Wednesday 29 July 2015

Love Rosie Film Review

Love Rosie (2014)

Main Cast:

Lily Collins, Sam Claflin.


Lily Collins plays Rosie and Sam Claflin plays Alex, two people who have been best friends since they were young. They're lives head in different directions when Rosie falls pregnant just before starting university. Deep down they both know they love each other but can they be together?
Stop reading now if you don't want anything spoiling. 

My Review

I just want to cry when I watch this film. I really wanted to see it in the cinema when it was out but we never got chance so a few months ago I got the DVD and it was good to finally watch it! It's a typical romcom film, just what I like. It is one of those films where you can kind of guess all the way through what will happen eventually and if you've seen the film you'll know that they do get together at the end. It seems to take forever for it to happen but I suppose it wouldn't be a good film if they just got together straight away. It was good to see the story start when they were young and see how good friends they were for a long time, planning to go to america for university together until Rosie gets pregnant and chooses to stay at home. Though they both marry other people and live in different countries, they still stay good friends and they both know that they love each other, its just waiting for the time that they can actually be together. It's just a really cute film and if you do like romantic films, you'll really like this one. We've been watching it quite a lot recently as its just a brilliant film. I love Lily Collins, for one shes beautiful but she does a great British accent, I never knew she was actually american! And I think Sam was the perfect choice to play Alex. I bought this on DVD from Amazon and at the moment it's only £5.99!
Have you seen Love Rosie? If you have what did you think?

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