Saturday 5 May 2018

Self Care In Spring and Summer

When I'm feeling anxious or having a particularly low day, I like to partake in a bit of self care to try and relax and calm myself down, and that usually involves a hot bubble bath, a good book and getting cosy on the settee. Not that self care is always lovey dovey things like that, but for me those are things that help. Those are all well and good during the colder months but I actually find in Spring and Summer when it's warm, that I really struggle to find things that can cheer me up and help improve my mood and sitting in a hot bath when it's hot outside, isn't that relaxing. I'm such an Autumn and Winter girl so as soon as the hot weather starts, I'm kind of straight away in a different mindset so it's always a tricky few months for me. That being said there are a few things which I do find are really enjoyable in Spring and Summer and I do find they make me feel more positive so I thought I'd share them.
Self Care In Spring and Summer

Leave The House

I'm such a homebody, and to be honest I'm probably far too comfortable with staying in, and that's okay, but when the weather gets warmer, I really like to try and get out as much as possible and enjoy it. One of the great things about Spring and Summer is that is stays lighter for far longer so you have plenty of time to go out for a walk or take a trip to the park. Just getting some fresh air for an hour can completely change up the day and change your mood. I never regret going out and getting some sun, taking a book or putting some music on is a good tip too to properly relax. Also why not take advantage and take a picnic with you?

Spring Clean

If you're not feeling your best, cleaning might not seem like the most fun thing to do but I have always found that if my home is tidy, I feel 10x better and it instantly improves my mood. I actually find mess only makes my anxiety worse and I get so stressed so a good spring clean really is one thing I try to do when I'm feeling a bit rubbish. I know that's probably contributing, or at least not making anything better and once things have had a bit of a refresh, I find I have too.

Put Your Phone Down

I'm on my phone far too much, always refreshing Twitter and Instagram and I have no doubt that contributes to my low mood sometimes. With social media it's easy to compare yourself to others so when I can I like to take a bit of a break from it. When taking a walk in the summer, leave your phone in your pocket and instead actually sit and chat to whoever you're with, or read a few chapters of a book. Let's face it, we're not going to miss loads by having a few hours without it are we?

Fresh Food

I've always found the better I eat, the better I feel, not just physically but mentally too. In Spring and Summer there is nothing better than a fresh salad (and they really don't have to be boring) or a bowl of fruit, I always feel so much better for choosing something like that and in the warmer months, meals like this are so refreshing. Cooking in Summer is horrendous so easy meals are a winner. Something else I like about fresh food in Spring and Summer is creating exciting juices and mocktails. Last year I loved creating different milkshakes aswell but this year I want to get a load of different fruit and create some tasty juices that are refreshing to have sat outside.

Know It's Okay To Say No 

Whilst I mentioned making sure you get fresh air throughout the warmer months, when it comes to events or occasions with friends and family, it's okay to say no. Lots of people love the thought of get togethers and BBQ's in Summer but for me, they're something I really struggle with and I put a lot of thought into whether it's something I can do. Sometimes I don't even know til the day whether I can face it, and that's totally fine. As people say 'no is a complete sentence' so don't feel you have to go explaining or apologising when you can't do something that others may find easy if it's going to cause you stress, anxiety or upset. Whilst I think it's important to push yourself when you can, sometimes it's just not possible and that's fine!

Do you have any self care tips? 

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I'm a home body as well :) Nothing wrong with enjoying the comfort of your own home!

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