Tuesday 8 May 2018

Nivea Daily Essentials First Impressions*

A while ago I was sent a few products to try out from Nivea, their new Daily Essentials range which includes two face masks and a day cream and night cream. I absolutely love doing a face mask now so I was really excited to try these out and as I've never really been one to use a day and night cream, I was intrigued by how I would get one with those.
Nivea Daily Essentials
Nivea are pretty much known for their skincare but what makes this particular range so special? Well several things.

Urban Skin 1 Minute Detox Masks

I'm going to start with the face masks because these are what I was most excited about. The thing that really intrigued me about these was that they only have to stay on for 1 minute. Most face masks I use are packets which you only get one use out of and you tend to keep them on for anything from 5 to 20 minutes. I did wonder how much these could do in such a little amount of time but I've been really impressed so far. They are supposed to refine and rebalance dull and tired skin (something I definitely suffer with) and they do this by using potent clays and magnolia extract which draw out any impurities. Immediately after using the Purify one I noticed my skin looked brighter and healthier and genuinely so soft to touch. I've used the Moisturise one many times since and I'm just as impressed with that too. One thing I like about these is that their tubes so you can get many uses out of them compared to normal face mask sachets. They do take a little while to wash off as they don't really dry in anyway and are a cream but given how little time they need to be on, that's not really a massive issue.
Nivea Daily Essentials

Skin Defence Day Cream 

I very rarely use day creams like this, I'm not sure why as I always read good things about them. This Day Cream which has an SPF 20 battles against radical damage daily whilst arming skin with moisture for up to 48 hours. I used this after trying the Purify face mask and that combined with the mask, left my skin feeling incredible all day! It felt so nourished and looked far brighter than usual.

Urban Skin Detox Night Cream 

I'm even less likely to pick up a night cream than a day cream so I was really excited to try this. The Night Cream works overnight enhancing skin regeneration by stimulating the upper skin layer. It does this through active ingredients which can help reduce toxins in our cells. This should, by morning, leave you with visibly smoother and supple skin and with less signs of fatigue. I always look pretty rough in the morning but I did notice my skin didn't look as dull as it usually does first thing. It still felt soft to touch, clean and fresh which for an early morning, never usually happens!

Combined I'm loving all of these products so far and I'm really impressed with the differences they actually make to my skin after using them. Given how little time you need to keep the masks on for, I definitely think they are worth trying out. I tend to use one of them in the morning now as they can be done whilst I'm making the bed or brushing my teeth and don't really require much effort! I never really used to reach for Nivea in a shop but I think I will be now after trying these out. 

Have you tried anything from the Daily Essentials range?

*Products sent for the purpose of this post

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