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3 Nights In Paris - Our Honeymoon!

I'm back! After a break from my blog for our honeymoon I'm back to posting now and whilst I'm still not feeling 100% about my blog, I really wanted to get this post written up aswell as one about our night in London too. So this weeks posts are basically going to just be travel related, starting with todays post which is all about how we spent 3 nights in Paris. Tomorrow I have a Sephora haul, Wednesday is a London photo diary and then Thursdays post is a review of the musical Kinky Boots, so I hope you'll come back for them all. Anyway I have so many photos I want to share from Paris so I need to get started!
Eurostar To Paris
As I've already mentioned we went for 3 nights which was the perfect amount of time for us. We got an early train to London on the Monday and then headed for the Eurostar which was actually really stress free. It was all a very easy process getting through and the train was really comfortable which I was so happy about because we'd been travelling all morning and I just wanted to sleep! We finally arrived in Paris early afternoon and that's when things started to get a little hectic. Unaware to us there were some sort of strikes on meaning trying to get the metro was a bit of a nightmare. If you think the tube is difficult, it doesn't compare at all to how hard the metro is to work out. We managed it eventually but as the trains were all over the place, a half an hour journey to the hotel took more like an hour and a half. That along with it just being so busy and not knowing the language (I definitely should have learnt more before we went) meant that I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. My anxiety started playing up which shocked me a little as I'm normally totally fine when we go away, in fact that's when I feel my best so that was annoying but it did get better over time, it just took some adjusting to I think. Though the weather wasn't great that first day once we'd checked in and unpacked, we still managed to do a bit of sightseeing. Our hotel wasn't far from the Arc De Triomphe so that was something we got to see everyday which was nice and that evening we also managed to get to the Eiffel Tower.
Arc De Triomphe
Paris Metro
We started off our second day with crepes for breakfast at a little cafe near our hotel which were delicious! You've got to have a proper crepe in Paris haven't you? I had the maple syrup one and George had the salted butter caramel. After a yummy breakfast we then went and got on one of the hop on/hop off bus tours which I can't recommend enough! We booked tickets through Big Bus Tours before we went and they were so worth the money. The tickets we got had to be used on two consecutive days which worked out perfectly for us as the Tuesday and Wednesday were our two full days and it made sense to use them then and just try and figure out the metro again on our last day where we only had a few hours spare. They take you around all of the main attractions, it gives you time to just sit and take in the views and you can get off at any of the main stops so you don't have to worry about trying to figure out how to get from one place to the other. We stayed on for most of the route seeing lots of beautiful buildings and then we got off at the Louvre which was amazing to see in real life. I'd seen it on films and online so many times so it was so nice to finally see it up close. We didn't end up going into the museum as there were so many other places we wanted to see but I think that's something for next time! 
Academie Nationale De Musique
Eiffel Tower
After spending some time at the Louvre and having some food we then got back on the bus and headed to the Latin quarter which is where the Notre Dame is. I absolutely loved this whole area! It was just far calmer than a lot of the other places we'd already been around and so chilled out. The sun was shining and everything was just beautiful. The Notre Dame looked even better than I could have ever imagined, I definitely didn't take enough photos of it but I just wanted to see it through my own eyes and honestly it's incredible. Just down the road aswell is the famous book shop Shakespeare and Company and it was so good to see that up close, and to actually go inside! I didn't end up getting anything but George bought a book and then we ended up getting ice cream from Amorino. I'd read about Amorino a few times before we went and was desperate to get ice cream from there, they shape it into a rose for you and they just have loads of flavours to choose from. I was pretty boring and went for chocolate and vanilla but it was heaven! There are quite a few Amorino's dotted around Paris so if you're visiting, make sure you try and find one, it was some of the best ice cream I've ever had.
Notre Dame
Shakespeare and Company
For our third day we decided to get on the bus again and start off at the Eiffel Tower. The weather was the best it had been since the beginning so it was so nice to sit on the top and see so many other places on the way which we'd missed on the previous day. When we got there we found food and had the nicest drink in the world, a peach and apricot granita which was so refreshing! I wish I could have another now, it was just lush. That whole area was gorgeous and it was such a lovely way to spend a few hours. After spending some time in the sun, we decided to switch routes on the bus tour and we did the whole of the Montmartre route. Like lots of other people we didn't get off at any point so the whole thing took about an hour but it was a great way to see another part of Paris. From the top of the bus we got to see sights like the Moulin Rouge and Galeries Lafayette aswell as so many others. If we go back I'd love to spend more time in Montmartre as it seemed like such a beautiful area and there was far more than I was expecting there to be.
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower
Moulin Rouge
After that for our last afternoon/evening we decided to head back to the Latin quarter as we enjoyed it so much the day before. It's where I felt most comfortable the whole trip, there was just something about it that was really special. We found a lovely little restaurant too just next to Shakespeare and Company called Cafe La Bucherie and we had the nicest pasta! I went for the Penne Arrabiata and George had the Carbonara, genuinely the best pasta I've ever had and the staff were so friendly. I highly recommend paying them a visit if you're planning a visit to Paris, it was so affordable aswell! That evening on our way back to the hotel we popped into a few shops including Sephora which was exciting and then we had a chilled night in getting ready for our final day.
Shakespeare and Company
Cafe La Bucherie
Cafe La Bucherie
Cafe La Bucherie
We didn't have loads of time on our final day but enough to stop off for croissants for breakfast at a cute little bakery which we'd gone past everyday and not managed to visit before. One thing I was looking forward to once we had booked Paris was all of the pastries and croissants there and the pain au chocolat I had did not disappoint! Once we reached the Arc De Triomphe we then had a walk down the Champs-Elysees which was nice. The last day was the hottest it had been since we arrived and by this point we were so achy and tired so we didn't want to venture far but the whole area including Champs-Elysees around the Arc De Triomphe is lovely and such a nice way to spend a few hours. There are so many different shops, cafes and restaurants so I highly recommend having a walk down there one day if you visit. After that we braved the metro back to the train station, which luckily took nowhere near as much time as the first day and headed home. With getting the train from London aswell we didn't get home til about 10 that night so we were absolutely shattered but it was totally worth it.
And I think that's pretty much our trip to Paris summed up! I know to some it might seem like we didn't see all the sights but we just took things at our own pace and with the bus tours that we did, you do get to see a lot more than you might think, and that just made life so much easier. Like I've already said the Latin quarter was our favourite place and if we go back to Paris one day I definitely want to spend more time there and explore the area even more. Whilst there were definitely times I got a little overwhelmed and anxious, overall it was a lovely honeymoon and somewhere I'd like to go back to one day. I think we picked a perfect place for our first time abroad together. Everything really is so beautiful and picturesque and all of the main sights are just something you need to see in real life to properly appreciate them, I don't think any of my photos have done them justice!

As I mentioned at the start of this post I have a few more travel posts going up this week. If you want to see what I picked up from Sephora make sure you come back for tomorrows blog post, it was so exciting to finally visit one after seeing so many bloggers talk about it! And then towards the end of the week I have my London posts going up which are always my favourite!

Have you ever been to Paris? or do you have any holidays planned?

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