Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Degustabox...

I received this months Degustabox yesterday and I loved it so I wanted to just do a quick post about it! Each month it just seems to get better and better. We received quite a few drinks in this months box and they all look so good! Aswell as cooking and baking ingredients which I will be using very soon.
This months box included: 

Hornsby Cider - Blueberry. 
Zeo Drink x3 - Burst, Crush and Zest. 
Portlebay Popcorn x3 - Chilli and Lime, Salt and Sweet, Bacon and Maple Syrup. 
Maggi x6 - Beef and Ale Casserole, Chicken and Leek Potato Bake x2, Peri Peri Chicken x2 and Soy and Oriental Chicken. 
Green and Black's Dark Chocolate - Lemon.
Dr.Oetker Baking - Eton Mess and Violet Crystals. 

I will probably do a full review of this box when we have tried all of the items but already I am so impressed with this months!

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Monday, 28 July 2014

Beechs Fine Chocolate Review*

Last month I was very kindly sent some items from Beechs Fine Chocolate to try out and review. They currently have some new chocolate bars which come in a variety of flavours. I was sent the Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Ginger, Dark Chocolate Chilli and Lime, Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Anglesey Sea Salt and the White Chocolate.

Beech's Fine Chocolates have been making Traditional British Chocolates since the 1920's. All products that are made only have natural colours and flavours, finest raw materials and chocolate and they are sourced from suppliers who care about the environment, because of this they work with people who are eco-friendly and support sustainable farming methods. This ensures there is zero/minimal impact on the environment. I think it is great that they ensure they protect and do no harm to the environment while still producing great quality chocolate! 
I was so excited to receive these, I was happy with the variety we were sent as there were a few flavours I hadn't tried before and probably wouldn't even consider. I was also very impressed by the size of these bars, they are 60g and I would say you could get a few servings out of these, especially the stronger flavoured ones. You can't have as much of it at one time as you might be able to with the plain flavoured chocolate. 

I loved the packaging of these bars, I think the colours are really nice and the design overall fits in very well with the brand. They look modern yet classical too which I really liked. 

We tried the Milk Chocolate and the White Chocolate first, just because these are the typical bars we would pick up in a shop. Me and George both loved these and as George loves white chocolate, he was always going to like this. They were both really smooth and just melted in the mouth, they tasted so good! Next we tried the Dark flavour. I really like dark chocolate and I am always hearing about how it is better for you than milk chocolate so I do try to have it as an alternative sometimes. I did like this flavour but it is very strong and not something I could have all the time. Aswell as the plain dark we received the Ginger flavour and Chilli and Lime flavour. Neither of us were too keen on the Ginger dark chocolate, it just wasn't for us. I was a bit sceptical of the Chilli and Lime before we tried it but I was impressed. I loved the flavour of lime, it wasn't too strong but you could definitely taste a hint of it throughout the bar and the chilli wasn't too strong either. The last bar we tried was the Anglesey Sea Salt, this was our favourite. I loved that there was a bit of saltiness when you ate it but it wasn't too much and it didn't overpower the flavour of the milk chocolate. I will be purchasing this bar in the future for sure!

Overall, we were really happy with these bars. We did have our favourites in the sea salt, milk and white but I am glad we got to try the more unusual flavours too. They have a big range of other products to buy which I will be having a look at in the future!

Check out their website here for more information and other products.

*I was sent a selection of bars to try from Beechs, I only feature products I feel are relevant to me and my blog

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Top 5 Songs #4

I am loving doing these posts! Let me know what songs you've been loving so I can give them a listen!
1. Magic -Rude. 
2. Charli XCX - Boom Clap. 
3. Ella Eyre - If I go. 
4. Tiesto - Wasted. 
5. Nicole Scherzinger- Your Love. 

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Why I Would Love To Visit Paris

I have always wanted to visit Paris. It's been at the top of my travel list for such a long time and I'm really hoping George and I get to visit at some point. Aside from looking absolutely beautiful, there are so many reasons I'd love to make a trip there.
I see so many pictures of Paris online, especially on Pinterest. The amount of pictures I have of the place is just ridiculous! The first place I would want to see is obviously the Eiffel Tower. It looks so nice at night when it is lit up. I'm not sure we would be going up it as a lot of people do though, I'm a little scared of heights but I imagine it's an incredible experience. Just being there and getting to see it and take pictures would be perfect. I would love to have a nice picture took in front of it too. Definitely one to be framed. 

The Pont des Arts, also known as the Love Lock Bridge is a must. I know it is just a bridge and it doesn't actually look that special, but it is the place people go to mark their love for someone. I definitely want to add a padlock to the bridge and it be something that we keep in Paris forever.
Other places which are famous in Paris are the monuments and museums like The Louvre. This is one of the world's largest museums and I think it would be so interesting to see. With so many famous painting inside it's definitely a must one day. Also I'd like to see the Arc De Triomphe, I mean look at it! You'd also get the most incredible views from the top.
Finally Disneyland Paris would be incredible! I doubt we'll be getting to Disney World any time soon so maybe this is a bit more achievable.
Have you been to Paris? or is it somewhere you would like to visit one day?

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream...

I wanted to do a little post on this perfume because I am dying to get my hands on it! I have seen so many people with it on Instagram and Twitter and I just want to try it! I am not normally a person who is desperate to try the latest perfume and I don't really ever just go for one scent. If that makes sense? I just buy what I like the smell of at the time, but this just looks amazing.

Daisy Dream is light and airy yet floral and fruity, it sounds perfect for me. I love fruity scents and I would say most perfumes I have had before have been similar to this. 
Something that is very important to me when buying a perfume, aswell as the smell is the bottle. I  need the bottle to look pretty! One perfume I had was from George for Christmas one year, it was the Hugo Boss Orange and not only did it smell beautiful, it looked it too. The Daisy Dream bottle looks so summery and pretty! If I had a dressing table, it would have its place on their with some nice candles around it. I would probably just look at it most of the time!

Have any of you tried this perfume? What did you think?

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One Chance Film Review...

One Chance 2013. 

Main Cast:
James Corden, Alexandra Roach, Julie Walters, Colm Meaney, Mackenzie Crook. 

This is the story of Paul Potts, the first Britain's Got Talent winner. He always dreamed of being a superstar but never thought he would achieve it. Paul was working in Carphone Warehouse and had his fair share of bad luck through his life, he was bullied, ran over and told to quit singing by Pavarotti. After getting into money trouble he decides to apply for the latest talent show, and to his surprise he wins! Which changes his life forever. Don't be fooled, this film is about so much more than his win on the talent show. 
If you don't want to know any details, stop reading!

My Review:
This is a film I knew I wanted to see, I love James Corden. A lot of people don't think he is a very good actor or very funny but I have always loved him since Gavin and Stacey. I was really excited for this film and had high hopes for it, it definitely exceeded expectations. I was wary that the film may be focused a lot on his win of Britain's Got Talent but it really wasn't, that part doesn't happen til almost the very end. Throughout the film you see him grow from a child to a young man and see the things he experienced. He just had a normal job in Carphone Warehouse and lived with his mum and dad until he travelled to Italy to go to a singing school. Here he had to sing for Pavarotti and it didn't go to plan. This is one of those films where you really want things to go right for the characters, I was really willing him to do well and you feel gutted when something bad happens. I did love Alexandra Roach in this film too, she plays Paul's Girlfriend and I think she was perfect for the role. She was just funny throughout and they had a great relationship. I really enjoyed it when you knew it was coming towards the end and the Britain's Got Talent part. It was strange seeing clips of the judges from years ago! I did feel a bit emotional towards the end when you see he has won the show and how his life has changed for the better. It is a real feel good film and I definitely recommend it.  

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Celebrity Gossip #5

OK Magazine - Prince George turns 1. 
It really doesn't seem like it has been a year already since Prince George was born. I remember sitting waiting for Kate and William to leave the hospital with him! It was something everyone was waiting for and it is something I will definitely remember. They apparently had a small party at their home with family. They seem like a couple who want to give George a normal childhood, aswell as being seen as a normal couple. 

He seems to be growing up so quickly, it isn't too far away when he has to start going to nursery and school and it has been reported they don't want him to go to a boarding school like William did and would like him to attend a school nearby so he can be close to family. I also love how they have brought baby George along with them on royal visits so we all get to see him but that they stay out of the spotlight a lot of the time too so they can be a normal family. I think they seem to know exactly what they are doing and I really hope they have more babies! There are always stories about Kate being pregnant again, lets hope its soon! 

New Magazine - The truth about Cheryl's wedding. 
As I mentioned in Week 4 Celebrity Gossip Cheryl Cole has married Jean Bernard. In New Magazine this week they have have been asking questions we all want to know. Who is the man she's married? Is it a PR stunt? and is she pregnant? Apparently Jean Bernard is a bar owner and mixes with celebs like Ryan Gosling and the Rolling Stones. His friend has been talking about Jean and Cheryl this week and has said he has never really had a proper job, he only works at his pop up restaurant two weeks a year. It is also rumoured Cheryl is the one who bought the extremely expensive rings as she is the one with the most money. The wedding news came out around the same time her single Crazy, Stupid Love was being released and and it was also on the day she was accused of dodging tax. This has made some people questions whether it is all just a PR stunt and for publicity. I personally don't think it is for PR and she is genuinely in love but you can't really say it is too much of a coincidence that she has chose to release the news now. Also in the magazines this week is news that she might be pregnant and that is the reason they have married so quickly. I am not the biggest fan of Cheryl but I do think she is someone who would be a great mum and she has said herself she was put on this earth to be a mother. It would be really nice if she could fulfill that wish one day. I always thought she would get back with Ashley Cole, who she split from in 2010. You never know it could still happen. 

Star Magazine - Big Brother and Geordie Shore. 
If you are watching this years Big Brother you will know all about Steven Goode and Kimberley Kisselovich's relationship. There is an interview in this weeks Star Magazine with Steven's brother who thinks the relationship won't last and that Kimberley will break Steven's heart. I definitely don't think they are going to stay together. I think that you can meet people and fall in love quickly but in the Big Brother house I think it is a completely different situation. You don't know what they are like in the 'real world' and you only know the person they are in that house. I think they would have been better waiting until they had both left to see if there was something there, instead their whole experience has just been about one another. Kimberley had a boyfriend when she entered the house too which she didn't mention so it isn't exactly the most honest relationship or the perfect start. I don't really like either of them, Kimberley has now left due to illness and Steven is up for eviction this week, I really hope he goes! I would love Chris and Ashley in the final. The whole point of the show is to play the game and I think they are the only ones doing that. 

Geordie Shore was back on TV this week! I only started watching last year, I found every series up to that point and watched them all. Series 8 has now started and regulars Vicky Pattison and Charlotte Crosby are back. I love this show and I can't wait for next weeks episode. In Star Magazine this week, their reporter Stephen Leng goes to visit the house and sees how it is to live with them for a day. 

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Style Crush - Cameron Diaz..

I think Cameron Diaz is someone who always gets it right. She knows what suits her and sticks to it. Whether she is at a premier or just out shopping, she always looks good and picks the right things. 
She was spotted recently at the premier of her new film Sex Tape wearing a Stella McCartney jumpsuit and T-Bar sandals. I loved this look and you can recreate it with the help of Next
Jumpsuits are so popular now and so many people are wearing them in the hot weather. They are comfy and easy to thrown on and easy to accessorize with. You can dress them up or leave it casual. Next have a Printed Jumpsuit for £42 which is perfect for summer and very similar to Camerons. You can pair this with Black T-Bar Sandals which are £36. They are also available in nude. With a jumpsuit like this I think the accessories should be kept to a minimum but you can add a simple Rose Gold Slim Mesh Watch for £25.
I also loved her style in 'The Other Woman'.
We watched it a few days ago and loved it. You can find my review of the film HERE.

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Monday, 21 July 2014

The British Tag...

I have seen this quite a few times on Bloglovin and Youtube so thought I would have a go! I love doing things like this, it's always just a fun, little blog post. Anyone can take part so if you want to, just copy and paste the questions below.
1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? and How many sugars?
I don't have tea too much but if I do it is normally only one cup a day. I either have one sugar or one sweetener in my tea. 

2. Favourite part of your roast?
Roast potatoes! They are my favourite! I could literally pile my plate up with just potatoes. I do also like quite a lot of veg too with a roast.

3. Favourite dunking biscuit?
I could have just about any biscuit with tea but I really like plain digestives or rich tea biscuits. Rich tea biscuits fall in way too quickly though! 

4. Favourite quintessentially British past time?
Sitting down watching the soap. I always try to be ready to relax and watch them all when Emmerdale starts at 7. 

5. Favourite word?

6. Cockney Rhyme Slang?
Apples and Pears - Stairs. 

7. Favourite Sweets?
Bon Bons or Rhubarb and Custards. 

8. What would your pub be called?
I don't know, I really can't think of anything. 

9. No.1 British Person?
The Beckhams - I love them, so many people slate them but I think they're great. 

10. Favourite Shop/Restaurant?
I love carveries and we never ever go! Definitely one of my favourite places to eat. I also love little cafes. My favourite shop - I really don't know, I love so many, I like cute little shops and boutiques.

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Other Woman Film Review...

The Other Woman (2014) 

Main Cast:
Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton. 

After finding out that her boyfriend Mark is actually married, Carly does her best to move on with her life. Then she accidentally meets the wife who he was cheating on. After an awkward start, the two eventually become friends and realise how much they have in common. While deciding how to get back at him they discover another woman and another affair. The three women team up and plot revenge. 
If you haven't seen the film and don't want to know any details, stop reading now!

My Review:
I loved this film! It was so much better than I expected and I am getting this on DVD as soon as I can! Cameron Diaz plays Carly, Leslie Mann is Kate and Kate Upton is Amber. All of them are dating Mark and none of them know about each other. Carly turns up at Marks house and finds out about Kate, after this they become good friends and start plotting revenge. While doing this they follow him to the Bahamas and discover Amber, the third woman. I think the film is a little bit predictable because it is obvious they are all going to become friends and find out about one another but it wasn't a bad film at all. I hadn't seen the trailer loads and didn't know much about it, it wasn't a movie that I was desperate to see at the cinema so I didn't have much feeling about it before we watched. I am so glad we did decided to put it on though, it was a real girl power film and you really find yourself rooting for them all the way through it and wanting them to get their revenge. Nicki Minaj was also in the film and played Carly's assistant. She was really good actually. This was the first thing I had seen her acting in and even though I wasn't too bothered about her before, I did like her in this. If you haven't seen this film you really need to get a copy when it is released on DVD. I was so impressed and it was such a funny film. Leslie Mann was great in this movie. She is one of the funniest actresses and I especially love her in This Is 40.

Have you seen this film?

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Friday, 18 July 2014

What Is On My Nails #1

I am currently wearing the NYC Nail Polish in Peach Popsicles and it is just too good to not blog about. It is just such a nice colour and I know it will be one I wear all summer. Perfect for your nails and toenails.
It is available at Superdrug, Boots and supermarkets if you want to try it yourself!

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100 Happy Days - Day 65...

Day 65.

 Today I picked up some gorgeous smelling candles. They were from B&M and only £1 I think is which is a bargain.
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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Celebrity Gossip #4

Big News - Cheryl Cole has married! 
A few nights ago on Instagram Cheryl announced she had got married to boyfriend Jean Bernard! There had been a small amount of speculation that after just 3 months together, they may have got engaged but when Cheryl spoke out she said she wanted to let people know they had actually married on 7/7/14. It has also been revealed that she will be changing her name and will now be known as Cheryl Fernandez -Versini. Wow who expected that? They've only been together for a short amount of time but I think you know when you've found the right one. Hopefully she has this time! 

OK Magazine - Billie Faiers. 
Billie Faiers and her fiance Greg Shepherd have had a baby girl! She is yet to be named but she looks like the cutest baby. There is an exclusive interview with them in this weeks OK magazine along with beautiful baby pictures. This pregnancy was one we were all waiting for, if you watch TOWIE! Billie and Greg have been together for a number of years and she has said herself she is a very maternal person so a lot of people thought they might be the first to have a baby or get married. Billie was past her due date and endured a 32 hour labour so the baby definitely kept everyone waiting! 

Star Magazine - Celebrities Brand New Bodies.
In this weeks Star, Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has revealed she has again lost more weight after gaining 12lbs while filming a new series. Just a few months ago she released a fitness DVD and showed off her weight loss taking her from a size 16 to a 6. She said she worried about gaining weight while filming a new series of Geordie Shore due to all the drinking and partying but I don't think she looks any different and she definitely doesn't look bad with the supposed gained weight on her. I don't think she needed to loose weight in the first place, before she did her DVD. I think she looked fine and there is nothing wrong with being a size 16. If she is happy in herself and with how she looks then good for her, she's definitely done very well with it all and her DVD sold extremely well. In this weeks Star, Kerry Katona is also showing off her weight loss just a few months after having a baby. I don't understand why there is so much pressure on mums to loose to the baby weight almost straight away. If you have just had a baby the last thing on your mind should be getting to the gym or exercising but it seems as though with all these celebrities they are so concerned about what they look like for the papers and magazines, that they rush to loose it all. I think this just puts even more pressure on actual normal mums who see these women loosing weight so quickly, and it isn't always realistic for everyone. 

New Magazine - Lauren Goodger on Celebrity Big Brother?
It is rumoured that Lauren Goodger, former star of TOWIE is entering the big brother house in a few months time for the next celebrity series. Apparently they want her on the show because she may reveal some secrets about her relationship with Mark Wright and the cast of TOWIE. I really hope this isn't true and she doesn't. She is just living off talking about her relationship with Mark which ended years ago and it is so boring now! I hope there are some actual real celebrities in this years big brother and not just reality TV people!

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Rice Krispie Squares and Chocolate Victoria Sponge Recipe

This weekend we did some baking and made a chocolate cake and some rice krispie squares and I wanted to post the recipes for you all in case any of you want to make them too. Everything we made was so simple and quick to do, and delicious which is the most important thing.

Rice Krispie Squares

200g of butter
10 normal sized marshmallows
3 or 4 cups of rice krispies

1. Melt 200g of butter in a pan. After, add the marshmallows and wait until it is all combined and the marshmallows have melted
2. Add the rice krispies and stir and combine everything in the pan
3. Transfer to a dish and leave to set in the fridge for about half an hour
4. When set, cut into squares

Chocolate Victoria Sponge Cake

225g of butter
225g caster sugar
4 eggs
175g self raising flour
50g cocoa powder

1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees
2. Cream together butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Gradually add the eggs one at a time
3. Fold in flour and add cocoa powder
4. Divide mixture between two cake tins and bake in the oven for 25 minutes
5. Leave to cool then add filling and topping

We chose to add buttercream for the filling, basic recipes can be found online but we just used butter, icing sugar, coca powder and melted chocolate. We then added just melted chocolate to the top of the cake. 

Baking Tip! 

When your cakes are cooling, add a slice of bread to each one. This keeps all of the moisture in the cake so it doesnt go hard or stale while it is cooling. It makes the bread go rock hard and keeps the cake nice and soft! This really did work, it was one the best cakes we had made and it was so so moist. 

Have you done much baking recently?

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All Things Lace...

I absolutely love lace material, I think it is just so pretty and feminine. I love when I see a nice top in the shops and it has lace detail or if I see lace style shoes. I am drawn to them instantly. I have already decided that when I get married I will have a lace wedding dress, thats how much I love it. I've done a little wishlist of a load of lace stuff I just need to get!

Here are some gorgeous things out right now!
Next Lace Bodycon Dress £50, Next Lace Jacket £36, Asda Lace Top £12, H&M Espadrilles £9. 
Asos Curve Cami with Lace Trim £9.50, Asos Curve Swing Dress £12, Matalan Lace Shoulder T-Shirt £8, Matalan Textured Lace Sweatshirt £10. 

and here are some beautiful lace wedding dresses. 
What do you think to the lace wedding dresses?

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100 Happy Days - Day 64...

Day 64.

We've been to see Charlie and Alfie's leaving play tonight at school and it was so good. They're so cute and are the funniest boys. As if they are already leaving primary school, I actually can't believe it!
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Make Up Revolution Wishlist...

For some reason I have only just discovered Make Up Revolution and now I am in love with some of their products! I wish I could just buy them all. I've put together a little wishlist of some of the things I'd love to try. Their nail varnishes especially, look gorgeous. 
   1 - Find True Love 2 - Are You Still Available 3 - Still Missing My Baby 
4 - Gravity Pulls You Thru 5 - Promises 6 - Never Enough. 
1 - 5 Baked Eyeshadows Pure and Innocent 2 - Redemption 12 Shade Palette Iconic 3 - Highlighter Peach Lights 4 - Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray. 
1 - Natural Pink 2 - Raspberry 3 - Nude Shimmer. 

Have you tried anything from Make Up Revolution? If so, is it any good?

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Monday, 14 July 2014

My Dream Home - Bathroom and Kids Bedrooms...

I did a post on my Dream Home recentely and I mentioned then I wanted to do another post on my ideal bathroom and kids bedrooms. I would love kids one day so I always think about how their rooms would be, I just can't wait.

I think the bathroom is the hardest room to choose how to decorate! There are so many nice styles and colours for bathroom accessories and I think all of them would look great. I really like turquoise and blues for the bathroom but there are so many nice cream and beige items which would look just as good, I really have no idea! 
I love the Isabella Bathroom Collection from Next, it includes a Cabinet, Floor Unit, Sink Console and Laundry Bin. I love the colour and the style of all of these and they go great together. I would really love items like this in my bathroom, they look very sophisticated and a little different to other bathroom furniture. Something else that I think would look really nice and would actually go well with the furniture is the Scroll Wood Boxes from Next. These are so pretty and I love the labels on them. They would be great for storing beauty products and I just love them! Something I have wanted for ages is one of these Glitter Sets also from Next. It includes a tumbler and a dispenser. 

From BHS, I spotted this Bronze Vintage Waste Bin, it is only £5.40, down from £18! I like the vintage style of it and this would fit well with the wooden boxes and furniture from Next. I just think it is really pretty. 

Children's Bedrooms - Boys. 
I love this Wall Mount from Next for £65. This is a really great idea for storing books and leaves space elsewhere for other furniture. You also won't then have books lying around on the floor hopefully! This Bunk Bed, also from Next, sleeps two people so would be ideal if you have a few children and not much space! This is a bed that could be used from when they are little and follow through until they are much older. The Football Bedding from Asda is perfect for any boys who like sport and is only £10. Asda have some great bedding sets and they are really good prices. 

Children's Bedroom - Girls. 
I love this Dressing Table Set from Next! It is just gorgeous and I would love something like this in a girls bedroom. I just think it would be perfect for a little girl as she grows up. From Next, I also love this Little House Underbed Den. It is great to have on the side of the bed and it is somewhere children can play during the day. This Pink Tower Storage is from Asda and would be perfect for storing books,toys or clothes. It looks quite small so wouldn't take up loads of space in the bedroom either. I also saw this Pink Hopscotch Rug from Asda and this would be nice in the centre of the bedroom and it is a nice little game for them to play! 

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A Week In My Life...

This week hasn't been the most interesting so i'm not sure whether people will enjoy this sort of post but I thought I would start doing something like this where I share our pictures from the week and tell you what we've been upto! I don't know how regular they will be but I love seeing stuff like this from other people! As George has finished uni until September we are back in Sheffield for a few weeks and as we have very little money we don't always get the chance to go out so expect some days to be quite samey and just a home!

Monday 7th July. 
We had a chill day and didn't do much, we had a walk to the supermarket for ingredients for tea but that is about it. We made Chilli for tea for 7 people! I have never cooked for that many people before but everyone enjoyed it and it turned out well! I love cooking for others so hopefully I'll get to do it a bit more while we're back.
Tuesday 8th July. 
George had ordered me a present for our anniversary and it was Redpop! My favourite drink! It is an american drink so is hard to find in shops, we literally can't find it anywhere so he ordered it online. A bracelet also arrived from Not On The High Street which I think is so pretty!
Wednesday 9th July.
We went our for a meal for our three year anniversary that was actually on Sunday. We went to Harvester and to Meadowhall so we bought a few things! I did a post about this a few days ago if you want to know a bit more.
Thursday 10th July. 
My feet and legs were aching so bad from all the walking we did around meadowhall, wearing sandals wasn't a great idea! I love relaxing and doing nothing sometimes so that's what I did! I read through loads of magazines and managed to pick a story from each for my celebrity gossip post.
Friday 11th July.
Today I had a lie in while George went on fifa! I had no idea of the time so I wasn't up until half 11. Again we didn't really do much but we did go to the shops with Charlie and Alfie and picked a few things up. We also had a few games on fifa and discovered I am amazing at it! I'm also pretty good at WWE too ;) Charlie and Alfie have a cat, named Shade and she has been chilling too. She is unbelievably cute.
Saturday 12th July.
George made me bacon this morning for breakfast which was very nice. I just love bacon. We had quite a chilled day which was nice.
Sunday 13th July.
We baked with the boys and made Rice Krispie Squares, White Chocolate Rice Krispies and a Chocolate Cake. I love baking with them so much. The Rice Krispie squares were amazing.
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Sunday, 13 July 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 63...

Day 63.

I was feeling a little bit sad today so George bought me a few little things from the shop which was nice. We also did some baking today and that always makes me feel better!

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Celebrity Gossip Week 3 Part 2...


Closer Magazine - Beyonce and Jay Z. 
After the altercation in the lift with Beyonce's sister Solange, there have been rumours about the state of her marriage to Jay Z. There have been a lot of stories about Jay Z cheating and even though i'm not the biggest fan of either of them, why would you cheat on beyonce?! Everyone thought they had a really strong marriage and they started their joint tour but recently I think it has been quite clear that there is some sort of problem. They both seem like very private people and even though they announced a statement after the lift incident, I don't think they would tell people about the state of their marriage or if they had split.  

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100 Happy Days - Day 62..

Day 62.

Something that has made me happy today is Shade - Charlie and Alfies cat. I love her so much, she is just adorable!
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Friday, 11 July 2014

Celebrity Gossip #3 - Part 1

Week 3.

I have so many magazines to write about this week! This post is going to have the usual, OK Magazine, Star and New. I will then do a separate post for Closer Magazine.

OK Magazine - Fearne Cotton. 
Fearne Cotton married Jesse Wood last Friday and how beautiful did she look! They married in London and had the reception at Kew Gardens where they were joined by both family's and friends including Holly Willoughby, Dermot O'Leary, Keith Lemon, Gok Wan and Amanda Byram. Fearne has said in interviews how happy she is with Jesse and I think it shows in these pictures, she looks so in love and just extremely happy to be married to him. In an interview with Red magazine out now, she said how much she loved being pregnant with their baby Rex and how much she hopes to have that feeling again. I really really hope she has more children as she looks like a great mum and they are such a nice couple. I can't get over how gorgeous her dress is! 

The front cover of this weeks OK is Peter Andre, again! He is in the magazine almost every week, what do they have new to ask him all the time! He is getting so annoying now. Anyone else get annoyed by him?

New Magazine - Jennifer Ellison and Kimberley Walsh.
Jennifer Ellison is pregnant with her third child, she is already mum to Bobby, four, and Harry, one. She has said that she is shocked at the pregnancy news as she was told she had little chance of conceiving again due to ovarian cysts. It must be the best news to find out your pregnant, especially when you've been told it is unlikely you can have more children. I think it would be nice if she had a little girl as she already has two boys but she has said she would like another boy as she is used to it. Kimberley Walsh is now 7 months pregnant and she looks great! I think pregnancy suits her and she is dressing really well for her bump. I think she will make a great mum.

Star Magazine - Lily Allen. 
Lily Allen has been in the papers for making some stupid comments about drugs. She has said that she will allow her children to take drugs and can only advise them of the problems associated with them. Lily has said that because she has taken drugs before she thinks she will be a hypocrite if she says they can't do it. I get in a way what she means about being a hypocrite but she knows herself the dangers of drugs and she was silly to take them so why would you in a way condone it and allow your children to do it! Surely you would want them to never go down that path and do everything in your power to make sure it doesn't happen? Her children are only very young and obviously they are nowhere near the age where they might be at risk of taking drugs so hopefully by the time they are a bit older she will think differently.

Also in this weeks star magazine, Katie Price has said how she thinks Cheryl Cole has lost her sparkle and isn't the same as she was a few years ago on X Factor. I agree and do think that Cheryl hasn't been the same since she split from Ashley Cole, I think she won't find anyone she loves as much as him and by going back to the X Factor it seems as though she is going back 4 years instead of moving on. 

What do you think?

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Why Being A Nurse Wasn't For Me...

I've wanted to do this post for a long time but haven't really known what to say or where to start. I think I'm just going to type and see what I end up with but basically it's about why I decided to leave uni and why unfortunately being a nurse just wasn't for me.
For years I had planned to become a nurse. I can't think of anything else I really imagined myself doing, for a few years I wanted to be a midwife and then I decided Children's Nursing was probably going to be for me. I love children and can't wait to have my own so I thought this would be a really good career choice for someone like me, caring for people everyday and looking after kids when they need it the most.  

When it came to choosing my GCSE options in secondary school I decided I wanted to do subjects that would help me get into nursing so I chose science ones and I really wish I hadn't. I did well in my GCSE's and got more than I needed for college. I then started college and completed a Health and Social Care BTEC but now looking back I wish I had chosen things that didn't lean so much to one career. I love cooking and baking so a food tech course, which they did do, would have been great, but at the time it wasn't even in my head as I thought I had the job I wanted in mind already. 

I had interviews at three universities, Teeside, Central Lancashire and De Montfort. I knew the only place I wanted to be accepted was De Montfort in Leicester. This was where me and George knew we could get accommodation together, his course would be here as he was accepted and it generally looked like a great place for nursing. I did get accepted and we moved at the beginning of September 2013. I was so excited not just because of the course but because it was a new start for us and our next chapter as a couple. 

I had my first lecture a few weeks later and I think I knew straight away that it just wasn't for me. Everyone else was making friends and meeting new people and I wasn't. I am really shy and even though I can talk to people, i'm not the sort of person to walk upto others and try and make friends. It was so uncomfortable and upsetting walking into a huge lecture theatre and being sat alone while everyone else had somebody. It was getting to the point where I didn't want to go anymore and I ended up missing quite a lot of lectures. I was falling behind and generally struggling with the work. There was an assignment due in after a few months of being there and I was sure I had done well, I put so much work into it and I was really proud with it being my first university piece but I failed. Not only that, my tutors feedback was just awful, he was about as rude as he possibly could be and he might aswell have just wrote shit all over it. I can't even put into words how little support you get, especially on my course anyway, or it could just be that specific uni. It is a very hard course and stressful, you need some sort of support from somebody but they didn't give any.

I was ready to give up after my assignment but I knew I had my first placement January and I thought that would show me exactly why I wanted to do the course in the first place. With me being so shy, this was something I was stressing about and I was really scared about meeting the other nurses and I was constantly worried about doing something wrong, as a nurse you can't really get anything wrong! I was with two other students on my course and they seemed to fit in really well. I was again the one who was left alone, or didn't get spoken too, despite my genuine efforts. I did 2 day shifts, one early and one night shift and that was it. I was actually supposed to do about 9 weeks but I couldn't do it. During my first shifts I had to keep going to the bathroom because I was so upset, the way the nurses spoke to me sometimes was just like I was a child and everytime I actually tried to do something it was wrong or I was in the way and if I was just chatting to one the kids like a nurse should, that would be wrong too. I ended up crying on my way to the shifts and on the way home and I knew I wasn't going back. It was making me ill, I was constantly stressed and upset, it was making me feel sick, giving me headaches and I couldn't sleep. I hated the thought of going to sleep knowing I'd be going back there.

The reason I got into nursing was to care for people and at the hospital I was at, that isn't what it is about. A lot of the time the nurses would be sat around not doing much or gossiping in the office, but whenever I was sat down or sat with a child I was in the wrong. To me, if I am sat with a child who is in a hospital I am not doing anything wrong. I would sit with boys and girls, talking to them about normal things, taking their mind of being in hospital. But when I did that I was looked down on because that isn't what the rest of them did. They weren't doing the caring bit, to me, that is the most important. Yes, you have to give medication, do observations and all the actual medical stuff but you can also sit with them for 5 minutes, have a chat and ask if they are ok. Imagine how scary it is for them to be in a hospital without their family there, especially at night. The nurses I worked with didn't care. 

There was no way I was going through 3 years of that to do a job where I can't even look after people. It was nothing like I thought it would be.

I honestly thought I was going to love being a nurse, I had been set on it for so many years and it is really upsetting that I won't actually end up doing that now but I know I made the right decision. I had to really think about it but I knew if I stayed I wouldn't be happy. Maybe if uni offered a bit more support I would have stayed, or maybe even if I had just ended up on a different ward things could have been completely different. I only had George to talk to about it too, he completely supported my decision to leave and was fine whatever I chose but my family weren't very supportive so I felt like I was on my own a lot of the time. I won't know now if anything could have changed it but life is definitely too short to waste it and I would rather spend my time on something I love and I know it was the right decision.

Just because nursing wasn't for me doesn't mean that it won't be for you, if you want to be a nurse or you're currently training. Everybody is different and some people would love it. I just hope now I can find something that really makes me happy because nursing didn't.
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