Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Love Rosie Film Review

Love Rosie (2014)

Main Cast:

Lily Collins, Sam Claflin.


Lily Collins plays Rosie and Sam Claflin plays Alex, two people who have been best friends since they were young. They're lives head in different directions when Rosie falls pregnant just before starting university. Deep down they both know they love each other but can they be together?
Stop reading now if you don't want anything spoiling. 

My Review

I just want to cry when I watch this film. I really wanted to see it in the cinema when it was out but we never got chance so a few months ago I got the DVD and it was good to finally watch it! It's a typical romcom film, just what I like. It is one of those films where you can kind of guess all the way through what will happen eventually and if you've seen the film you'll know that they do get together at the end. It seems to take forever for it to happen but I suppose it wouldn't be a good film if they just got together straight away. It was good to see the story start when they were young and see how good friends they were for a long time, planning to go to america for university together until Rosie gets pregnant and chooses to stay at home. Though they both marry other people and live in different countries, they still stay good friends and they both know that they love each other, its just waiting for the time that they can actually be together. It's just a really cute film and if you do like romantic films, you'll really like this one. We've been watching it quite a lot recently as its just a brilliant film. I love Lily Collins, for one shes beautiful but she does a great British accent, I never knew she was actually american! And I think Sam was the perfect choice to play Alex. I bought this on DVD from Amazon and at the moment it's only £5.99!
Have you seen Love Rosie? If you have what did you think?

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Monday, 27 July 2015

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara....

I didn't think there was a mascara that could beat my Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara which I really loved but I think I might have found one. 
I always love Rimmel Mascaras, I never have a problem with them and I find them so good for my lashes. I'm lucky in that I already have quite long lashes but with any Rimmel mascaras I have used, it just extends them even more and gives them a bit of volume. As I said I love the Wonder'full mascara and I have been using it for ages but it had got the point where it was all drying up and wasn't as good as before so I definitely needed to look for a replacement.

I had never seen the Lash Accelerator Mascara before but I thought I would give it a try and I can see this being one I repurchase over and over. It makes my lashes look false but in a natural way. The brush separates my lashes well, there are no clumps and it lives up to its name with the endless look it gives. It gives a good amount of volume aswell as length and I just think it makes my eyes stand out. I love being able to see the difference my mascara is making and I can really tell as soon as I put it on. I can't recommend this enough! 

You can buy this from Superdrug for £7.99 and its currently buy one Rimmel product, get one half price. I'm definitely going to be getting this again in future.

Have you tried this mascara?

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #3

Another food I have been loving this week post and there's a bit of mix of healthy and unhealthy foods, I seem to be okay with eating fruit and salads and veg throughout the week but as soon as it gets to the weekend, I just go mad on the treats.
1. Special K Chewy Delight Bars - How have I only just found out about these? I saw them on offer on Asda last week when I was doing the food shop and I think you can have one of them as a healthy extra on slimming world. They are actually amazing. I feel like I say that about everything on my blog but its true, I've already planned to get more next time we go shopping, I need to stock up.

2. Flipz - OMG my favourites! I used to have these loads when they're was an american shop in town but it closed and the ones in Meadowhall aren't as good and so much more expensive! But it was our 4 year anniversary last week and George surprised me with a bag, I wasn't expecting it at all. Of course we ate them pretty quickly, the White Fudge flavour are my favourite. 

3. Aldi Nectarines - I love fruit from Aldi, its reasonably priced, comparing it to some other supermarkets which charge stupid prices sometimes, and aldi fruit always tastes good. I picked some of their nectarines up a few weeks ago and literally went through them all in 2 days so I picked some more up last week. They're already soft and ready to eat so you don't have to wait about for days until you can eat them! I also love their cherries, I picked some up for less than 60p last week as they were on the supersix. 

4. Homemade Chocolate Cake - I made my chocolate cake recipe a few weeks ago and I was so happy people liked it. I always worry when I bake that it won't turn out well or people won't like it but this recipe always seems to go down well! The cake is just so moist and the ganache is amazing!

5. Overnight Oats - I mentioned these in my Beauty, Food and TV Favourites recently so I won't go on about it too much and I do have a post ready to go up soon! Slimming World has provided me with so many new recipes, ones I would never think of making and overnight oats is one of them, I understand why so many people I follow over on Instagram love them now! 

What food have you been loving this week? Have you seen week 1 and week 2?

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Monday, 20 July 2015

A Day of Food and Shopping - Next, Primark and Superdrug Haul...

After the last few days, some retail therapy was in need and some nice food so we went to Meadowhall for a few hours on Saturday. We may have forgotten to take pictures of our food at Nandos but we were hungry so I was a bad blogger there! 
We didn't get loads, just some things which we probably didn't need. Next had a huge sale on, by the time we were there, most things were gone but they did have loads of perfume and gift sets on sale. I had to get some. They had individual bottles on sale for £10 or gift sets for £9 which include the perfume and body souffle.I got it in the scent Bergamot and Rich Amber which honestly smells like summer. I can't wait to use this! Its original prices was £25 too so it was a proper bargain. I picked up a casual loose vest from Primark for just £4. It's in a khaki green, I love that colour and it looked really nice with my black skinny jeans and my sandals. I can't wait to wear it next week to work. It also matched well with my New Look Kimono. I had something to take back to Paperchase and while I was there I picked up a little notebook to keep in my bag at work.The picture doesn't show it very well but it says 'Wander, Discover, Explore'. I thought I could use this for any blog ideas I come up with when im out or if I need to note anything done while im at work, it was only £3 too. From Superdrug I got the Rimmel Rita Ora Nail Polish in Daisy Days and Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara, i'll do a full review of both on my blog soon but they both look good and the nail polish is a very pretty colour. The only other thing I picked up which isn't pictured is some jeans from Dorothy Perkins, I've found their jeans to be the best for my shape and they are just so comfy. I got them in blue as I already have the black ones and as I wear them for work a lot, they're getting a bit ruined! On our way out we got some Millies Cookies because they're amazing and who doesn't love Millies Cookies?

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Beauty, Food and TV Favourites..

I think I have only ever done one favourites post on blog since I started it last April! But I was a bit stuck for ideas and over the last month I have tried a few new things so I thought I would do one post containing all my favourites,though it probably is a bit late for it to be classed as a June Favourites. I think i'll just do these every so often when there are a few things worth mentioning!
1. GREY (Christians Perspective) and Fifty Shades of Grey DVD - I know that for the huge amount that love Fifty Shades, there is also an equal amount who hate it so i'll keep this short and sweet but I genuinely love it, if you want to read more about this book and my thoughts on the movie, I did a post a post - here. I love that E.L James has decided to do the book from Christians P.O.V. I always wanted to know what he was thinking all the way through it and it exceeded all my expectations, its even better in my opinion! I can't wait to read the second and third book from his perspective too! The film is just one of my favourites now. I loved it when we saw it in the cinema and I love it even more now we have it on DVD and there's extended scenes and lots of extras!

2. Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation - I wasn't sure whether to add this in or not as I have blogged about it before but this month in particular, I've really noticed the difference it makes. I ran out of it last month, wanted to try a new one so I got the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, I have the concealer and have blogged about it here, I love it! but the foundation didn't impress me. I'll do a post on it soon actually! So I got the Rimmel one again as I didn't want to buy another one and be disappointed again. I just love it, its good coverage and lasts me all day. My skin hasn't been great over the last few weeks but this just covers anything that I want hiding!

3. Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Liner in Intense Pink - I have a post coming up on this soon as I really like it and I definitely recommend it. I want to get it in loads of different shades! I got it in Intense Pink and its just a gorgeous colour. It stays on for a decent amount of time and you don't really need to keep topping it up.It's definitely one of my new favourites!

4. Love Island - I was really excited when I knew this was coming back this summer but I wasn't sure how good it was going to be, but I have loved it! It was the final last night and I was so happy Max and Jess won! Have you been watching it?

5. Overnight Oats - Recipe coming up for these soon! I tried this a few weeks ago as I had seen so many people on Instagram saying how good it was so I really wanted to give them a try. I loved them! So filling, they would be great to have before work during the week as they would keep you going until lunchtime.

What have you been loving this month?

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

4 Years..

This post is seriously late! It was mine and Georges 4 year anniversary on Monday 6th and I feel so bad putting this up so late  but I didn't want to put up a rubbish post so I thought it was better to spend some time on it and post it when I can.  

I honestly don't know where the last four years have gone, it has gone so fast! I see pictures on my Facebook or Twitter sometimes and its hard to believe that we've been together so long already and all the things we've done. We've had a difficult couple of years but I really believe that if anything was going to break us, it would have happened by now. I feel like it was November last year when things really started getting better for us. We got engaged (we're still hoping and planning for New York next year) and we moved into our flat, which finally feels like home, and got to spend our first proper christmas together in our own place. In that time we did have a lot of other stuff going on which wasn't so great, I won't go into detail, im not really sure how I would anyway, but I think we've realised over the last few months that your family is the one you make yourself and that can include anyone you choose, it doesn't have to have people in it who you might assume should be in it, if that makes any sense. We have each other and thats all we've really had for a long time, and we're okay like that. We have great friends and we don't need anybody else. Though I am hoping in a few years we'll have a few new additions to our little family.

Even though there has been lows the last few years, there has also been so many highs and I can't wait to see what the next 4 years have in store for us, I can't wait to move into a bigger house together, get married, have babies, get a dog (im basically begging at the moment), go on amazing holidays, just so many things that we still have to look forward to and be excited about! 

For our actual anniversary on the Monday, we got each other a few presents and had a lovely meal that George cooked. We didn't really want to do anything fancy, sometimes the best days are spent at home and it really was a great day. I just love spending time with him and love him so much. We argue over silly things sometimes and annoy each other, like every couple, but there is no one else I would rather be with.
An old, drunken photo of us! He got my favourites, Flipz and Dairy Milk Puddles! He also got me The Comforter from Lush as it was one of the first ones he got me 4 years ago and he kind of had a theme to get me things he got me years ago! 
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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Work and Blogging Update...

I felt like I needed to do a post like this because there has been hardly anything on my blog for the last week or so and I wanted to explain. Basically i'm just struggling to get into a routine with work and blogging and at the moment I just can't find the time for both. 

When I started work last month, it was my aim to keep blogging and post three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, like I had been doing for quite a while. I kept it up for the first week or so but since then I just haven't really had the energy to think of blog posts, take pictures, and I haven't had the time either. I still love blogging and I want to carry on, I think I just need to be a bit more laid back about it and just put up a post when I can and when I want too. I don't want to put posts up that aren't very good and just do it for the sake of it, I want to spend more time on my blog posts so its always good quality going up (I hope). I'm going to try and get 2 blog posts up a week, more if I can but I think 2 is a good amount to aim for as its do-able and gives me plenty of time to write and take pictures. I just think its going to take a bit of adjusting but i'm sure in the next few weeks i'll figure it out. I just hope you all stick around while I get used to work and blogging! 
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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My Thoughts On Adoption...

Following on from my blog post last week 'When is the right time for a baby?' I wanted to talk about adoption. I don't know loads and loads of information about it and its not something I'm planning any time soon but its something i'm really passionate about and I would love other peoples opinions and comments. 

As I mentioned in my post last week, I can't wait to have kids, I've said it on more than one occasion on my blog, you're probably getting sick of reading about it, but I am so maternal and so ready for it (probably not financially just yet) and I know I will be a good mum. Though I would love to have babies naturally, I know that doesn't happen for everyone. I've thought before about what I would do if I couldn't have children of my own, and as devastating as it would be and it would take a long time to come to terms with, I think I would adopt. In an ideal world, i'll have four babies of my own then hopefully foster or adopt children too, but life doesn't always work out like that so i'm prepared for things to not necessarily go to plan. 

There are so many children out there who are in need of a loving home and just want someone to look after them and love them and it actually hurts me when I see campaigns on programs like This Morning, talking about adoption, why you should do it and even showing specific children looking for a family. I feel like I already have so much love for any children that I might have, and that applies to any that we might adopt one day. I think it's a really big thing to do but an amazing one and how good would it feel to know you brought this child into your family and gave it a good life that it might not have had otherwise. Even if I can have babies myself, I still want to adopt one day. It's such an amazing thing to do and I admire anyone who has done it or is looking into it. I can just imagine myself with a house full of kids one day. 
Would you ever adopt? What do you think about it?

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Slimming World Curry Loaf Recipe...

I've posted a few Slimming World recipes on my blog and they always seem to go down well. My Keema Curry Pie Recipe is my most popular post! It is pretty tasty so if you haven't had a read, please do. By being on Slimming World, I've been introduced to a whole new load of foods and recipes that I never even considered before, like A curry loaf. I had literally no idea what this was and what it would taste like but now it is a new favourite. Chickpeas are literally amazing.
1 tin of Chickpea Dahl (I use Asdas)
1 packet of Golden Rice. I just use Asda Smartprice as its only 25p and it is so nice
3 eggs, beaten
1 tbsp of curry powder. 

1. Pre-heat oven to 200 degree then spray your loaf tin with frylight
2. Cook your rice to packet instructions, for the golden rice I use, all I do is add 425ml to the rice in a pan, bring to the boil then simmer for around 15 minutes
3. In a mixing bowl, add the beaten eggs and the Chickpea Dahl. Give it a good mix then when the rice is cooked, add that to it
4. Pour it all into the prepared loaf tin and cook in the oven for around 25-30 minutes

When it is cooked, I normally transfer to a wire rack and leave to cool. Beware it does break apart quite easily so you really need to be careful with it. This can be eaten by itself or as part of a meal, it's good alternative to naan bread if you are having a curry, I like to make my syn free curry and serve with this and some rice. It's great to snack on too, I can just sit and eat it but as it's syn free it doesn't really matter! George sometimes takes it to work too so overall it's great.

Let me know if you give this recipe a try! I would never have thought to make this before trying Slimming World but it's delicious!

Have you seen my recipe for Slimming World Brownies?

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