Sunday 24 September 2017

Lush Christmas Wishlist 2017

Lush is just one of my favourite ever shops. I can spend a ridiculous amount of money in there and have done lots in the past, especially around Christmas time! The cold weather just makes me want hot bubble baths everyday and of course for that I need a load of bath bombs and bubble bars. As Lush have now released their Christmas range for 2017, I wanted to put together a little wishlist, and it's a nice reminder for me really so next time I go in store I know what to pick up, also it's a nice hint to George of a few ideas for presents this year ;)
One of the first bath bombs I spotted on the website when I looked was the Chrismas Sweater Bath Bomb, it is a pretty dark pink bath bomb with two little reindeers on the front and just looks adorable. This is apparently quite a spicy bath bomb as it contains mustard and ginger powders which ease muscles. It seems like it would be a great one after a long day of Christmas shopping! I'd love to try this as it sounds a little different to the ones I usually buy. Next I was so glad to see the Salt and Peppermint Bark back. I saw this last year and was desperate to get it but never did so I have to make it a priority this year. I love Lush scrubs like this, they are amazing to just rub all over your skin and properly exfoliate. I love anything a little bit minty too so I imagine this would be perfect for me. Another product I have to get my hands on is the Butterbear Bath Card. They are still bringing out the usual Butterbear Bath Bomb but this is a little different and it looks like you basically wet your hands and rub the bear between them which lathers up into a soap. I'm not sure how many uses you get out of this, it's only £2 so I can't imagine it would be loads but it's so cute and I love bears so I kind of want it just for that. A bath bomb I was really hoping would eventually be created, Snow Fairy is now here! I remember saying to George last Christmas, do you think they'll ever make a Snow Fairy bath bomb? and now they have, I can't wait to try it. I love the Snow Fairy sweet scent so I can't wait to try it in bath bomb form and I'm so excited to see what this is like in the water. It's a jelly bath bomb which is a new thing Lush have brought in alongside their usual bath bombs, and I've heard mixed things but I still can't wait to give it a go.
Another bath bomb because they are my favourite things, Thundersnow. I absolutely love the darker bath bombs like this as they always make the water go such a beautiful colour and I find they make such amazing patterns as they fizz round. I just love looking at them and this one looks like it's going to be amazing! Similar to the Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb (which is my all time favourite), it's a bright blue colour and I imagine it's going to be just as exciting as that one. The last of the bath bombs I want to try is the Sherbet Dip one. It looks a bit different to a lot of the others they sell but I love the bright yellow. I tried the Yellow Submarine bath bomb a while ago now and that was amazing, so I have a feeling this might be a bit like that. I think this will smell really refreshing! Now finally a bubble bar because I do love those for a proper bubble bath, Plum Snow. I think this is just lovely and really is so christmassy. I think this would make such a beautiful, deep purple bath. The last product I like the look of is Candy Cane Roulade Shower Smoothie. I've never used anything like this before but it looks really interesting, I love the name and I think it would my skin so, so soft.
I'm just such a big fan of Lush and even though it can be expensive at times, I do like to treat myself to a few bits each year when the Christmas range comes out.

Are you looking forward to picking any of these bits up? What's your favourite Lush product?

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