Wednesday 20 September 2017

Nail Repair With Microcell*

The second review for KLM Beauty and today it's all about Nail Repair With Microcell. I've done one review so far for KLM Beauty, that being the Australian Body Wash which you can find here, and I'll have a final one at the end of the week so keep a look out for that. Out of all the products I was sent, I think these were the ones I was most excited about, just because I do my nails all the time!
Microcell are now regarded as a worldwide expert for the treatment of hand nail problems. They sell a range of products which have all been formulated with active ingredients that work together to tackle a variety of different nail and skin problems. As I'm always looking for new nail products to try, I really was excited by these! I was sent the Microcell Try Me Kit which includes a Nail Repair, Nail Polish Remover, Nail Wonder and a Nail Polish.

The first product I tried out of them all was actually the nail polish remover. I paint my nails all the time, I can't stand how they feel without something on them so I used this to remove any polish that was already on my nails. It worked really well and didn't take much effort at all. I like doing my nails to be as quick and easy as possible so this was a really fab little product to use. I've used it every time I've done my nails over the last month or so now and everytime it's been so effective and left my nails feeling really clean and fresh.
The next product I tried was the actual nail polish that was included. It's a gorgeous dark purple colour, such a perfect shade for me and so like many of my other nail polishes. I couldn't wait to try this. As it's a darker colour, it was a little tricky to apply, I find that with most of my darker shades though to be honest, but after a little neatening up it looked gorgeous on! It really is such a beautiful colour, two coats of it was perfect and with a top coat I found it lasted well over a week. It's only a small bottle so I probably won't get loads of use out of this but it really is going to be perfect for the autumn and winter months.
I then tried the 5-in-1 quick drying top coat. This is supposed to be a colour refresher and a smoothing filler and it's also supposed to protect against peeling and chipping, and protect against aggressive influences and dehydration. I very rarely use a top coat, I just never think to repurchase them when I've ran out so I was really happy this was included. I've used this every time I've painted my nails over a good few weeks now and it has been incredible! It has made so many of my nail polishes last so much longer than usual, including the purple one above, and there has been minimal chipping with them all. I find with a lot of my nail polishes they can chip within a few days so this has made a massive difference. I will definitely be carrying on with this and buying in future as out of all the top coats I've used, this is the only one that has really worked.
The last product I tried out of them all was the Nail Repair. I bite my nails a lot and given that I paint them all the time, they probably aren't in the best condition but I'd still never tried a product like this before. This is a treatment which has been designed to rehabilitate weak and brittle nails in only 2 weeks and it can help with splitting, tearing and growth. The way this is used is that you apply one layer on two consecutive days, and on the third day you remove it with the nail polish remover. You then repeat the treatment for 2 more days and carry on for 2-3 weeks with the whole process. With this I've genuinely found my nails have been a little bit stronger than usual. They are usually quite prone to breaking at the ends but I haven't noticed that as much over the last few weeks and they really have grown! I'm now using this as a base coat as I've done the whole process over a few weeks and it's working really just as that for now too.
I really am so impressed with this whole kit from Microcell. I was definitely a little sceptical at first just because I have my favourite nail brands but this really has been brilliant. The top coat especially, I just can't get over how good it is, it's been nice to have my nail polish actually properly lasting for a good amount of time!

The nail kit is currently £14.99 instead of £36 so if you're into nails I definitely think this is worth getting while on offer!

*Product sent for the purpose of this review. As always I only feature brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog

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