main priority, I also want the bottle to look pretty and be something I can be happy to have on my bedside table, is that a little over the top? I don't know, I've just always been like that when it comes to perfume but I just adore the bottles of these perfumes. Babe Oud like the other three is a can shape bottle which I think it makes it stand out from all of the other brands at the moment. I've never seen bottles like this before. It's simple but unique and the colours they go for are always stunning. I love that this is classic black with rose gold text and the box it comes in is sleek but again, stands out for all the right reasons.
Missguided Babe Oud perfume packaging
Onto the scent which is always the most important part. Straight away I noticed how different this was to Babe Power which is very sweet. This is a much deeper fragrance that has a real middle eastern aroma. Top notes are baies rose, bergamot, lemon and orange with dashes of red fruit and neroli. The heart of the fragrance marries geranium with jasmian, oud, black pepper, roses and saffron with a leathery quality. Finally the base notes are amber, cedar, patchouli and cedar.

I love patchouli in a perfume or room fragrance so I was really happy to pick up on that in this but I love the fruity scents that hit you one at a time too. The citrus zing you get from the lemon and orange is lovely and it really does linger on your skin for hours which is so nice. Every single scent works together so well.
Missguided Babe Oud perfume
I just can't stop using this perfume. It really is a divine scent that lingers all day and I always feel so good when I'm wearing it. I've been struggling to choose between this and Babe Power when it comes to choosing a perfume for the day.

This would make the perfect gift this Christmas as would any of the Missguided perfumes. Babe Oud is currently £27.50 at The Fragrance Shop and there are also gift sets available too so it's well worth a look in the last few weeks before Christmas.

Have you tried any of the Missguided perfumes?

*Product sent for the purpose of this post

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Wednesday 28 November 2018

Butter London Nail Polishes Review*

I'm such a nail polish fanatic. I have a huge collection full of my favourite brands like Essie, Rimmel and Nails Inc just to name a few but I'm never going turn down the opportunity to try more. I was thrilled to receive a few Butter London nail polishes from the lovely Beckie at SparklePR and as I've been trying them out for a few weeks now, I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts.
Butter London - Toff, Tea With The Queen, Steady On
Butter London are a brand I'd heard of before but never got round to trying so I was incredibly excited to finally have a few of their products to add to my beauty stash. Butter London was founded in 2005 by Sasha Muir and since then they've been at the forefront of fashion. Their nail lacquer shades are created with some of the world's top fashion designers, bringing on-trend colour to life on the catwalk and in their products. The three products I was sent to try out were - Tea With The Queen, Toff and Steady On.

Tea With The Queen

I'm starting with Tea With The Queen (£15) because it stood out to me straight away. All of the colours I received are beautiful but I love anything peachy so this is the one I got to using first. As you can see from the photo it's a gorgeous peach, almost a light coral shade and whilst that's not necessarily something I'd usually choose in the Autumn and Winter months, I've not been able to stop wearing it. I think it's a really sophisticated colour so can be worn at anytime, especially if you want a subtle shade for work. I applied two coats of this and got well over 10 days with only minimal chipping which is so impressive! I hate having to re-do my nails all the time because within days the polish is coming off but I've not had that issue with this at all. I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this over the next few months into Spring.
Butter London - Tea With The Queen


Next up is Toff (£15), which is a shade similar to what I've been reaching for since Autumn started. Not only do I love the name, in fact I love the names of all the polishes from Butter London, they're so quirky, but the bottle itself looks so high end. I love the mirror lid and with the logo on the front too, I just think it's look really luxurious and would certainly make a nice, little gift this Christmas. I'm not really sure how to describe the colour of Toff as it's so many things - at times I see more of a mauve shade from it and other times it's more of a soft plum shade, but either way it's just a gorgeous purple that's perfect for this time of year. I find this looks really glossy when it's dried which I like and like with the polish above, it lasted incredibly well. You can tell this is a chip resistance formula and I've also noticed when using these polishes that my nails have been breaking less and have felt far stronger which can only be a bonus.
Butter London - Toff

Steady On

The final shade I've been trying out is Steady On (£15) which is very much a stone, light grey colour. I don't often go for colours like this but it's another one I think is ideal for work or if you just want a subtle shade that won't stand out but will look chic too. Like all of the other Butter London polishes, I applied two coats of this and I found this gave the perfect coverage along with a top coat. The brushes fit your nails so it really doesn't require too much time of effort which I am all about! Something I've found with these nail polishes is how salon-like they feel. From the bottles to the the gel-like formula and the superior shine they give overall, they feel very high end and they've been a real treat to use as it might not necessarily be a brand I'd think to pick up otherwise.
Butter London - Steady On
These three nail polishes from Butter London have been such a pleasure to try out. I'm pretty sure I'll get lots of use out of all three, each are perfect for different times throughout the year and all just look stunning on. If you want to pick any up for yourself, they are currently available at Feel Unique, Marks and Spencers, Boots and Look Fantastic.

Have you tried anything from Butter London?

*Products sent for the purpose of this post

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Tuesday 27 November 2018

Mini Film Reviews #1 - Crazy Rich Asians, The Incredibles 2 & More

I've been getting through so many films over the last month or so. In Autumn and Winter, I love nothing more than a cosy night in, it's the perfect excuse to get wrapped up in a blanket so George and I have been watching absolutely loads. I do a few posts each year with mini reviews of the films we've seen at the cinema but I've been wanting to do something similar for the films I've seen at home but until now I've just not really known how as sometimes putting them in a monthly favourites doesn't do some of them justice. I'd noticed the lovely Jenny did a few mini film reviews in one post a couple of months ago so I thought something like that was the best way forward, make sure you give her post a read too as there are some fab films included! I'm going to give each film a rating out of 5 so let me know if you've seen any of them too and if you agree!
Crazy Rich Asians, Finding Your Feet, Juliet Naked, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, The Incredibles 2

Crazy Rich Asians - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I'm starting with Crazy Rich Asians as it's genuinely one of the best films I've seen this year. When it was first released at the cinema I'd not heard much about it so we didn't get round to seeing it but I watched the trailer a few weeks ago and knew it would be one I'd enjoy. Well it didn't disappoint at all! It's about Rachel Chu who accompanies her boyfriend Nick Young to his best friends wedding in Singapore. On this trip she finds out Nick's family is actually extremely wealthy and he's considered one of the country's most eligible bachelors. She soon has to content with a flurry of jealous girls, quirky relatives and the worst thing - Nick's disapproving mother. It was just absolutely brilliant. So funny at times but also heartbreaking at others, and all the way through I was just willing for someone to stand up to Nick's mother and for him and Rachel to be happy. I'm actually desperate to watch it again.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom - ⭐⭐⭐

I'm really not sure what I was expecting with this film but it kind of disappointed me. The Jurassic World films wouldn't usually be my sort of thing anyway but I did really enjoy the 2015 film with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. The sequel Fallen Kingdom is set three years after the destruction of the theme park and Owen and Claire return to the island to save the remaining dinosaurs from a volcano that's about to erupt. I don't know why but I just found myself pretty bored throughout and it just didn't live up to my expectations based on the first film. It's definitely not the worst film I've ever seen, I think the cast were brilliant and I'll watch the next one but I wouldn't be in a rush to see this particular one again. Also the trailer totally hypes up Jeff Goldblum but he's in it for like 5 seconds which is a bit disappointing.

Finding Your Feet - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Finding Your Feet was a film I'd been wanting to sit down and watch for quite despite it not looking like the most exciting film in the world. I think that's why we watched so many others before it but it was actually a really beautiful film and I'm so glad we got round to watching it. It's about 'Lady' Sandra Abbott who discovers her husband of 40 years has been having an affair with her best friend and how she has to move in with her estranged sister, Bif. The two of them couldn't be more different with Bif being an outspoken, free spirit, serial dater but that's just what Sandra needs. She joins Bif at her community dance class and it's there she starts finding her feet. With a wonderful cast including Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie, Timothy Spall and Joanna Lumley, honestly it's just lovely. It's hilarious at parts but it makes you feel so much for each character at different times. It has quite a heartbreaking ending for one of the characters but don't let that put you off. Just a brilliant British film.

Juliet, Naked - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I watched the trailer for this absolutely ages ago so I was thrilled to finally see this recently. I'm a big fan of Chris O'Dowd and Rose Byrne and as they were both in Bridesmaids too, I couldn't wait to see what this film would be like. It just looked really interesting and a little different to your usual romcom. Annie is stuck in a long term relationship with Duncan who is an obsessive fan of rocker Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke). When an acoustic demo of Tucker's hit record surfaces, it leads to a life-changing encounter for Annie with the rocker himself rather than Duncan. I just adored this film, I really didn't expect to love it as much as I did. I actually like that the trailer doesn't really give too much away and actually that the film kind of follows a different path than the one you might be lead to believe. Whilst I thought the film would be very much about Annie changing her mind on Tucker Crowe and kind of falling for him in a way, I definitely didn't expect it to be such a nice love story and to actually to end up hating Duncan, Chris O'Dowd's character so much! It's just a lovely film, all three of the main actors are excellent and now I'd love to read the original novel.

The Incredibles 2 - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The film everyone had been waiting for. I do like the original Incredibles, though I'm probably not a mega fan like a lot of people seem to be. I was excited for the sequel and given how long it had taken to be made, I had high hopes and I ended up being really impressed, I actually think I prefer it to the first. In the sequel, the whole family of superheroes are back but it mainly focuses on Helen. Bob is left at home to look after the kids which is tough given baby Jack-Jack's superpowers are starting to emerge, then a new villain arrives who hatches a dangerous plan meaning the whole family and Frozone must work together. Whilst it's another film I wouldn't rush to see again, I didn't feel let down given the long wait and I do think they came up with a great story. There is a part with Violet though that just thinking about it makes me laugh so much, it was hysterical.

Have you seen any of these films? I'd love to know what you thought of them too!

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Monday 26 November 2018

Pairfum Pink Grapefruit Reed Diffuser Review & Giveaway*

Making sure our home smells gorgeous at all times is really important to me. Of course everyone wants a nice smelling home but honestly I'm obsessed with buying candles, room sprays, reed diffusers, you name it. I just want it to feel cosy and welcoming each day and those things really help with that, so I was thrilled to receive a beautiful reed diffuser from Pairfum recently!
Pairfum Reed Diffuser
Despite the amount of different brands I try out for the best smelling products, I'd surprisingly not heard of Pairfum before. Now I know though that Pairfum are a brand that offer sophisticated couture perfume for us as individuals and our home. They sell a range of natural products such as room fragrance, boutique perfume and skin care, all of which are made in the UK with pride and passion.

The product I was sent was one of their Classic Reed Diffusers and I chose the scent Pink Grapefruit. There are absolutely loads of scents to choose from including - Black Orchid, Innocent Vanilla, Pink Lavender, Pink Powder & Violet and Cedar Noir just to name a few. It took me a while to decide but I love sweet and fruity scents so I thought grapefruit would be perfect. 

The first thing I want to talk about with these reed diffusers is the packaging. I think it's so pretty and would make a lovely gift this Christmas, maybe for anyone you know who has recently moved or is really into their homeware. I think they look luxurious and chic so if you want to impress, something from Pairfum is definitely worth considering.
Pairfum Reed Diffuser Packaging
The reed diffuser itself is a really decent size with a 100ml of the concentrated perfume oil and 10x natural, extra-long and strong black reeds. They are supposed to last from 3-5 months which I think is absolutely brilliant! I love having reed diffusers around our home but I often find the ones I tend to buy run out so quickly and before I know it, they need replacing. Luckily this one is really long-lasting so it's not one you have to worry about re-purchasing again and again.

The bottle itself is stunning too, with a luxury glass decanter with frosted design and a decorative chrome collar. That's why I think it could make an ideal gift, it really stands out compared to more plain reed diffusers I've tried in the past and it's sure to look beautiful in any room.
Pairfum Reed Diffuser close up
So, now onto the actual scent which is the most important thing. Again, I've found with products like this in the past it can be hard to find one that's actually going to have a good scent pay-off and it's going to spread around the home. Well there's no need to worry about that with the reed diffusers from Pairfum. As soon as I took this out of the packaging I got the strong pink grapefruit scent and it really did fill our whole flat even though I'd found a home for it in our bedroom. 

Whilst grapefruit can sometimes be quite a fresh and zingy scent, this is also really sweet which is exactly the sort of fragrance I'd usually go for. Citrus cents are always my favourite and this is just perfect as it has a nice mix of lime, mandarin, jasmine, lily and patchouli too. What I like about this is whilst it is strong enough to evaporate around the whole flat, it's not too powerful meaning we're constantly taking it in if that makes sense. It's just a subtle sweet hit each time you walk in the room but it's not so strong that it becomes unpleasant which has happened with other products in the past.

I've been incredibly impressed with this natural reed diffuser from Pairfum over the last few weeks and whilst they are definitely pricey at £25 each, available from Amazon, they really are high quality and feel very high end. From the packaging, to the bottle and most importantly, the scent, overall it's a lovely product that would look gorgeous in any home.
Pairfum Reed Diffuser Bottle and Packaging


If you would like to win yourself one of these beautiful Pairfum reed diffusers worth £25, follow the instructions below, and GOOD LUCK!

Win Pairfum Natural Reed Diffuser #1

Have you tried any products from Pairfum before?

*Product provided for the purpose of this post

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Friday 23 November 2018

Christmas With Soap and Glory*

Every Christmas Soap and Glory are a brand I can't resist. Whether I'm on the lookout for presents for other people or if I just want to treat myself a little, their gift sets are always at the top of my list, and this year is no exception. I'd had my eye on a few bits this year anyway but then a package arrived from Soap and Glory themselves as I'm part of the #babesofglory squad containing some of their new festive releases! So, I thought I'd put together a little Soap and Glory gift guide so I can share the things I received and also some of the other beauty bits which I currently have my eye on! By the way if you haven't already seen, I've been posting gift guides all of this week so if you're in need of some extra inspiration, I have one for women, one for men, and one dedicated to all things food and drink!
Soap and Glory Merry Kissmuch, Beauty Full House, Glitz The Girl

Beauty-Full House*

I was sent three products from their festive range and whilst I love them all, I think my favourite has to be the Beauty-Full House. I tried a few S&G make-up products a couple of months ago (their lip plumping gloss is one of the best inventions ever) and ever since I've been desperate to try more but I just didn't know what to go for. Luckily this has a few of their bestselling products including the Thick and Fast Mascara, a mini Crazy Sexy Kohl Eyeliner and a limited edition Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss in the shade Stardust. I think this is such good value for money at £10. It's a great little starter kit for teenagers wanting to get into makeup or for those who have just not been sure which products to pick up to add to their makeup bag.
Soap and Glory Beauty-Full House Gift Set

Merry Kiss-Much*

This is such a perfect stocking filler. The Merry Kiss-Much gift set is £6 and contains two of their mini makeup marvels including a Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss and a Crazy Sexy Kohl Eyeliner. Soap and Glory do absolutely brilliant lip products so I would get this just for the lip gloss alone, it's a stunning colour too! This is another set that is great for younger teenagers or if you just want to treat someone to something special without breaking the bank. I love the funky packaging too.
Soap and Glory Merry Kiss-Much Gift Set

Glitz The Girl*

The final product I was sent is the Glitz The Girl set which is currently £8.50. This is ideal for beauty lovers as it contains a Spectaculips Matte-Allic mini lip gloss, a mini Crazy Sexy Kohl Eyeliner and a fab face glitter. I mean, could it be anymore perfect for the festive season? Look at the gold! This is definitely a little out of my comfort zone as I'm more of a nude lipstick girl but these are going to be stunning for Christmas day. What I love about the Soap and Glory gift sets is how each year they bring out such a variety. Of course products like their body butters and scrubs are always going to be a winner so I love that each year they bring out a new scent or do something a little different but this year I've been so impressed with their actual makeup too. I love that this year there seems to be more choice than ever when it comes to the makeup sets which is just perfect for us beauty bloggers!
Soap and Glory Glitz The Girl Gift Set
Here are a few other beautiful gift sets I've spotted at Boots which you might want to consider for the festive season. The prices are brilliant whatever your budget might be, you'll find gifts for just £5 and others that go up to £60 if you really want to splash out!
Soap and Glory gift sets
Just The Highlights, The Zest Of The Times, Scent-Sationalism, Naughty But Spice, The Mask Force, She's So Lippy, Make Your Smooth, Let's Get Fizz-A-Ball
Are you a fan of the Soap and Glory Christmas gift sets? How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping?

*Products marked with a * are PR samples. Affiliate links used in this post

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Thursday 22 November 2018

A Festive Day Christmas Shopping & Visiting The Manchester Christmas Markets!

It was only a few weeks ago in my '4 things I'm looking forward to this Christmas' blog post that I mentioned that I was incredibly excited to visit some of the Christmas markets and last week we managed to venture to our first of the year! We've been fond of the Manchester Christmas markets in particular for years now, it's where we got engaged 4 years ago and apart from last year, we've tried to make a visit every November. As George has been working flat out recently, some time off was very much needed and it was the perfect chance to take a day to go back and really get in the festive spirit.
Manchester christmas market - the santa on the town hall
When we arrived, before heading straight to the markets we started off with some Christmas shopping, something that I get so excited for every single year. Whilst of course it's nice to receive presents, I am all for buying for others. I get so much joy out of it and I start planning so early because I just want everyone to get something special. I think I'll always be like that, it's just one of the best things about this time of year for me. Pretty much everyone's presents are sorted now, all the cards are written and I've even started wrapping them so I feel very organised at the minute. We took the time for a festive Costa too which was heaven. We very rarely go for coffee dates or anything like that so when the Christmas drinks come out, you have to take advantage. I usually hate coffee but every year I go for their Gingerbread Lattes, George tried the new Hazelnut Latte and we also couldn't resist the chocolate yule log. It's made me want to try and make my own again now 🙊We also had to visit our favourite shop in the Arndale, the Lindt store. It's like chocolate heaven. You could honestly go mad in there with the amount they have but I don't think we did too bad this time!
Costa coffee
Lindt store, Manchester Arndale centre
After quite a bit of shopping, we headed to the main market at Albert Square. It's the place to go in Manchester at Christmas time, there's the huge Santa and the stalls are always absolutely brilliant. This year is apparently the last year it will be held there for 4 years so if you want to visit, now is the time! It is being moved somewhere else but that just made us want to go back even more this year before it all changes. Anyway, when we got there we went straight for the food. The stalls that come back each year are incredible, the food is just insane - pork sandwiches, paella, patatas bravas, cheesy potatoes, sausages, mini pancakes, waffles, pretzels, you name it, they'll have it. This year we went all out and tried so much but wow, it was worth it! 
Manchester town hall, Albert Square
As the sun was setting when we arrived, it didn't take long for it to go dark and soon everything was lit up and just so christmassy. Christmas markets really are the place to go if you want to get in the festive spirit. Everywhere you look there are Christmas trees, decorations, warming food, mulled wine, just everything you could possibly need for the perfect Christmas day out. After picking up a few bits to bring home including the most incredible muffin - honestly one of the best things I've ever tasted, it was time to head home. Unfortunately the train home was absolute hell, I have never experienced anything like it and my feet took days to recover after standing all the way back, but it was worth it.
Manchester christmas market - santa on the town hall
Photo of me and George
Manchester christmas markets - donut pretzels
I'm so glad we found time to back this year. Whilst I'm incredibly excited to visit Winter Wonderland again next month, there's something really special about the Manchester Christmas markets and that quality time together was so needed. It was ideal for a festive date day so if you're not too far away, I really recommend trying to visit.
Manchester Christmas market at night
Have you visited any Christmas markets so far this year?

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Wednesday 21 November 2018

Food & Drink Christmas Gift Guide - 2018*

It's time for my final Christmas gift guide! I've been planning these posts for months and months so I'm a little sad they're all over with for the year now. If you haven't already seen, over the last few days I've posted a Women's Gift Guide and a Men's Gift Guide so make sure you give those a read for some extra ideas, but today it's all about food and drink! 
Food and Drink collage - Lifeplan Honey, Popaball, PG Tips, Elizabeth Shaw, Jelly Belly
Botonique Blush* - Most people are partial to a glass of bubbly over the festive period but as I don't tend to drink alcohol too often, I was thrilled to find Botonique Blush, a sparkling non-alcoholic drink to share with you. With a resemblance to the original Botonique Crisp Dry White, this has an overlay of strawberry, rose and bramble so provides us with a fruity alternative, perfect to enjoy on Christmas day. Whilst I do love a glass of classic prosecco every now and again, it can be hard to find non-alcoholic alternatives that do actually taste good and are affordable and that's what makes Botonique stand out. Botonique Blush has been expertly crafted by experienced wine merchant, Hilary Marsh who wanted to adhere to the growing demand for a great tasting alcohol free beverage and it's received such a positive response. If you know someone who deserves a treat but isn't a huge fan of alcohol, then this is definitely worth considering. The bottle itself is absolutely beautiful and it could even make a great addition to a hamper if you're putting one together. You can currently get 2 bottles for £15 on the Botonique website.
Botonique Blush Wine
Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates* - Ahh who doesn't love unwrapping chocolate at Christmas? Elizabeth Shaw are a fab choice this year, they do gifts so well and always at such affordable prices. The chocolates that always catch my eye when I'm shopping (and therefore have been bought several times) are the Mint Flutes. We do love mint chocolate in our home so each year we always get a box or two of these for the festive period. Rich dark chocolate with a soft mint fondant centre, heaven! If you want to think a little outside the box for someone this year then their Famous Names Signature Collection is a great choice. They are a bit of an acquired taste but if they love their spirits and liqueurs, they're sure to enjoy these. Decadent dark chocolate filled with spirits like Harveys, Teachers and Irish Cream just to name a few. Both of these aswell as a range of other delicious chocolate gifts are available in most supermarkets.
Elizabeth Shaw Mint Flutes and Whisky chocolates
Elizabeth Shaw Mint Flutes and Whisky chocolates
PG tips Personalised Gift Set* - You can't beat a cup of tea. No matter what the issue, a cup of tea and a few biscuits (okay, a packet) always chills me out and helps me relax. PG tips are the go to brand in our house, they make the best tea and we go through cups and cups each week at the moment. PG tips have recently released a Breakfast In Bed Gift Set for £11.99 and it's an ideal choice for any tea lovers you may know. This gift set includes a personalised mug with initials, a box of 40 PG tips pyramid tea bags and an egg cup. It's the perfect combination for those cosy mornings in bed at the weekend. I've said many times before how much I love buying personalised gifts for others so if you do too, this is something unique and thoughtful which I'm sure any tea lovers would be happy to unwrap.
PG Tips, cup of tea, biscuits
Jelly Belly Sparkling Jelly Beans* - For anyone you know with a sweet tooth, you have to consider the new Sparkling Wine flavoured Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly. Jelly Belly always have such an incredible range of flavours when it comes to sweets anyway but wine? Yes please! These are a perfect non-alcoholic treat ideal for Christmas, parties and even wedding favours! I can assure you these taste exactly like a glass of champagne with a light and fruity flavour and they look beautiful with their pale gold colour and jewel-like finish. These Sparkling Wine Jelly Beans have all the flavour of the real thing but in cute, petite packaging. They've been designed to look like traditional champagne bottles with gold embellishments and I just think they're a perfect little stocking filler. You can currently buy a 3 pack of these for £12 from the Jelly Belly website.
Jelly Belly Sparkling Wine Jelly Beans
Lifeplan Honey* - We go through honey so quickly in our house! George absolutely loves it so we seem to forever be buying more. The Lifeplan Rainforest Honey is ideal if you're putting together any foodie hampers or if you know someone who is a big breakfast fan, this is great for adding to porridge, cereal or even tea in replacement of sugar. This Active Rainforest Honey, derived from Chile, is a natural active honey that whilst may taste delicious, also has many uses for maintaining good health. For beauty lovers, you could use it as part of a natural face mask, add a drop or two into your bath for uber-soft skin or you can even spread directly onto skin to alleviate conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It's incredibly diverse so could make a lovely stocking filler for many people. It's currently priced at £4.99.
Lifeplan Rainforest Honey
Carluccios* - When I think of Carluccio's I often think to their restaurants, their amazing pasta and that divine bread basket but they actually do a range of wonderful Christmas gifts. Biscuits and chocolates galore, they are definitely one to consider for something a little luxurious this Christmas. A box like the Gianduiotti Selezione Torinese £14.95 which is full of milk, dark and white hazelnut chocolates is brilliant if you want to treat someone to something a little different this year. And for those who love a biscuit with their cup of tea, their Pasticceria Piemontese £9.99 has everything you could possibly want. They even have stocking fillers! Baubles full of chocolate Santa's are a great addition to hampers and won't break the bank. If you really want to spoil someone this year, look no further than Carluccio's for those special gifts sure to put a smile on anybody's face.
Carluccio's chocolates, biscuits and stocking fillers
Carluccio's chocolates and biscuits
Popaball* - Whilst there's nothing wrong a classic glass of bubbly on Christmas day, something to jazz it up a little is Popaball! The particular pack I was sent from Popaball are the new pineapple bubbles but they have such a range of flavours, there really is something for everyone to enjoy. These bubbles can be added to cocktails, pitchers and cordial so are great for many occasions. Sip or bite on the bubbles and they'll provide an intense burst of flavour each time. It's such a strange sensation at first but once you get used to it, it really does add to your drink and it's just such a fun way of spicing up a normal glass of fizz. The pineapple bubbles are currently £3.49 but they have lots more to choose from on their website including rose gold shimmer, bubbles for gin, passionfruit, vodka bubbles and more. A unique little gift this Christmas!
Popaball pineapple bubbles
Popabll Pineapple bubbles
Peters Yard* - The final brand I wanted to talk about is Peter's Yard, another great option for festive hampers or to just stash away for a boxing day feast. Peter's Yard make delicious crispbreads that can be enjoyed for a number of occasions and they're all free from anything artificial and are naturally low in fat. This makes them great for the health conscious who still want to eat reasonably well over Christmas, as you really don't feel you're missing out on anything. There are a range of products available but some of my favourites are the Mixed Selection Box £6.95 which is great for a dinner party, the Pink & Black Peppercorn Crispbreads £2.95 for cheeseboards and the Sea Salt Sourdough Bites £2.95 which are good for dipping! You can find out more and see the other ranges available on the Peter's Yard website.
Peter's Yard Crispbreads flatlay
Peter's Yard Crispbreads
So that's it for my 2018 Christmas gift guides! I hope each one has been useful if you've been struggling for ideas this year, I've tried to roundup the very best that's out there. 

Are you all sorted for Christmas yet?

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Tuesday 20 November 2018

Mens Christmas Gift Guide - 2018*

Following on from yesterdays Women's Christmas Gift Guide, today I have one for the men in our life. Men tend to be extremely hard to buy for, I struggle every single year and not only at Christmas, but for birthdays and anniversaries too, I just never know where to start! I've spotted some brilliant products this year though so hopefully this is going to help you out a little if you're at a loss with what to buy.
Collage - Next aftershave, movie poster, games console, shoe kit, notebook
Dobell Travel Shoe Care Kit* - Dobell are a great choice for any upcoming events. They sell a range of affordable wedding suits, tuxedos, accessories, gifts, outerwear and more that won't break the bank yet still look stylish and high end. I actually reviewed a pair of wedding shoes for George last year and they have been so impressive, lasting incredibly well. One thing that stood out to me this year for Christmas was their Travel Shoe Care Kit. It's £24.99 and it contains brushes, shoe polish, a cloth and more, meaning it has you covered for any shoe care needs whilst away. It all comes in a luxurious faux leather case which looks far more expensive than it is and it's a perfect size to fit into your suitcase so it really can be used at home or on the go. If you know someone who is away often with work or is travelling from one place to another, a set like this which is practical yet thoughtful is a brilliant idea.
Dobell Shoe Care Kit in case
Dobell Shoe Care Kit
Next 6 Scent Gift Set - I really don't think you can go wrong with a decent bottle of aftershave at Christmas time. The issue with that though is how expensive most of them are! Because of that I've been trying to find more affordable options this year and I loved the look of the 6 Scent Gift Set from Next for £20. If you're not sure exactly what sort of fragrance they normally go for then something like this is such a good idea which gives them a few different options to try. I've always been a fan of the aftershaves and perfumes available at Next, they are just so affordable and often are just as good as more expensive brands. This contains some of their best selling aftershaves including Signature, Code Red, No 85, Ice White, Edition and Signature Blue.

Men's Society Handsome Beard Set - Whilst Men's Society gift sets aren't the cheapest around, the quality is incredible. I reviewed one of their travel sets a few months ago and I was really impressed but the one that I like the look of this Christmas is the Handsome Beard Set which is currently £25 at Next. If you know someone who is really into their skincare, they have a variety of kits to choose from all containing high end products and this one is no exception. Any bearded man would be happy with this, it contains their superb beard oil to soften facial hair and natural moustache wax ideal for styling aswell as a stainless steel comb and scissors. I've also found a much more affordable version though available from Matalan for £6 which is a total bargain!
Men's Society Beard Kit
Retro Handheld Games Console* - For the big kid in your family, this Retro Handheld Games Console from Find Me A Gift is perfect! This little gadget holds 150 games, all in a retro 8-bit gaming style and it even has that classic music you might remember! I think this is such a quirky gift for this Christmas, it's totally unlike anything else I've mentioned in this gift guide. How could anybody be disappointed? It's something fun rather than going down the practical route and it can keep you occupied for hours! I love the bright colour of the console, it really does look like something I personally used to have when I was younger so it doesn't just have to be for men and the wide range of games to play is excellent. This cool gadget is currently on offer for £12.99.
Retro Handheld Games Console
Retro Handheld Games Console
100 Movie Scratch Off Poster - As soon as I saw this on Prezzybox, I had to include it in this post. For any film fanatics you know, this is absolutely brilliant! This stylish poster lists 100 of the best action-packed, funny and tear-jerking movies allowing the recipient to scratch off each one they've seen. A few included are Saving Private Ryan, Trainspotting, The Silence Of The Lambs, Mean Girls, Dirty Dancing and Jurassic Park. This is such a fun idea for film buffs, it helps you keep track of the films you've seen and gives you ideas for any you might not have got round to yet. We love a movie night in our home so I think something like this would only encourage that even more! I've seen scratch off maps before for travel but nothing like this - genius! It's currently £11.99.
100 Movies Scratch Off Poster
Paperchase Man List Book - I have a problem with buying notebooks, I have far too many but because I love them so much for some reason it also means I tend to get them for other people too. This year I've spotted the Man List Book from Paperchase and for £8 I think it's a great choice. It's not like a normal notebook as each page has a prompt for you to make a list of. Just a few are favourite beers, favourite crisps, the best gigs, hobbies you want to try, favourite movie quotes. I think it's so cool! Sometimes just 10 minutes doing something like this is such a good way to chill out and get away from the stress of everyday life.

Slip Of The Tongue Card Game - I love evenings where we sit down to play a few different games, Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly and Pictionary are just a few we like, and M&S have released some great little sets this year. You'll find games like The Chase, 5 Gold Rings, Family Fortunes but the main one that caught my eye though was Slip Of The Tongue. The aim of the game is to describe what's on the cards without saying the banned words, and it's only £4! This is fab for playing over Christmas with family and it can easily be brought out for parties, BBQ's and more in the future.

Hopefully if you struggle as much as me when it comes to gifts at Christmas, this guide has been helpful! Look out tomorrow for my final gift guide this year, all about food and drink!

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Monday 19 November 2018

Women's Christmas Gift Guide - 2018*

I absolutely love putting together Christmas gift guides each year. Now we're over half way through November I thought it was the right time to share some of the items I think are perfect for the festive season this year so today I'm starting with my Women's gift guide. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration for the special ladies in your life but make sure you come back tomorrow and Wednesday too for my Men's gift guide and my Food and Drink gift guide, I have so many things to share this year!
Collage - body shop, books, kathleen roll on oil, butter london nail polishes
Missguided Babe Power Perfume* - I'm starting with perfume because you can't really go wrong with that can you? We are utterly spoilt for choice when it comes to fragrance but one brand I've personally been loving over the last few months is Missguided. You might not know but Missguided who are mainly known for fashion have actually ventured into the beauty world and they currently have 4 perfumes to choose from - Babe Power, Boss Babe, Babe Dreams and Babe OUD. These are available as single bottles and some you can even find as gift sets like the one below which come with a pretty keyring too for £28. Babe Power is one of my favourites as it has such a beautiful sweet scent that lingers all day. Key fragrance notes are grapefruit zest, sour cherry, crisp apple, candy floss and white vanilla. A reason I think Missguided perfumes are the one this Christmas is because of how different they are. How a perfume bottle looks is really important to me, I'm quite fussy but I love their unique design and I really think they stand out in a store. 
Missguided Babe Power Gift Set
Missguided Babe Power perfume
Butter London Nail Polish* - If you know someone who is really into their nails then Butter London is the brand to try. With a plethora of nail brands to choose from now, it's important to go for one you know is high quality and I couldn't fault the polishes available from Butter London, how gorgeous is the shade below? I've been so impressed recently with not only how well these apply but also their longevity. The shade range is huge too so you're sure to find one suitable for whoever you're buying for and I just think the bottles look so luxurious. These are usually £15 but are currently on offer £12 in M&S!
Butter London Nail Polish in the shade Toff
The Body Shop Peppermint Gift Set - I adore The Body Shop and they get Christmas so right every single year! Each year they bring out new scents and gift sets and each year I want it all. This Christmas they've released a gorgeous peppermint scent aswell as Vanilla Marshmallow and Berry Bon Bon. I couldn't resist the peppermint as I'm a fan of anything minty! The gift set that has impressed me is the festive sack which is currently £18 and it contains a body butter, shower gel, hand cream and body scrub. It's the perfect little set for anyone you know who loves a pamper evening. There is also a smaller set available too for £9!
The Body Shop Peppermint Gift Set
Books - I've been quite generic with this but a good book is always a winner for me. It can be tricky sometimes if you don't know exactly what genre someone likes but it's always worth a go, there is nothing like getting stuck into a book in the colder months whilst wrapped up in a blanket. I've read a few great ones this year so I do have a few I recommend. If you're looking for a thriller then The Sisters by Claire Douglas has been one of my books of the year. A brilliant twist at the end! If you want something a bit more romantic then I've really enjoyed Some Kind Of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher and also Five Years From Now by Paige Toon. All of these are really affordable and Amazon has had some brilliant books for just £2 so now's the time to get buying.
Giovanna Fletcher - Some Kind Of Wonderful
Vorrei Italian Hampers* - Whilst I have a food and drink guide going up in a few days, there was something I wanted to share today and that's the Italian hampers available from Vorrei. Vorrei are a family-run online Italian food retailer dedicated to beautiful hampers and food gifts ranging from fresh pasta to chocolate, organic prosecco and flavoured oils, they have everything you could possible need for an Italian feast. There are a range of Christmas hampers available this year so whether you're wanting something a bit more budget friendly or something extravagant, they have you covered. You can find classic items such as Panettone on their website too. For a relaxing evening in with some luxurious food and drink, Vorrei are definitely worth considering this year.
Vorrei Italian Hamper
Kathleen Roll-On Oils* - The final item I wanted to share is the newly launched roll-on oils from Kathleen, a premium skincare brand with a love for all things natural and organic. I reviewed the scent Sensual Rose recently and I've not been able to stop using it! It smells utterly delightful with it's fruity scent and it soaks into pulse points incredibly quickly leaving you with the softest skin. There are two other scents to choose from too - Citrus Cheer and Tranquil Fields and of course they have an abundance of other gorgeous skincare products to help you indulge in a bit of self care.
Kathleen Sensual Rose Roll-On Oil
So that's it for my first Christmas gift guide this year! I loved rounding up all of these products for this post and I hope it's helped if you've been stuck for ideas so far.

Look out for my Men's Gift Guide tomorrow and my Food and Drink Gift Guide on Wednesday for lots more suggestions on how to spoil your loved ones this year.

Have you got your Christmas shopping started yet?

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