Monday 2 October 2017

September Favourites - Homesense, Stationery & Bath Bombs!

I wasn't sure whether to do a September favourites this month or not because I've not been trying many new things to include but in the end I managed to pull a few things together, and as I've done one each month this year I didn't want to just stop. This month there is a mix of skincare, stationery, beauty and homeware, and I love every single thing. I've actually got another post going up in a few days all about my September film and TV favourites as there were just too many I wanted to include and this post would have been way too long so keep an eye out for that!
Day In Leeds - I know I blogged about our day trip to Leeds but I really wanted to feature it in my favourites too as it really was such a nice day. We just fancied a change of scenery and Leeds is somewhere we'd never been before. They had some amazing shops there including one called The Yorkshire Soap Company which had the most beautiful bath bombs, and they also had a Lindt Shop which was just heaven. We ate some really tasty food that day too as there were things there which we don't have in Sheffield so that was nice and generally it was just the loveliest day. I love little days out like that as it's nothing something we do often. I can't wait to go back!
Homesense Candles - Following on from the last point, I found a Homesense in Leeds and they had some of the most amazing smelling candles! I was so spoilt for choice and in the end I couldn't decide but I found this beautiful leaf shaped candle and had to get it. I love Homesense for things like this, I've had some really nice Christmas themed ones before in the shape of trees and everything so I love that I found a proper Autumn one. This look so good in the living room and it just makes me feel all warm and cosy!
Maped Helix Stationery* - I'm all about stationery and as I've said before on my blog, I'm always looking for new bits to try, whether that's notebooks, pens, diaries etc, I just love it all and can never have enough! I was sent a few bits to try from Maped Helix who sell such a huge range of stationery. I got the Twin Tip 4 Classic which is just like those pens people used to obsess over in school! On one end there is two blue colours, and on the other end there is a green and a red so you can pick and choose what you'd prefer to use. It's got double soft grip for optimal control and comfort and is just really enjoyable to use! Next I got the Fluo Connect Highlighters. It doesn't matter how old I am I still love going through things and highlighting them and when it comes to actual work I find it really helps. This pack has 5 colours and they all have clip on caps that connect which is great for when it comes to storing them. The last thing I got was Graph'Mania Fineliners which I absolutely love. These are really fine coloured pens and I remember loving these types of pens when I was younger, I always felt really fancy getting to use them! There are a variety of colours in this pack and I know I'm going to love making notes with these when I'm in our office. What I love aswell is that on the end of each one you get a stencil so if you're someone who likes to doodle while you work, these are actually really fun! I just love stationery and all of these have been really nice to have. I can't wait to use them properly when our office is complete!
The Body Shop Peach Body Butter - Peach is just my all time favourite scent so I have been loving this body butter from The Body Shop recently. I did a post all about this range but now I've ran out of the shower gel, I'm getting my peach fix from this and it just smells incredible. It's such a sweet scent and really does last for ages. What I love about the body butter too is that it makes my skin feel so soft and it's just so moisturising. The big tubs are expensive so I only get them when they are on offer, but when they are they are so worth getting!
Microcell Nail Kit Top Coat - I recently tried out a nail kit from Microcell, full review here, and the top coat included has impressed me so much I was desperate to include it in a favourites post. I mentioned in my review I very rarely buy top coats, I just never think to so this was a really nice little polish to have and try but I never expected to like it as much as I did. It just worked so well and every single time I used this, it made my nail polish last so long without chipping and I genuinely think it's the best top coat I've used so far. It's only a little bottle so I'm not sure how long it will last but I'm already considering buying another ready for when it's gone!
I'd love to know if you've been loving anything similar this month or if you've tried any of these products too! The pens have all been added to the spare room to go in something pretty when it's an office and the nail polish top coat is just amazing! Anyway, hope you're all having a great start to October! Look out for my September Film and TV Favourites later on this week.

*Products from Maped Helix sent for the purpose of this post, I only feature things I feel are relevant to my blog

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