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The Perfect Travel Companion - J-Pillow Review*

Comfort when travelling is so important for me. It's so awful being stuck in a car or on the train for hours and hating every minute of it. George and I love our weekend breaks and days out and most of the time that involves the train but let's be honest, most trains aren't the best are they? Cramped, busy, uncomfortable seats and if you're sat for a few hours, it can be so difficult to properly relax. This is where travel accessories like the J-Pillow come in though, perfect to take on these trips with you.
J-Pillow in case

What is the J-Pillow?

If like me, you try and catch up on some sleep when travelling, you'll know the struggles of trying to rest your head on the window, it's not very comfortable is it? well that's why Gemma Jensen, a former flight attendant decided to come up with the J-Pillow. A travel pillow designed to target all the problem areas that stop you from nodding off on your journey. It's a multi-use pillow though so it can be used whilst relaxing at home too, which is what I've mainly been using it for. 

How to use the J-Pillow

First of all, the J-Pillow comes in it's own carry bag meaning you don't have to worry about how you'll take it out and about with you when travelling. It fits perfectly and the pillow also has a loop fastener at the top too which you can attach to your luggage. With each pillow, you receive a set of instructions which clearly explains how to actually use it which is great as at first I did struggle a little! All you have to do though is hold the pillow with the loop fastener at the top, place at the side of your head so the 'J' curls under your chin and then rest the side of your head on the pillow. Once you get the hang of it, it's incredibly easy and always so comfortable.
J-Pillow instructions


The J-Pillow is great for a number of reasons but you can find just a few below which explain why this might be perfect for you if you're a frequent traveller.

- Unique shape for neck support
- It cradles your neck, keeping it upright meaning no pain when you wake up from leaning to one side! It also stops you from nodding forward whilst you sleep which I've been known to do from time to time
- Super soft material inside and out meaning it's actually very cosy and comfortable to rest against
- Machine washable so can be used over and over again
- Perfect for use at home or on the go
I've loved trying out the J-Pillow over the last month, it's been so nice to grab when I haven't been able to get comfortable but I've been in need of a rest or even a little nap in the afternoon which we all love sometimes don't we. It's been a great support to my neck which means for travelling in the future I'll no longer have to worry about waking up in pain because I've been sat at a funny angle or fallen asleep with my head against the window! The soft material used means it's very snug and cosy so that only aids relaxation when you're on the go which is always a bonus. If you want to try one of these out for yourself, you can find out more on the J-Pillow website.

Do you have any other tips for how to relax when travelling?

*Product sent for the purpose of this post

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