Tuesday 31 October 2017

5 Things That Help Me On A Bad Day

I've done posts similar to this before but last week I just had an urge to write about a few things I do whenever I'm having a bad day, which I'm not going to lie, happens far more often that I'd like! I find when I'm going through a particuarly stressful time or if I'm struggling with sleep again, I'll have days where I just am in the worst mood, and so I usually then need to try and get myself out of it so I can actually get stuff done and interact with people without coming across as just plain rude. There's nothing wrong with having a bad day, some are just worse than others but these are the things I like to do if I'm really struggling.

1. Talking

I find if I'm having a really bad day, talking about what's bothering me or getting me down, really helps. Usually when I start talking, I can't stop so I feel sorry for anyone that has to listen to me, but it just helps so much. I find if I bottle things up, whether that's because I just don't want to offload on other people, or because I think people don't want to hear it, I just get more and more stressed. A good chat or rant can help massively, I can get some advice on how to deal with whatevers going on and usually feel like a massive weight has been lifted.

2. Leaving The House 

With not working at the moment and mainly focusing on my blog, I spend a lot of time in our flat and there are times I feel like I'm going a bit crazy, but especially on a bad day, sometimes I just need to get out! There have been times before where just a walk to the shops has allowed for me to clear my head a bit and other times I've text George at work and said lets go to the cinema tonight or for a meal, and it's ended up really helping. With being home a lot anyway it can be easy to just sort of sit and stew over whatever is getting to me, which is why I do like to try and get some fresh air and just try and focus on something else for a while.

3. Hobbies

 I don't have that many hobbies, I suppose this is my main one but when I'm not blogging and starting at the laptop screen, I love to bake! I'm sure most people know that now as I post loads of recipes but it really is one of my favourite things to do and it does calm me down a lot. There is just something so satisfying about baking a cake or trying a new recipe and seeing it come to life, and if I'm really having a bad day, baking tends to help. I think whatever your favourite hobby might be, spending time to do whatever it is if you're having a bad day, is so important.

4. Bubble Baths 

It's funny that I've mentioned this as one of last weeks posts was actually all about bubble baths and a few essentials I love to use for a perfect pamper. I just don't think there is much that can't be solved by a nice, relaxing bath, whether you're feeling a bit under the weather, just stressed or you didn't get a good nights sleep, I find it sorts all of them out! I love having an hour in the bath to just zone out, read a book or listen to music and try and cheer myself up.

5. Cosy Evening In 

Though sometimes leaving the house as I mentioned, helps on a bad day, other times I do just love staying in and getting cosy on the sofa. I love a cosy night in anyway but especially if I'm feeling overly stressed or down. I like to sit with a cup of tea, a blanket, some snacks and a good TV show. Just resting for a while can help massively with stuff and at night getting cosy can really set you up for a good nights sleep and hopefully a better next day!

Sometimes very little helps and there's not much that can make a bad day improve for a number of reasons but a lot of the time usually just a few of these things can really turn things around and get me out of a terrible mood! I'd love to know what helps you on a bad day? Do any of these things help you?

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