Sunday 6 May 2018

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #27

My meals have been so boring lately, I really struggle when it's warm with what to cook as it just gets too hot! So this is basically snack heavy, sorry not sorry ­čĄĚSome pretty tasty stuff included though.
Food I Have Been Loving This Week #27
San Pellegrino - I am just obsessed with San Pellegrino! I first tried the Orange and Pomegranate flavour in London a while ago and since then I've kind of been obsessed with it. I don't get it often because it's so expensive but as it was on offer recently I got myself a pack. This flavour in particular is really sweet but I love it! I also really like the lemon San Pellegrino too, I just try not to get it too often as it really pricey compared to other fizzy drinks.

Homemade Tiffin - I actually mentioned this in a favourites post earlier on in the week but it's that good, it deserved to be mentioned in one of these posts too. Tiffin used to be something I baked pretty much every week, but for some reason I just kind of stopped. I tend to always have the ingredients in for cakes and brownies etc so I usually just make those if I'm in a baking mood but recently I made some Tiffin again and was reminded why I love it so much. It's such a simple bake, requires very little ingredients and just tastes delicous. It's basically rocky road without the marshmallows and I actually prefer it like that. I have a recipe up of this if anyone wants to give it a go.

Combos - If you haven't tried these, then you really have to. They're a bit like crisps but are made with either pretzel, cracker or tortilla and they have a filling in them, usually some sort of cheese. I've had the Pizzeria flavour before and the Pepperoni Pizza flavour which both literally taste just like you're eating a proper pizza, but last time we went past an American shop in Meadowhall I spotted the layer dip flavour and honestly it tastes just like nachos covered in guac, salsa and sour cream. They are incredible, George and I are literally obsessed with them!

Pasta and Meatballs - This is such a comforting meal I think. I love pasta so any meal with that is a winner. I wanted to make a filling but tasty meal the night before we went away so I used some Asda Extra Special meatballs, a Lloyd Grossman sauce because they are just the best and my homemade sauce can't compete, and obviously a load of pasta and it was delicous. With garlic bread, it's even better!

Easter Chocolate - Every year I go a little mad with Easter chocolate. To be fair I don't think I bought quite as much this year but still a considerable amount. The main Easter Egg I went for this year was an Aero one which was incredible, I don't have Aero often so this was a really nice change.

Covered Chicken - For some reason I don't make this nearly as much as I used to! A few weeks ago though I was looking through some of my recipes for a bit of inspiration and I found my post about covered chicken and I immediately added it to the meal plan. It's just chicken wrapped in parma ham, baked in the oven, so simple but it tastes delicous. We had it with some golden rice and coleslaw and it was such a nice meal.

Bettys Tea Room Fondant Fancies - These had to be mentioned in this post! I'd seen them online before we went to York and was desperate to get one, and I did, and it totally exceeded any expectations I had. I love the Mr Kipling ones but those don't even compare the homemade ones from Bettys. The sponge was so moist and soft, the icing was smooth and the actual flavour was sweet but not over the top. I so wish I'd got another before we left, they are first on my list next time we go to York!

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