Thursday 7 September 2017

5 Reasons I'm Looking Forward To Autumn

Autumn has been my favourite season for such a long time. I genuinely wait for it all year round and never take it for granted once it arrives. There is just something about it that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and I really don't think there is anything better than snuggling up on a cold and rainy autumn day. I know I've spoken about my favourite season before on my blog but can you ever really have too many autumn related blog posts? I don't think so, I could talk about it all day! I wanted to write about my 5 reasons for loving it so much and I would love to know if you feel the same!

Everything Looks Beautiful

 Does anyone else agree that crisp autumn leaves all over the ground just look beautiful? I absolutely adore seeing leaves all over and I love going for long walks in Autumn so I can kick them all up and take lots of pretty photos! I really enjoy getting wrapped up and going for a walk around a park or somewhere similar and just seeing Autumn everywhere, the start of frost on the ground when it's really cold and red leaves everywhere I look. 

Getting Cosy

One of the reasons I hate summer is because I just can't get comfortable in the evening. One of my favourite things ever is getting cosy on the settee with candles lit, a hot cup of tea and being wrapped in a blanket but during summer that's literally impossible. As soon as Autumn comes and it starts to get cold, I take every opportunity I can to get so cosy and snug on the sofa. There is nothing better than a hot cup of tea, a pack of biscuits and a good film or tv show while some gorgeous smelling candles are burning. I'm so excited to stock up on a few autumnal candles this year, one of my favourites is Leaves by Bath and Body Works but I've ran out of that now, and also my Brown Sugar Allspice one from B&M. They have some new ones out now for about £3 so I think those will be so perfect for Autumn!

Comforting Meals 

During Autumn and Winter I love making real comfort food - pies, stews, casseroles, roasts, all the good stuff. I do sometimes make meals like it throughout the rest of the year but when it's boiling hot outside, it's horrific standing by the oven and it genuinely ruins the experience for me. I like taking my time preparing meals and during the colder months I can do that. I love a good pie with mash and veg, and slow cooker casseroles with dumplings are incredible on a cold day! I really can't wait for more meals like that this year.

Hot Bubble Baths

I get through so many bath products and Lush bath bombs during Autumn and Winter! Some people seem to be able to deal with and enjoy hot baths all year round but that is not me. I like cold showers throughout summer and boiling hot baths towards the end of the year. I just adore a bubble bath with a bath bomb fizzing away, with some candles lit and a good book. I still have quite a few Lush products to get through and I know as soon as Autumn comes they'll be gone within a few weeks.

Christmas Is On The Way

 I suppose the main thing I love about Autumn coming, is the fact that it means Christmas is finally on the way! I know Christmas is probably most peoples favourite time of the year but I genuinely look forward to it all year round and just count down the days for it. I love Christmas day surrounded by presents with George, eating croissants for breakfast, drinking bucks fizz and preparing the dinner. I'm so excited for this year especially, I think it's going to be really special.

I just can't wait for Autumn to properly arrive now, I'm so ready for it! Do you love Autumn? What's your favourite thing about it?

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