Friday, 30 September 2016

September Favourites - Paperchase, Clipper Tea & The Purge...

There were quite a few things I wanted to include this month but I've wittled it down to a few films and some beauty, homeware and food bits. I could talk about some of these for days!
Brief Encounters - We recorded this when it was on ITV last month and but only got round to watching it a few weeks ago, meaning we had all 6 episodes to catch up on. It's about 4 women in the 1980s who become Ann Summers saleswomen and we find out about all the different things going on in their personal lives. I loved every episode, I think one night we got through 3 and then a few days later we watched the rest, there was just so much drama but it was also really funny and I was so hoping that things would work out for everyone. I really hope they do another series of this but it did seem like everything sort of tied together at the end so i'm not sure where they would take it.

Clipper Tea Lime and Ginger - This came in our August Degustabox, which is a monthly food subscription box, and as a big fan of Clipper Teas anyway we were really excited to try this. It did not disappoint, we both love it! This would be a good one to drink if you're a bit under the weather or have a cold, the ginger really helps and the lime just adds something extra. Definitely one i'll go out and buy when we've ran out.

The Purge Election Year - I feel like I have been waiting to see this for so long! I love the first and second Purge films and I had hoped that this one was going to be just as good, and it really was! There was just as much going on in this one as there was in previous films and it was so tense all the way through. The thing about the Purge films is that they feel so real, it is possible that something as mental as this could happen one day so I think that makes it even scarier when you're watching.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates - We like to get the most out of our unlimited cards so we went to see this about 15 minutes after The Purge. It did look funny from the trailer but we weren't expecting too much, but I was so wrong, I absolutely loved it! I was laughing all the way through and it's not often a film is that funny for it to just keep flowing for the full duration, but I thought it was so good. Adam DeVine is hilarious in it as he is in most things, I love him in Pitch Perfect and Modern Family so I thought he would be funny in this too.

Paperchase Prints - I mentioned in my last favourites I had bought some prints for a wall in the bedroom so I could make a proper photo wall and this month I picked up a few postcards from Paperchase to go on it aswell. They're only small so only about 70p each and I think they look great on the wall with photos and other prints, if you want to see how the photo wall turned out, I have post all about it here. I had to get the bear one just because I love bears and the map of London because its one of my favourite places and I had a few other London postcards to put up aswell. I think i'm going to go back and get a few more as they had so many to choose from.

Essie Winter Nail Set - I have a soap and glory case full of nail polishes but I never feel like I have enough, so when I got paid I had a quick look on Amazon and found some great Essie deals. They had the Christmas Quad set for around £5.95 which is an amazing deal as you wouldn't even get one bottle that cheap, let alone 4, and the whole thing is worth £24.99, and that's its price at Boots at the moment. The colours are gorgeous and all of them are so perfect for the run up to christmas, which I am literally counting down the days for! It has Mademoiselle, Chinchilly, Toggle To The Top and Belugaria. The price has gone up now to £14.29 but to be honest that's still a pretty good deal and it arrived in perfect condition too. It could be a great present for someone for Christmas!

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

ITSY Nails London Swatches and Review*

I was very excited to receive a lovely package from the people at Itsy Nails London a few weeks ago as I am such a huge lover of all things nail polish! I have a huge collection of nail polishes but that never stops me buying more and the ones I was sent, are perfect for me! 
L-R Drop Red Gorgeous, City Girl, Cosmic Dust. 
I was sent 3 of the DuraPRO Gel Effect Nail Polishes, in the shades City Girl, Drop Red Gorgeous and Cosmic Dust. These are the exact sort of colours I go for and especially with Autumn and Winter on the way, these are going to be used so much as they are just the perfect colours for the colder months of the year. 

DuraPRO polishes are an extra glossy gel effect nail polish that doesn't require all the hard work of normal gel polish which needs curing and soaking off. I personally love gel polish just because of it's lasting power, normal polishes unless they're really good or have a top coat, just chip within a few days so I think gel polish is worth investing in. DuraPRO is formulated to maximise coverage and performance and level out any imperfections on your nails. These make for easy application due to the flat and wide brush which adapt to the shape of your nail meaning it glides on easily and takes very little time. 


The first one I tried was City Girl which is a lovely soft grey. It looks great on the nails and is the perfect pastel shade for spring and summer, though this is one I would wear all year round. The wide brush made it very easy to apply and it only took 2 coats for it to look good to go and it didn't require a top coat either. It left a glossy finish and I got great lasting power from it, I think this would be a great one if you have a holiday coming up! 


This is the one i'll be reaching for at christmas! It's the perfect deep red for the colder months and I can tell it's going to become a real favourite of mine. This has a slight orange tone so one that would also look great during the summer months and so eye catching! The same as with City Girl. it didn't require a top coat and I used 2 coats which was perfect for a smooth, glossy finish. I am really impressed with the brush on these polishes, as it adapt to the nail it really doesn't require much time and there are no streaks!


I think this one might be my favourite... I always go for colours like this one so I knew I was going to love it. It's a really deep blue which I always prefer and just looks lovely on. Again, a great glossy finish after 2 coats and lasts well, I put this on over a week ago and it's still going strong! I have a few glitter polishes which I think would go great with this one.

Overall I am so impressed with Itsy Nails and these polishes! I have my firm favourite brands when it comes to nails but this has proved to me that their are other brands out there whose products are just as good, if not better and are definitely worth a try! These are all £5.99 which I think is pretty good for a gel effect polish that required very little time and effort. These are great to use if you're in a rush as they dry so quickly and the wide brush covers your nails so no need to keep reapplying until the full nail is covered. As I mentioned at the beginning, these polishes don't require any soaking when you want to remove it, just a normal nail polish remover does the job, it honestly took seconds to remove which is amazing as some of my others just take forever!

If you would like to try any Itsy polishes, you can buy from their website where there are also many others to choose from, delivery is free over £10! 
Have you tried any Itsy Nail Polishes?

*I was sent these products to review, as always I only work with brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Bridget Jones Baby at Cineworld VIP...

Bridget Jones for me is just one of those films that I could watch over and over. It always makes me laugh and I have such a huge love of Mark Darcy! I was so excited for the third film to come out and even though I wasn't sure if it would be as good as the previous two, I ended up absolutely loving it!

We had planned to do a cinema day and see two films last weekend, Bridget Jones and Blair Witch but I ended up with the worst food poisoning on the Friday, or i'm assuming that's what it was and I was feeling so ill, so we cancelled and then ended up rebooking a few days later for Wednesday to see it in VIP which is well worth the money. 
Source - Google Images.
I spoke about it in my 5 years post and we loved it but we thought we would just do that whenever there is quite a big film out or something we really want to see. I thought Bridget Jones was definitely worth seeing in VIP. I always like watching the last two films around this time of year, as the same sort of films are on TV and you really know it's getting close to christmas. I was a bit unsure of how it would live up to the first 2 but loads of people had said it's better than previous films and you will laugh all the way through so I was really looking forward to it. They were so right! I really did laugh all the way through, the beginning is so funny and the ending very nearly made me cry but I managed to hold it in! You just feel a mixture of emotions all the way through and you wouldn't think at all it has been over 10 years since the last film. Patrick Dempsey really fitted in well with the rest of the cast though it was a bit strange Hugh Grant not being part of it! Overall though it's so worth seeing and I'd definitely go and see it again. I also loved watching it because it's set in London and it was nice to see some of the places we've been and especially her flat as is set over Borough Market which is just one of the best places in London!
We really took advantage of the buffet this time, they had some mini crispy potatoes which I had loads of, they were so good, and they had spicy tomato pasta, a mushroom cheesy pasta, pizzas, salad, garlic bread, there was a good amount to choose from and a selection of cakes and slices for dessert aswell as celebrations. What I love about VIP is that you can take hot dogs, nachos and popcorn in with you to watch the film and you don't have to stick to just one, I normally never know what to get when we go to the cinema so it's great to just have all 3 if you really want too! I also love their drinks machine! First I had Dr Pepper which is my absolute favourite and then before we went in for the film, I got a Peach flavoured Sprite which was amazing, I love anything peach flavoured and there are so many different drinks to choose from. It's just so worth the money and for us it beats going for a meal first and spending loads then spending at the cinema too.
I think it was just what we needed, Tuesday was a really bad day for me, I was so down and didn't want to do anything, I've been quite worried about a few things and just overthinking which is something I am just a pro at. I'm sure i'll speak about it properly on my blog at some point as I want to explain what's been going on. I did feel much better on Wednesday, I think as I knew we had plans I had something to look forward too that day and it ended up being a really nice day/night.

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Friday, 23 September 2016

New Look Autumn Clothing Wishlist...

It's only been a month since my last Autumn Clothing Wishlist but after looking on the New Look site a few days ago, I discovered so many more things that I want! Some are more casual and others are a bit more dressy, all of which would be perfect for when we go away in November, I definitely need to pick a few things up before then! 
Colourblock Cami, Floral Cami, Leopard Flats, Green Animal Print Cami.
I have had my eyes on this Colourblock Cami for a few weeks now, all the colours just scream autumn to me and I think this would look so good with black skinny jeans and a leather jacket. I actually think both the Floral Cami and the Green Animal Print Cami would look good like that too and they're both the exact sort of tops I go for. I also love the Leopard Suedette Loafers, I have wanted some pumps like this for so long but I never seem to find any and these are only £12.99.
Bronze Metallic Top, NYC Foil Print Top, Khaki Jumper.
I've got a few tops similar to this bronze metallic fine knit top and I wore them so much last autumn and winter, they were perfect for the colder weather. I love this colour and i'm sure i'd get a lot of wear out of it, same for the Khaki Fine Knit Top as it just looks so cosy! The nyc foil print top is something I wouldn't normally go for but I need more tops with sleeves now it's getting colder and I love the foil print in the middle.

Where's your favourite place to shop?

Did you see my last Autumn Clothing Wishlist?

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

My Salted Caramel Brownies Recipe

Brownies have become one of my favourite things to bake and as salted caramel seems to be in or on everything at the moment, I had to try adding some to one of my recipes. Like with most of my recipes I've tried to make these as easy as possible so I really hope you give these a go!
salted caramel brownies cut up next to salted caramel spread
100g butter
200g golden caster sugar
200g dark chocolate, broken into chunks
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs
100g plain flour
Salted caramel spread (I used a Bonne Maman one from Asda)

1. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees (160 fan) and grease and line a large square baking tin
2. Put your butter and sugar into a large saucepan and warm over a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved and the butter has completely melted
3. Take the saucepan off the heat and add in 200g of broken up dark chocolate, stirring until it's completely melted
4. Add in your vanilla extract and mix
5. Add in your 2 eggs then using an electric whisk if possible, whisk until you have a thick velvety mixture
6. Sift in your flour then fold in gently until fully combined
7. Pour your brownie batter in your prepared tin and then add your salted caramel spread. I used quite a few teaspoons of the spread just dotted around and then I swirled with a skewer. You can add as much or as little as you want
8. Bake in the oven for 45 minutes
9. When a skewer inserted comes out clean, the brownies are done. Leave to cool in the tin for 20 minutes then remove and cut into squares
jar of bonne maman salted caramel spread
caramel swirled on top of brownies
salted caramel brownies next to caramel spread
These were just absolutely amazing and I can't wait to make them again!

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Monday, 19 September 2016

My Dream Job...

I've thought about this post for a few days now, I knew I wanted to write about my dream job or career but I don't want to sound embarrassing or for people to think its just stupid, which I know in itself is stupid because its my blog and I can write about what I want, but I always worry about what people think.
All images from Pinterest.
For as long as I can remember I have loved baking and I think that my dream job would be to have my own little cafe or bakery and sell my own cakes and muffins and cookies and everything else I love to bake. I'm definitely not the best baker but I am getting better and I'm actually really proud of the things I've made over the last few months. I'm much more confident, I try new things and sometimes I completely just improvise and make my own recipe up for something I want to make and just see what happens and those experiments have gone well so far. I do feel that if I can carry on getting better and experimenting with new recipes maybe one day I will get somewhere with it. Whether thats up to standard to have my own little shop, I doubt it but I might get somewhere. I have my own Pinterest Board just dedicated to My Dream Bakery and I already can picture how I would want it to look! I said in my 21 Things I Want to Achieve post that I would also love to feel I am good enough to even just apply for the Great British Bake Off. I watch it every year and have thought so many times that I would love to go on it, I know my baking isn't at that standard but to even just feel I was okay enough to take a risk and apply would be amazing. I know everyone reading this probably thinks I sound like an absolute joke but I just love it. Baking is some time I could do every day, it calms me down and I love the feeling of baking for people and them enjoying it and me knowing I did okay.

Just recently I wanted to make a simple sponge cake, like the ones you used to get at school, I lost a recipe for it so just sort of made my own up, it was just a simple sponge cake but the fact I just knew what I needed to use, the sort of measurements I needed and I just went for it and it turned out well means I must be learning and getting better over time. As silly as it sounds I do feel like maybe I could turn my dream into something one day, it might not be for years and years yet but I do believe anything is possible if you work hard enough.

What's your dream job? 

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Friday, 16 September 2016

The Prosecco and Strawberry Candle...

Ever see something in a shop that you love but for some reason just put back and then not stop thinking about? I've done that so many times and for me the last time that happened, it was because of a candle. A CANDLE! 
A while ago I saw this Strawberry and Prosecco Candle in Primark, only £2.50 but it was a busy Saturday so I wasn't about to queue up just for that, but then once I was out the shop I was already regretting not buying it. I just love candles and i'm always buying them but this one just smells gorgeous so most days I would think I really should have just bought it!
Luckily George managed to find one of the last ones last week, right at the bottom of all the candles so now I finally have it, I almost don't want to use it now because they'll probably never have it again. It is in a really cute tin, pink and gold design and is a really good size and its supposed to burn for 20 hours. I've always liked Primark candles, they're so cheap and it's nice to just pick up a few every so often, they always have loads to choose from so hopefully i'll find something like this again in the future! 

I'm not really sure why I did this post and I doubt it's still in shops but I'm a little obsessed with it. 

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Creating A Photo Wall...

A photo wall is something I have wanted to do for so long and a few weekends ago we finally got round to it. I had seen the idea all over pinterest and I also got some inspiration from a few people on Instagram but I wasn't sure how to actually go about it and what I should include. I thought it might be a nice idea to document it on here though.
I had originally decided to buy some white frames and put all of those up on the wall in a scattered design and I was going to put photos and quotes in them. But then the frames arrived in pretty crap condition which threw me off it for a few weeks, I had bought some from Asda and normally their frames and generally their homeware is fine, I've bought loads of photo frames from them before but these just looked cheap and one even broke as soon as I took it out the packaging, and as clumsy as I am, it wasn't my fault. 

I decided to completely change what I was going to do and my first idea was to hang a big picture of New York in the middle of the wall and work around it. We got the picture from Primark for only £4 months ago and I didn't really know what to do with it until now, so we put that up and then I started to add prints and pictures around it. I had picked up a few prints a while ago ready to go up, there was my Bloggers Gonna Blog prints that George got me from Charm and Gumption at least a year ago, my Camembear Print and this Personalised Print from NotOnTheHighStreet. I then found a few postcards from our first London trip and lastly I had picked up a few postcards from Paperchase. They were only about 70p and I think I got a good selection, i'll definitely be looking there in future for more to add! When I got the postcards from Paperchase I also got some Washi Tape to stick some of the pictures on. I love the way it looks and as the one I got has gold arrows, it matches really well with a select few, in particular the blogging one. I didn't want to over do it with the washi tape so for the rest I just used normal blue tack and I think it looks good! 

It has completely changed the bedroom now, before I wasn't that happy with it, it was one room I just didn't know what to do with but I think this photo wall has completely transformed it. We also took a piece of furniture out too which had been in there for too long and it looks so much bigger now and like a proper bedroom. It's nice to look over and see something there rather than just a big blank wall, I didn't think it would change the room as much as it has. I can't wait to add more to it, I think it's something I can just keep changing and adding too in the future.

I think the next thing is painting the bathroom and finally making the spare room into an office! 

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Monday, 12 September 2016

My Decision to Leave University - 2 Years On...

Over the last few months I have been thinking about the fact that I chose to leave university and I've been feeling a mixture of emotions about it.

I wrote my post 'Why Nursing Wasn't For Me' in July 2014 which explained the whole situation and why I made the decision to leave, so if you haven't read it please give it a read as it properly explains how I felt at the time and will make this post, make a bit more sense. In short though, I was so unhappy on my nursing course, so unsupported and generally it wasn't the right path for me, which is a shame as I had been set on becoming a nurse for a long, long time. If I had stayed at university I would have been graduating soon, I'd be on my last placement and would be applying for full time nursing jobs, if I'd not already got one sorted. I'm still part of a Facebook group that I joined before I even started uni, it was one for everyone who would be starting at the same time as me and people still post on there so I see what stages everyone is at and what's going on. I'm not sure why I'm still part of the group as sometimes it makes me really sad to know I gave up. But I just don't want to leave the group and it properly be over, which I know sounds silly. Sometimes I think maybe it was a mistake to leave when I did but at the time I couldn't cope. I know every course is different but I think people underestimate just how hard a nursing course is and just how much it takes over your life. At the time, I wasn't just dealing with the stress of uni, I had a lot of other things going on, things that still haven't got better, and that's when my anxiety first started and it was awful. I never want to feel like I did then as I really don't think I was well and it was completely ruining everything. 

I know at the time it was the right decision and ultimately I don't regret it. I did what I had to do for me, I didn't want to just get the degree to impress people or because other people wanted me to, if I was going to stay on the course, I wanted it to be for me, but I didn't really want it enough and I don't think I had it in me to carry on with it. I think even if I had made it to the end I wouldn't be happy, and I'd probably have ended up doing something different anyway. The thing that does get to me about my decision is the fact that it impacted on George staying at uni, and I don't think people realise how hard that time was, it wasn't an easy decision and I think there are a few people who think I made him leave or it was my fault, but it really wasn't like that. As I struggled to get a job, we had to make the decision to move back to Sheffield and even though George had to work in a job he didn't particularly enjoy for a year, we're now I'm a really good place, he's got a great job and there's real opportunities for him and as he works so hard I know he'll do well. We have our own little home and have so many exciting things planned. Sometimes I think we should have got it together a bit more, or if we'd stayed and got degrees we might be further along with some things but really I don't think we would be, whereas now we're on the right track and at least we can look back and think that even though it's been hard everything we've done we've done by ourselves and we're now in a good place, we're still so young and there is so much time to achieve things we want to achieve and to do everything we want to do. I don't think university is the be all and end all, if you work hard enough you can still do well and get where you want to be. 

The thing I do miss about uni, is Leicester. I loved living there and I think we would both go back if there was an opportunity too, it will always be special as it's where we first lived together. I do want to go back just for the day or a night soon, but I really don't know how i'll feel walking where we used to and going to the places we used to go, I think it would be quite emotional. But maybe thats what I need, to help me properly deal with everything that happened. I just kind of completely shut off any thoughts about uni, especially my placement as that was really horrible, so I think that's something i'll have to deal with one day, but overall I think we're in a much better position now than we were a few years ago and generally much happier.
Sometimes life doesn't always go as you planned and mine definitely hasn't but I always like to believe that everything happens for a reason.

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Meatball Pasta Bake Recipe...

One of my favourite meals is Chilli, but one of Georges favourites is Pasta and Meatballs so I decided to put the two together to make a simple meatball pasta bake recently. I just added spices and mixed beans to make it something we would both like. Really tasty and one i'll definitely make again, there was loads left too so great to reheat the next day at work or for another meal in the week. 
Ingredients for the Meatballs:
250g Lean Beef Mince
1 small onion, grated
1 tsp cumin powder 
2 tbsp mixed herbs
salt and pepper
1 egg

Ingredients for the Sauce:
1 red onion or frozen sliced red onion
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
300ml of beef stock
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tin of mixed beans 
salt and pepper
1 tbsp mixed herbs

1. Start by preparing the meatballs, I grated one onion into a bowl, added the beef mince, 1 tsp of cumin powder, 2 tbsp mixed herbs, 1 egg and salt and pepper. Mix together well then shape into meatballs, I made about 10 out of mine
2. Heat a pan with Frylight then add the meatballs, when they are cooked you can then start the sauce. You could also oven bake them if that's easier for you
3. Remove the meatballs from the pan and fry some frozen red onion, when its starting to soften, add the meatballs pack to the pan and fry for another 5 minutes
4. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes and stir
5. Add around 300ml of beef stock along with salt and pepper, chilli powder and mixed herbs
6. Stir and then leave to simmer, if you want to add any kidney beans or mixed beans, add them now and then leave for around 20/25 minutes for the sauce to thicken. Start your pasta following packet instructions
7. When the sauce has thickened and the pasta is cooked, drain the pasta then add to the meatball sauce, stir then add to a dish
8. I decided to put mozzarella on top, i used around 50g each and just cut it into strips, but you could use any cheese
9. Bake in in a 200 degree oven for around 25 minutes then serve with salad

This was so yummy and perfect for both of us as our two favourite meals were combined! It's a perfect weekend meal for when you just want to eat a load of carbs in front of the tv!

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Why I Love London...

I've been to London twice now and every time I just fall more and more in love with the place. 

We first went in February 2015 as a late valentines trip, we only went for 2 nights and our hotel was right next to the London Eye and Big Ben so a great location and it was easy to get around. When we went back in for a weekend in March 2016 we stayed for 3 nights and managed to do loads! I already want to book another trip. Because I've had such an amazing time both occassions I thought I would do a post all about the reasons London has my heart and why I think I'll always love it.
One of the things I love the most about London is that nobody knows who you are, its such a huge place and I love it when we go as we know it's just us two and we don't know anybody there, and I can fully relax. A lot of people probably don't find London that relaxing but I do, it's a bit of an escape. There are so many places to go and visit, as I said the hotel we stay at is right next to the London Eye so even though we haven't been on it yet, it is literally right there for us when we do, and just across from that is Big Ben which leads to Westminster Abbey, we went for a walk to it when it was just going dark last time and it looked beautiful at night. Last time we were there we also went for a walk down the Southbank and found the This Morning Studio which was totally out of the blue, but something else which is great to see, it's weird now to watch it knowing we've walked past it. One of my favourite moments from the last trip is when we went down the Southbank and just outside the Tate Modern we sat on a bench and just had 5 minutes to take it all in. It was so, so lovely and makes me smile just thinking about it. We then headed onto Borough Market, which leads me onto another thing I love, the food! The market was amazing, there was so much choice, we only ended up getting a few things but if we'd had more time we'd have definitely tried more, they had special breads, paella, homemade cakes, chocolates, spices, wine, just everything you could imagine and it's one of the first places I want to go next time. We had some great food in London, we tried Shake Shack for the first time which we don't have here and Crosstown Donuts from Whole Foods, we had a cinnamon swirl type one and it was incredible, next time i'm definitely having more than one because it was just insane how good it was. Whole Foods in itself is such a great shop and I wish we had one closer to us, every time we go we pick a few things up just because they have so many things we wouldn't be able to find here and the fresh food is great aswell, the first time we went we had these chocolate truffles all made of healthy ingredients and they were one of the best things I've ever tasted.
Something else I really love about London is the Tube, the first time I wasn't sure but it's such an easy way to get around and we usually just get day tickets and then it saves so much time trying to get from one place to another. I think both times we've been to London, I've ended up crying just because it involves so much walking and no matter what shoes I wear, my feet just can't handle it! I am so unlucky with shoes so in London, its a nightmare, last time we went on the second night we got back to the hotel and I remember just sitting on the bed and sobbing because they hurt so much! so the next day we got day tickets and it helped so much and made it much more enjoyable. The last thing I love is the people, everyone we spoke to was lovely and we were always lucky to get the nicest taxi drivers, they were so chatty and really wanted to find out about our day. 

I can't imagine a year where we won't go, I just love everything about it and hope we carry on having weekends there for years and years! I'd live there if I could.

Have you been to London? What do you love about it?

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Monday, 5 September 2016

Top Makeup Products under £10!

I love having a good look round Superdrug and Boots every so often but I always seem to stick to the same brands and my usual favourites. There are some things in my makeup bag which I always repurchase because I haven't found any better! I wanted to do the 5 products under £5 challenge but I really wanted to include my Rimmel Mascaras so I have made it the 5 under £10 so I could show you some of my favourite for a great price!

1. Barry M - Plum Gelly Nail Polish

 I always go back to Barry M for nail polish, I have tried so many others but Barry M just don't let you down do they. I love their Gelly Nail Polish Range and I am always looking for new colours! One of my favourites is the colour Plum, its a really nice, dark purple and its one I wear a lot in autumn and winter. It lasts so long and its only £3.99. 

2. Rimmel Mascaras 

I couldn't really choose one as I love a few of theirs. I tried the Wonder'full Mascara and I actually repurchased this a few weeks ago, it just makes my lashes look even longer and the brush separates them really well so there are no clumps! I have also tried the Lash Accelerator Mascara by Rimmel and that is just as good! I could rave about Rimmel mascaras all day as they never let me down. 

3. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 

I never used to be one for concealer but now I really notice the difference when im wearing this over my foundation compared to when im not. It's great for under your eyes in the early mornings and its great for covering any spots which I do suffer with quite a lot. It's a really creamy consistency but blends really well and I just love it. £5.99 at Superdrug at the moment. 

4. Superdrug Eyebrow Brush and Lash Comb

 I've had this for a while now and it's really helped tame my brows! I have dark hair so I've been blessed with dark eyebrows which can be a bit unruly sometimes, I cant go a few days without having to pluck them, seriously its a joke. I use this everyday to comb through and I don't know what I did without it. 

5. Seventeen Contour Kit 

I picked this up a while ago as I really needed a new bronzer but I wanted something that was actually going to give my face some sort of definition. I found this kit from Seventeen and honestly its now one of my favourite ever makeup products. It does take a bit of blending when you first put the darker shade on but it really does work and I can really notice a difference compared to my old bronzer. I also love the highlight too and I've never used a highlighter before! Well worth £4.99!

What are your favourite products under £10?

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Friday, 2 September 2016

5 Things I Like About Myself

I'm pretty hard on myself sometimes, I don't know why but there are definitely times I feel like i'm not a good person, I've definitely made some mistakes over the last few years but after reading a few similar posts I have decided to do a post about the 5 things I like about myself, because i'm not actually that bad and there is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself or liking who you are. 

1. I Work Really Hard 

Whether this is at work or on my blog, I work so hard and put my everything into it. If I publish a blog post, I make sure its my best work and it'll be something I've thought about and spent a lot of time on. A lot of time goes into blogging and to make it successful I have to put in a lot of hard work, so that's what I do. If I'm at work and I get given something to do I'll work so hard and make sure its good enough, if its not then I feel like I've let myself down, I like to know I've put my all in, even if others don't see it or appreciate it. 

2. I'm Funny 

I don't mean this in a big headed way or anything, but i'm funny. Sometimes not intentionally but I am. Not necessarily in the telling jokes way, but sometimes I say the strangest things or I have the strangest theories on things, I can talk for ages about some really silly things and I do make myself laugh. I am one of those people who will say something funny or see something funny and I will still be laughing hours later. 

3. I'm A Good Listener 

This is something I really pride myself on, and have done for years. Even at school I felt like I was someone who could just sit and listen to other peoples problems and I was always happy to do that. I like to think my old friends will have thought of me as someone who they could come too if they needed someone to talk to or get advice from, whether I gave good advice or not i'm not sure. I like people to listen to me if I have a problem so I always try to do the same for others.

4. I Don't Take Any Shit From People 

I am a nice person but sometimes it gets to a point where you have to look out for yourself and forget about those who aren't worth your time or effort. There are so many people who have treated me badly and I have just let them, I've been a pushover but I feel like now I am much stronger and I don't stand for it anymore. I'm not afraid anymore to stick up for myself and others and I wish more people would do the same. Something that really annoys me is people who just don't try with me, I don't make an effort with people who clearly don't care anymore. I've tried for years with some people and have got nowhere so if they want to get to know me, they'll get in touch, there gets to a point where I give up. 

5. I'm Loyal 

 I am so loyal to the people in my life, the people I'm in touch with are the ones who I know care and are there for me if I need them. If I put effort in with someone, I expect to get it back and it really gets to me when people don't do it back. I'm not always perfect at this, but i'm sure those people who i'm touch with and those i'm not, would know I would be there if they ever needed anything. 

I don't think there is anything wrong with loving yourself and its important to realise there are so many great things about yourself! What do you like about yourself?

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