Friday 11 May 2018

Pack With Me - What I'll Be Taking To Paris

I first did a pack with me post a few years ago just before a trip to London, and as we're off to Paris in a few days I thought I'd do another now. I personally always love to have a sneaky peak at what others take on their travels, so if you're the same hopefully you'll enjoy this. I'm basically taking most things that I took to York with me too so these are generally the sorts of products I like to take on any weekend away.
Pack With Me - What I'll Be Taking To Paris


Starting with makeup and skincare, I'm basically going to take the contents of my makeup bag which luckily isn't that much. I'm taking my current go to foundation which is the L'oreal Paris True Match and also my favourite concealer, the Maybelline Fit Me. For bronzer I'm taking my mini Benefit Hoola and for blush I'll be taking the Rimmel Lasting Finish in the shade Pink Rose. The final base product I always like to use is the Maybelline Stay Matte Powder. Eye products I'm taking will be just a pencil eyeliner and the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and then finally there's the Max Factor Elixir Lipstick in the shade Burnt Caramel, and then a few Real Technique brushes to apply it all. I'm keeping skincare simple with just Garnier Micellar Wipes, these are fab for travelling but apart from that I really don't need much else. 


I picked up a few minis from The Body Shop recently so I'll be taking those as they really don't take up much room. There's the Frosted Plum Shower Gel and Body Butter, the latter I thought would be brilliant to use after a long day of walking. Bearing that in mind I'm also taking the Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray from The Body Shop. I've used things like this in the past and it's just so soothing on sore and achy feet. I'm going to decant some shampoo and conditioner into travel bottles, and then the final few toiletries are obviously things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, body sprays, a disposable razor, my tangle teezer and a little hand sanitizer which I'm going to keep in my bag. I hope I'm not forgetting anything!
Pack With Me - What I'll Be Taking To Paris


It's pretty impossible to take photos of my clothes but I'm only taking the basics really anyway. One of my go to tops at the moment is this Floral Peplum from Yours Clothing. It was a bit pricey at £23.99 but I love how it looks and more importantly I feel comfortable in it so that was a must for this trip. It goes with just about anything too. I'm also taking some new jeans from New Look which are incredibly comfortable, and a Paris Slogan Top also from New Look because I just couldn't resist and it's so nice to just throw on. I'm also going to take another new top from Yours Clothing which is the White and Multi Butterfly Vest which has cross detailing on the front, I absolutely love it. Onto shoes I'm actually taking some trainers that I also found on Yours Clothing. I would never normally think to buy these but they'll be so much more comfortable and I don't want to be wearing shoes that I know will hurt after a few hours! I'll also be taking my trusty leather jacket because it goes with pretty much anything and all of my other jackets are either for summer or winter and I have no idea what the weather situation will be! That being said I recently got a longline thin cardigan which I think will be perfect to take with me just in case we get there and it's really warm. Also I'm obsessed with adding scarves to my outfits at the moment and I recently picked up a thin floral one from New Look so I thought that would go well with everything.
Pack With Me - What I'll Be Taking To Paris


As we're getting the train down to London and then getting on the Eurostar it's going to take a good few hours so we're both taking a few different books. I'm planning on taking The Husbands Secret and How To Stop Time I think, and I'm sure I'll pick up a few magazines that morning too. Ipods are a must so those are going to be packed and then obviously we need all of our different chargers for phones etc. Finally we just need to make sure we've got all of the important documents, I think we've printed every possible thing out just in case! I get really anxious before a trip that we'll forget all of the important things so they're out ready.

I think that's pretty much it. I keep wracking my brain for anything else we could possible need but I really don't think we're missing anything. I'm just so excited now, and the great thing is that once we're back it's only a few days til our night in London so the holiday just kind of carries on. We'll be taking basically all of the same stuff to London with us aswell so all of this is kind of for two trips. I'll be taking a break from my blog now for about 10 days or so whilst we're away and to sort of get my head back in the game but I'm hoping once we're back I'll have got over this blogging slump I've been in and I'll be much more positive about it all!

What are your packing essentials?

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