Tuesday 17 October 2017

Bomb Cosmetics Pink Elephants & Lemonade Bath Blaster Review

I'm sure regular readers of my blog will know of my love for bath bombs. I post reviews quite a lot and when I saw this adorable one in a shop in Leeds recently, I knew not only did I need to buy it, I needed to blog about it. Just look at it! 
There is a shop called The Yorkshire Soap Company in Leeds which sells the cutest bath products, ranging from soaps which look like cake slices to mini bath bombs to candles and so many beautiful bath bombs like the one above. I was in actual heaven in that shop, and it took me such a long time to choose one but I finally did and I went for the one called Pink Elephants and Lemonade. Not only did it look just so cute, but it also had such a lovely sweet scent, and I had a feeling it would be perfect for a little pamper night.

I got round to using this a few weeks ago and I almost instantly wanted to write this review! The only brand I tend to go to when shopping for bath bombs is Lush and I really do have my favourites so I was really intrigued in how this would compare and if it would be better or worse than theirs. I have to say this is the best bath bomb I've used in a long time. As I've already said, the bath bomb itself is just beautiful, and the scent which is so fruity and sweet is amazing. It's a lemonade scent with plum berry combined with litsea cubeba and mandarin essentials oils so together those things just make the whole bathroom smell so nice! When I placed this in the water, instantly it started fizzing away and compared the disappointment of the last bomb I reviewed, it was so fun to watch. This wasn't a bath bomb that had loads of colours coming out of it or anything, but the colour got darker and darker and eventually the water was a deep, hot pink and looked so inviting. It was quite like the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb which is one of my favourites, just as impressive! As with most bath bombs, this left my skin feeling really soft and nourished. It contains cocoa and shea butter so that made my skin feel so lovely and afterwards I really did feel like I'd had a proper pamper. That day we had been out for quite a while and my legs and feet were so sore but this bath proper sorted me out and relaxed me. It was amazing.
I already want to get more Bomb Cosmetics products! This is technically called a bath blaster but it's the same as a bath bomb and they have such a wide range to choose from on their website. One thing I really love is the price. These vary from about £2.99 to around £3.50 which compared to some bath bombs I've had for almost £5, is incredible. I had such a nice experience with this and have already added some to my Christmas wishlist as they really are worth the money and I felt I got a lot for it. I couldn't recommend this enough, let me know if you've tried any from Bomb Cosmetics and what I should try next!

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