Wednesday 30 March 2016

March Favourites - London, Easter Chocolate and Sass and Belle!

It doesn't even feel like its been a month since my last favourites post but I've managed to pick a few things I've been using and loving over the last few weeks. 
James Morrison Image Source.
London - How could I not mention London? I just had the best time and I wanted to go back immediately after we got home, I don't know what it is about the place but I feel so happy there, i'm already planning another trip hopefully later on this year because I just love it so much. We saw so much more this time but there is obviously loads of things to do in London and loads more places to go so I definitely want to do even more exploring.

Sass and Belle Coaster - I picked this up from Covent Garden while we were away and I just love it, I have a serious thing for bears for some reason, just so cute, so when I saw this I had to get it, it has its place on my bedside table, and I love the quote on it.

The Night Manager and The A Word - There have been so many good programs on TV recently, my favourites have been The Night Manager and The A Word. I don't even know how to explain The Night Manager so i'll use the description online, it says 'A hotel night manager is recruited by a government agent to infiltrate the inner circle of a ruthless arms dealer.' I actually wasn't sure about it to begin with but after the second episode I was hooked and each one has just got better and better. The other program is The A Word which is about a boy who gets diagnosed with autism and it focuses around how his family have to come to terms with it. It only started last week but im looking forward to seeing the rest of it, the first episode made me emotional a few times but it also made me laugh in places and I think they've done a really good job so far of dealing with a sensitive subject that not that many people actually know much about. 

James Morrison - I used to love James Morrison years ago, he has so many good songs and they're the kind that are so catchy and just stick in your head for ages but over time I just kind of stopped listening to him and found other music I liked but when I found out he had released a new album towards the end of 2015, I downloaded all his old songs again that I used to listen to and now I think I appreciate them and love them even more. Theres just something about his voice and his lyrics, hes just one of my favourites.

Galaxy Golden Eggs - These have been an almost obsession of mine for a good month or so now, I just love them! It's galaxy chocolate with crunchy caramel pieces with a gold coating and I could just eat them all the time. I love it when the Easter Chocolate starts arriving in the shops and I always get some as soon as I see it and I was excited to try these as they were new and they didn't disappoint. I'm so sad Easter is over but hopefully they'll bring these back next year!

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Friday 25 March 2016

Weekend Summary #18 - 10 Cloverfield Lane!

I've finally started to blog again after a little break. there will probably only be one or two posts a week but i'm not pressuring myself and i'll just blog when I want too, i posted my Chocolate Loaf Cake recipe last week and this week I posted my Sass and Belle Wishlist and now I've decided to carry on with my weekend posts because they're always nice for me to go back and read.

Last weekend we had Georges brothers over and we went to see 10 Cloverfield Lane, we watched the original Cloverfield a few months ago with them so we all really wanted to see this. It was actually really good and there were definitely some twists you don't expect and its quite jumpy in places. I really didn't know what to expect as the trailer doesn't really give anything away but it was really good, i'd definitely watch it again and everyone else really enjoyed it. When we got back we made pizzas which were so good, I got some bases and loads of toppings and we all made our own and they all turned out so well. I was going to attempt to make my own dough but I've tried that before and its just ended up in a mess so we made it a bit easier for ourselves and just bought the bases ready. We watched a few films this weekend while they were here, for some reason we decided to watch paranormal activity 2 which in my opinion is the worst one in terms of scariness (is that a word?) and then we ended up watching the 4th one afterwards. 
When the boys had gone we caught up on some TV programs we had recorded, its literally one of my favourite things to get cosy with a blanket and just get through loads of episodes of whatever's on, with some chocolate, we started on the Easter Chocolate weeks ago! We recorded all of Happy Valley so over the last week we've been getting through them and we've just finished it, if you haven't watched it, get it on catch up because its one of the best programs, its so gripping all the way through. We're also onto season 3 of Bates Motel which we love and we've just started The Night Manager and The People vs OJ Simpson.We have so many episodes of all of them to get through! On Sunday night I made Slimming World Turkey Burgers for tea, they were so easy to make, I just used turkey mince, 1 egg, loads of herbs, salt and pepper, a few garlic cloves, some sweet chilli sauce and then mixed it all together and then formed into 4 burgers. They actually didn't take too long to cook either, I just fried them in frylight and they were really nice and juicy. I did them with a jacket potato each which were actually huge and I had a big salad with it too. I also treated myself to a little bottle of prosecco because its now my absolute favourite and things have been a bit stressful lately. 
I can't wait for Easter this weekend, a nice 4 days off! I think Easter chocolate is my actually favourite of the whole year, im currently obsessed with the galaxy golden eggs! Do you have much planned for Easter?

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Monday 14 March 2016

Chocolate Loaf Cake Recipe

When I bake I always anticipate things going wrong and a lot of the time they do, I just don't have much faith in myself! I fully expected this Chocolate Loaf cake to go wrong but luckily it went incredibly well and tasted amazing! I am a huge lover of chocolate cake and I have to say I do make a pretty good one, have you seen my Easter cake recipe aswell?
175g softened butter
175g golden caster sugar
3 eggs
140g self raising flour 
100ml milk
4 tbsp cocoa
100g of chocolate chips or broken up chocolate 

1. Heat oven to 170 degrees and line a loaf tin with baking paper, I just used some Dr Oetker release spray which is just amazing
2. Beat the butter and sugar with a whisk until soft and fluffy and then add in the eggs
3. When you've mixed the eggs in, add the flour, milk and cocoa until you have a smooth batter
4. Add any chocolate chunks or chocolate chips and give it a good mix
5. Pour into the tin then bake for 45-50 minutes, I insert a skewer towards the end and if it comes out clean, its done
6. Cool in the tin then transfer to a wire rack, once it had cooled I added some melted chocolate drizzled on top

Let me know if you give this recipe a go! It was such a good cake, and a perfect amount if you have people over or are planning a party or anything similar!

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Thursday 10 March 2016

A Weekend Away to London

I'm honestly so sad to be home from an amazing weekend away. I had looked forward to going to London again since last March when we first went and i'm already wanting to book another trip! This time we went for 3 nights so we had two full days there and it was so much better, we got the chance to properly look around and see new things we didn't get chance to visit last time. It was just so lovely to be away. 
We arrived on Friday around 4pm and we had a while in the hotel just relaxing and then went for a walk when the sun was setting, our hotel is literally next to the London Eye so we saw it when the lights started going on and we walked over to Big Ben and saw Westminster Abbey, I got some really good pictures that night as the sky was so pretty. On the Saturday we started quite early and went for a walk on the Southbank, we saw the Itv This Morning studio which was exciting and we saw Shakespeares Globe, we also went to Borough Market which was so good! They had so many different foods and chocolate and cakes, we bought a massive chocolate cookie and a hot chocolate, we also found a stall doing fresh juices so we got something from there too. We then made our way to Covent Garden which I love and experienced our first Shake Shack, the best burger and chips ever! We went into Sass and Belle which had the cutest little gifts and home things, I wanted everything! 
It all just went so quick but we did so much. 
On Sunday we headed to Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus, we had the best doughnut from Whole Foods, it was basically a glazed doughnut/cinnamon swirl, so good! We bought quite a lot from Lush on Oxford Street, im just obsessed with Lush and we also found a Tiger which is a really good shop selling loads of little homey things and food and just loads of random stuff, we got some mason jars which I now use everyday! and a few other little bits. 
I seriously cant put into words how much I enjoyed it, I feel like I must be missing something out as it doesn't seem like we did much but we really did, we saw so much and as soppy as it sounds there was one point on the Saturday where we just sat on the south bank and I was so relaxed and honestly so happy, I can't wait to go back. We had the loveliest weekend together.

Have you ever been to London? If so, whats your favourite thing about it?

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